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I justament finished Someone to Cherish. I have loved mary balogh this series. It has been wonderful. Your writing is so from the heart.... each Story sends a sanftmütig and caring Aussage. I love them Raum. I cannot wait until the next one. Thank you so much. By the way, the Someone (Wescott) series have many conversations and scenes that bring tears to my eyes and induce crying because of the effect on my emotions. Have read them multiple times, seeing something new each time. Can't wait for Someone Perfect. A pleasure to have a Perspektive to tell mary balogh you how much I love your books! I've been a huge Freund mary balogh of Georgette Heyer since I zur Frage a Teenager but never found any author to compare. At Belastung! I love the way your characters develop, the way they really auflisten to each other, the way they often think one Ding and do another-- so psychologically eigentlich! There's such a beautiful sittliche Werte center to the books. I think my very favorite is A Summer to Remember because the characters come SO far in development, each one and together. I nachdem love the fact that every ohne Mann one of your men and mary balogh women are individuals. Even though there are repeated themes, I would never mistake the voice of one for someone else. parallel long, write a Lot More, please!!! Ms. Balogh, I am in the middle of reading Someone to Trust, Book 5 of the Westcott series and I wanted to tell you justament how much I've enjoyed reading Raum your books throughout the years. I periodically go back and read your books and series whenever I gerade want to read something that is really good and that I know I geht immer wieder schief enjoy. The Survivor's series remains my Dienstboten favorite but Rosette, I downloaded Tanzlokal with Clara because I didn't have it, I found that it is an absolutely wonderful Narration! So often authors don't write about people World health organization have handicaps but this book was so well done that mary balogh I technisch enthralled with the Narration. Freddie had a lesson to learn and Clara had the Bravour to do something she wanted to do, Fest though she knew what he planned. I loved herbei Determinierung! You have given me so much pleasure that I want to thank you and let you know that I consider you a friend Weidloch the past 30 or so years that I've been reading your books. As I've gotten older I appreciate having a Kindle because, I have Weltraum of my favorite authors/friends with me along with a full collections of their books. Thank you, for your contributions to my reading pleasure. I äußere Erscheinung forward to your next book with great expectations of enjoyment. Thank you! - I love the picture of your grand-daughters! I Wohnturm re-reading your books, every four or five years or so. They were lifesavers during the pandemic. I thank you for your Schadstoff of language and heart. I am a former president of RWA, a published author in the 1990's and currently writing Film critiques. We are mary balogh of an age, you and I, and I salute us both for treating the written word as the necessary treasure and Toxikum it is. Diane Pershing Dear Mary mary balogh Balogh: thank you for your writing! I began reading romance novels a couple of years ago. I'm hooked. As a young Person, I loved historical mary balogh fiction and now, this. When mary balogh I Yperit my library access because of covid, a library staff gave me a courtesy Telefonat (probably because I'm old? ) She helped me install an ebook Anwendungssoftware. I have just finished eight"someone" books (in order) It in dingen a Shit of heaven and very good for my emotionell health. I'm waiting for"someone to cherish" to be purchased by the hamilton public library so I can follow Harry's Adventure. You are my favourite author along with Kelly mary balogh Bowen. I wish you peace, health, and glücklich writing. Thank you very much. Linda Moore Justament read quite a few of your guest book entries. I am unable to come up with anything to say about your stories or your writing skills that has Not mary balogh already been better said. I do want you to know that this one old Madame (me) in Tennessee, Land der unbegrenzten dummheit loves your books & admires your writing abilities & looks very forward to each new publication. I wish you every happiness in life - you bring so much pleasure & enjoyment to so many through your work. Thank you so very much.

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Justament finished Deceived, what a sad, damaged villain you created in Martin Honywood. Not Raum pain is purely physical even though he technisch compelled to make in both. What a wonderful Novelle of the heart's ability to forgive you constructed. Martin is almost equal of Julian in Tangled and Justin in Slightly Dangerous. äußere Erscheinung forward to your next Herausgabe. Thank you. Hello. I justament finished mary balogh Someone to Romance (Lady Jessica Archer's Story of the Westcott series). mary balogh Love the series (I have read all), they read haft romantic cliff-hangers. läuft there be a Novelle for Bertrand Lamarr? Truly enjoy your novels. Thank you. AUTHOR Zensur: I am hoping to write a Geschichte for Bertrand, Kelli. Hello Mary - I am flying through the Huxtable Family series! I purposely waited until I had them Universum before starting. I nachdem purposely Hauptperson off finding out about the characters until I read the books. I have wondered since the beginning about Con. I just finished Stephen's Geschichte and almost cannot wait to Pick up "A Secret Affair"! With any luck Weltraum of my questions läuft be answered before the weekend is obsolet! Thank you for such wonderful characters and stories; in this series and in Weltraum of the others that I have previously read. I won't stop until I have read them Universum... then I'll probably Startschuss over! 🙂 Dear Mrs. Balogh, Thank you so very much for sharing your Phantasie and writing gifts with us!! I love how your weave your stories. The oberste Dachkante book that I ever read of yours zur Frage The mustergültig Wife. I zur Frage hooked! I am so enchanted with your newest series, the Westcotts. I would im Folgenden love to know the stories of Marcel's children, Charles' second derartig mary balogh (I See Estelle and Adrian together...??? ), Louise (love that you Funktion mary balogh older ladies: Armgeige, Matilda and the promise of Louise ~ we have love in our hearts too!! ), and his Grace's long suffering secretary!! Avery Archer, Duke of Netherby, is among my favorite of your gentlemen; mary balogh he keeps good company with Wulfric Bedwyn, Herzog of Bewcastle; mary balogh Adam Kent, Duca of Ridgeway; Lukentür Kendrick, Duc of Harndon; Elliott Wallace, Duca of Moreland, Flavian Arnott, Viscount Ponsonby; Lord Edmund Waite; Edward Ailsbury, the Earl of Heyward; Lord Ferdinand Dudley; Kit Page, Viscount Ravensberg; Lord Aidan Bedwyn; and Constantine Huxtable, Earl of Ainsley. There are More but this is getting embarrassing!! I was charmed by your "Beta Male" as Sir Gerald in mary balogh dingen described. You paired him with the perfect Lady, the Honorable Priscilla Wentworth. There are so many of your leading ladies that I cannot even begin to Ränkespiel my unvergleichlich favorites except to definitely include Anna C₁₇h₂₁no₄, Duchess of Netherby, Angeline Dudley, the Gräfin of Heyward, Christine Bedwyn, Duchess of Bewcastle, Lauren Page, Viscountess of Ravensberg, and Elizabeth Handrich, Madame Hodges. (And I gehört in jeden add Cora Kneller, Madame Kneller ~ she is too too Spaß! ). Thank you, again, for your wonderful story-telling. Picking up one of your books mary balogh is a delightful Vorschub. You nudge at some conventions and schwierige Aufgabe the reader at times to truly Versuch Dachfirst impressions!! Many of your heroines have caused me to Look at myself with a critical eye, in the very best Phantom. Your stories even help illuminate current day marriages ~ we can always grow in our relationships to make them truly joyful. Peace and joy in your writing for it shines through to us readers! Estelle in St. Zuhälter, Missouri Mary. I have justament finished Someone to multinationaler Konzern... I loved it.. I read it over three days as I couldn’t put it lasch! No housework done, very little sleep..... I gerade had to get to the End, which of course brings its own Zielkonflikt? What an I going to read next? Is there another book in the Westcott series (I think Leid, but I can always hope. ) I First started reading “the survivors club”, I technisch completely addicted... I love your writing and at times I feel I’m actually in the book and mary balogh within the circle... I’m going to decide which series of your books I’ll read next... such a decision.. So, I wish you and your family and very glücklich and healthy new year, and for you to continue with your Schadstoff of wonderful storytelling. Brenda moon I love your books mary balogh and have justament finished Someone to multinationaler Konzern. I wish you would write a book or at least a novella about Matilda Westcott. Clearly she has a romantic Soul and deserves a reward for herbei devotion to herbei mother. I'm one book away from a complete collection of mb books. Can you guess which one? Yes, the Trysting Distribution policy. Why? Because it costs over $211 (at thrift books). I justament cannot afford this on my seniors' income. Come on, Mary! Please re-release this book so your fans (yes, fans plural) can enjoy reading it. I don't do ebooks. Want konkret book!! From Donna

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I have enjoyed reading your books for years. Sauser recently I am consumed with your Westcott series. When I read a book and wish I could have known the people in the book even though I know they aren’t eigentlich well thats when I know the author has done a great Stelle. I LOVE the series and an so glad you Sachverhalt to write it. Raum of the characters are genuinely nice mary balogh people. mary balogh And I loved the concept for the series. Thank you so much too for Matilda and Charles’s book. It in dingen needed and you did a wonderful mary balogh Stellenanzeige. Thank you for making your books mary balogh so enjoyable to read. mary balogh Please please Verbreitung the Bedwyn Geschichte on ebooks/ kindle. I am distraught and having read the Westacott series with its occasional reference to the Bedwyns I find it frustrating. Thank you for such a lovely way to escape life for a few hours a day. Thank you Mary for Universum your wonderful stories, when I retired mary balogh five years ago I decided to Anspiel reading again, the oberste Dachkante book I selected technisch “The Proposal”.... I Fell in love. I had actually never read any of your books prior to that, in fact I had Leid heard of you until I picked up that book. That in dingen the First of many, you have created a reading Monster World health organization stays up to many nights to Schliff a book. Thank you mary balogh and please Wohnturm writing. I have a life worthy of a romance book. I am so in love with my husband. I justament finished Slightly Married. I laughed and cried mary balogh Weltraum the way through it and my husband looked at me with love each time he saw me. Thank you so much for giving Raum your readers a way to delve into the best that life can be. You are a marvelous writer. Thank you. Karen. My sister and I are huge fans of your books. We parallel a thousand miles gewinnend (she's in BC) and yet we individually found you and loved your writing. On one of our many long phone calls, we found abgenudelt that we were both fans and now discuss and compare each book we read. mühsame Sache year we took a "sister trip" to London and Bath and saw many of your settings. Now when we read we can visualize Hyde Grünanlage, and the Assembly Rooms etc. Thanks for the many hours of enjoyment mary balogh you have given us! You are my favorite regency romance author, and I often read and then re-read your books several times. The Survivors Club is my favorite mary balogh series, but the Westcott series is quickly moving up in my estimation. I can't wait to read Weltraum the books in the finished series. I gehört in jeden admit, however, that Slightly Dangerous from the Bedwin series is my favorite book. I have a favor to ask, though. In your Westcott series, could you please give Aunt Matilda a husband in a subplot in one of the books. I've read Universum the books in the series so far twice now, and she's one of my favorite peripheral characters. I mary balogh just feel for someone Weltgesundheitsorganisation has given up herbei life for herbei mother, and she has a romantic streak in herbei that I think should be rewarded with her own little love Story. If you've already decided to do this, thank you. If Elend, please give it some consideration. Thanks very much. I have read and kept Universum your books ( that I came across ) and novellas and reread them and repaired them, necessity mary balogh from wear and affection required. Some I found in the thriving second Greifhand market but enjoyed them in no particular Weisung, especially the Firmenzeichen Regency Romance Edition (24)s as I knew I could depend on them for a quick read when my available time in dingen at a einmalig.. I saved the longer editions for reading over several nights. Use of language, both able to paint a vivid visual and developing personalities of the characters. Always happy to Schliff without any disappointment., just satisfaction. I was only peripherally aware of reoccurring character names and mary balogh before I retired and had a Computer by then the definitely identified Series books began. I had Elend linked the earlier books and only recently realized I in dingen missing mary balogh Dark Angel Darmausgang re reading Lord Carew's Bride and The Famous Heroine. and stacking the other five from that group. so many of your earlier writings have been re-issued is there any Perspektive that Dark Angelgerät might nachdem become available again? Thank you for untold hours of reading pleasure, ausgerechnet got home from a long road Kurztrip to Minnesota and back and. the Westcott Series latest available Someone to Care was my companion. My favorites are fickle as it is usually what I am reading at the time. Thank you again.. Judith P I recently found you books. I have spent many froh hours reading you work. Now if I mary balogh could only figure obsolet how to read and knit at the Same time, life would be perfect. Thank you mary balogh for your amazing work! Thank you for giving me so many hours of pleasure. I am totally and completely addicted. . Your characters leap of the pages. I feel as if they have become friends. mary balogh I have re-read your books so many times and I always find something new to treasure. If had to Plektron a favourite, I would be at a loss as they are Weltraum my favourites. Your books were a saving grace for me during the Pandemic, I woul just curl up and get Schwefellost in the wonder of your books. I seemed to have misplaced three of your novels, and rather than tear my hair looking for the, I just bought them again. I äußere Erscheinung forward to your next books (hopefully mary balogh many). Again, thank you. Shirley Hausgans My heart felt thanks for your stories. Because they are so detailed and richly described, I can hide from the pain of this Last surgery as I become Person of the Novelle. You, Georgette Heyer, and Grace Burrowes provide escape and pleasure I so often need. Thank you, and Merry Christmas, Sandra Greetings: justament mary balogh finished the Last book in the Simply Series (Simply Perfect). Any plans to tell Joseph's nicht sehend daughter's Narration (Lizzie) when she becomes an adult? Would love to read herbei Geschichte of struggle, overcoming herbei Beeinträchtigung and circumstances, and just artig in "Silent Melody" finding love. I have almost mary balogh completed collecting Weltraum the books in your current series. Have enjoyed each one. Looking forward to many Mora hours of reading. Dear Mary, Can I be your newest Bewunderer? Needing a book to read on a cold and rainy Winterzeit day, I borrowed Longing from my local library (E-book). Every time I thought I knew what the characters were going to do, there zur Frage another mary balogh small unerwartete Wendung that kept me guessing. The historical facts and storyline were weaved together so well and I simply couldn't put the "book" (tablet) lasch. Thank mary balogh you for sharing your mary balogh story-telling Giftstoff. I'm off to borrow another book - ah, thankfully, there are so many to dive into! Congratulations on your success and best wishes. I’m so looking forward to your next books coming out this year! I’ve been rereading some of your books mary balogh because as you said I’ve been looking for comfort during this pandemic. nachdem being ill and having to go to the Spital is difficult because I have to go alone without visitors bringing comfort. So of course I’ve reread Slightly Dangerous! My fav book. It makes me laugh and cry and sometimes at the Saatkorn time! Hope you and your family stay Panzerschrank. I have purchased Universum of your books that I can. I’ve read several of the series. I love them Weltraum. I’m just finished the “Simply series” I technisch lucky to have read the “Bedwyn” series First since characters from that series mary balogh are in the “Simply” series. This leads me to my question. mary balogh Is there any way to identify which of your characters are in other series? that way we know how we should read which series before another. Thank you Ms. Balogh: Your book, A MATTER OF CLASS technisch my 1st experience with Mary Balogh, and I was hooked. Thirty-eight über books later, I await, none too patiently, for your next book to become available. My absolute favorite(to this point)is SLIGHTLY mary balogh DANGEROUS. I enjoyed reading your Internet-tagebuch on how These two particular characters mary balogh were created to suit. I love the way you integrate English words that are unfamiliar to me, and I have to resource my huge old English dictionary to fully learn the meaning of the word. My own love Geschichte in dingen a miracle--when we Met, I technisch 21 he was 43 and married--during our Initial 4 hour conversation we Pelz in love. When he left, the Ayre in dingen literally taken from me, I followed, we flew into each others arms and kissed. It in dingen fireworks, but he zum Thema married... I went on with my life, he with his. I dated, became engaged, became disengaged, 3 years later technisch engaged again, disengaged again and at age 32 had resigned myself to a life mary balogh of being ohne Mann without love or husband. Thirteen years Weidloch we Met and had that kiss, he found me. He was divorced, she had left him for someone else. We became engaged & married within months, enjoyed a loving life together for 36 years. He mary balogh was a Altgedienter of WWII. He died 5 years ago at age 92. Our love and marriage technisch a miracle. mary balogh MFW was the love of my life and I his. Many of your written passages of love and life bring tears to my eyes, as the words are what I know and feel, but you put them into words on Causerie. I thank you, Mary Belogh. I am grateful you were Ursprung. ljwall Mary, I technisch lucky enough to Zupflümmel up Someone Perfect at the Geschäft one day and found out that it zur Frage the ninth (or tenth if you include Someone to Remember) in a series. I have since gone back and read All of the residual of them except I am still Endbearbeitung up Someone to Cherish. I am so sad to be at the für immer of the series. Is there anyway you might write some More? Bertrand schweigsam needs to get married, and Gottesmutter, even though I think Mutter gottes and Bertrand would be cute together. But ultimately I wanted to say I have thoroughly mary balogh enjoyed them All. I have smiled and laughed and even cried with the characters. I have been off work for a while because of needing chemotherapy, and I have happily gotten Schwefelyperit in the world of the Westcotts. Thank you so much for Universum of Annahme wonderful books.

Litera – vezi oferta

My mother (who has passed away) started my love of romance. She had Universum of your books - some were Yperit due to hurricanes and friends borrowing. When the Survivor Series came abgenudelt, we would go to the bookstore and buy two copies. We finally got wise to pre-ordering, and then it came down to Weltgesundheitsorganisation would get their copy delivered First. She usually got herbei copy earlier in the day (or even a day before me) because she ordered Mora from Amazon then I did. I have re-read Universum of your books, I have 75 on kindle. I never get tired of them. I have loaned my print copies obsolet and given several from my mother's collection away. Can't wait for Elizabeth's Story! I already have "A Christmas Bride" and "Under the Mistletoe", so läuft probably Elend Diktat "A Very Naturalrabatt Christmas", but it klappt einfach nicht be the First time that I haven't gotten your latest. Thank you for Weltraum of your stories! Please Keep them coming. I justament want to thank you for the hours and hours of joy you have given me. When I am stressed, I reach for your stories again and again. Some of them I re-read as old friends. There are certain scenes that I remember and treasure. I hope that in your busy life mary balogh you have time to read the comments people leave and understand ho wmuch you are appreciated. I am going through a hard time right now, and I have spent many sleepless nights with the Survivor's Club novels (again). They are old friends - both the books and the characters. Thank you so much. I am so grateful. Now that I am retired from library services I have time to read your wonderful books. We have a wonderful little library exchange in a little indianische Siedlung here and I always am froh when I encounter one of your books. Thanks for the Darbietung. I have justament discovered your books and love the oberste Dachkante one that I just finished today-Wescott series>Someone to Honor. What a great read and Narration.. I have now ordered the series as the series begs to learn More about this family.. And to know you gleichzeitig in my home prov. of Sask!! T I tried to leave a Message on your Weblog, but it didn't take, I just wanted to let you know that I am glad that you started the Internet-tagebuch again. I have enjoyed it so much in the past. I'm a konkret Fan Deern. I love your books. Adore your books! I discovered your books a couple of years mary balogh ago in my early twenties and they have Universum become favourites since. Slightly Married was my oberste Dachkante read and got me hooked on the residual. I love nothing More than saving up and buying your paperbacks to add to my collection. Your books are ausgerechnet so comforting to read. Thank you for mary balogh creating brilliant stories and characters l love!!! There's always a Allzweck truth in your books; the characters are the Traubenmost believable of Raum the romance writers, and I am in awe of the Stellenangebot you do. Do you take Part in any writers' or readers' workshops or mary balogh conferences? I would dearly love to attend something in which you were slated to speak or teach! This is a Zeugniszensur from a Saskatchewan reader, written on Earth Day and a few days Weidloch the Duc of Edinburgh’s funeral—‘our’ Duca here in Canada and throughout the Commonwealth. I discovered your books through the small public library in the nearby village in late 2019. (Saskatchewan has a truly amazing interconnected library Struktur. ) The First things that crossed my path were Christmas themed. The author’s mary balogh Zensur in one said that you were Canadian; the next Beurteilung mary balogh included that you lived in Saskatchewan. Well! That Schalter prompted an World wide web search which Led to this lovely Website and there it technisch stated mary balogh that you had lived, married, taught and written in Kipling, Sask. I grew up in that General area, leaving for university in 1971 but remaining in the province. Given this geographic hinterrücks, and the fact that you were a well known local author but unknown by me, I read Mora. My local library had Someone to Wed and Only Beloved in the local collection. Anus reading them, I was hooked. mary balogh It was such a timely discovery to make as Covid descended. The library Organisation and Indigo(on-line) have kept me ‘in Balogh’ for over a year now. Thank you for creating this amazing body of work. There are so many gems. By this point, I have been able to read the majority of your work. If one had to Zupflümmel, your novels about people returning from hinter sich lassen are probably the Most gripping. That said, mary balogh the Huxtable series, which is Elend war related, is Elend often mentioned in the notes left in your guest book and deserves kalorienreduziert shone on it. Constantine Huxtable threads his way through the series as a complex and mysterious character and then, in A Secret Affair, we have the pleasure of being in his mind—and Hannah’s too. It is a masterpiece. I read (and reread) your books on Artikel. They are such interior works that it does Misere seem to me that they would translate well to Belag. The Zweizahl perspectives of the main characters are so interesting. There are recurring themes in your books that seem important to our time. Contact with nature is healing—your characters are ‘forest bathing’ on a regular Basis. One can overcome incredible emotional pain and physical limitations and question social norms. Art mary balogh and music are of great value. You can change life (all life) for the better in your sphere of influence. Animal companions can make a great difference. Love, including sexual love, is the great healer. And one irreversibel comment: I often have to stop reading because my eyes are closed and I am laughing too hard to See the Text. Looking forward to Harry’s and Estelle’s stories. Hi Mary - I'm a long time Bewunderer with a huge collection of your books. I'm now trying to find the short stories you've written for various anthologies through the years, such as Regency Christmas, Regency Valentine, etc. If you or one of your staff could help me, or point me in the right direction, I'd truly appreciate it. The sites I've checked do Not often Live-act the titles of the stories within each anthology, therefore it is almost impossible to know if I'm duplicating purchases. Is there a site I can search, that you're aware of? Thank you for what you do - you bring a great Handel of pleasure to a great many people!


I've been collecting your books for years now and have filled my bookcase to overflowing and enjoying each and every book; sometimes reading them over again when I begin to miss the various characters... right now I'm back into mary balogh the Huxtable series where I oberste Dachkante began reading your Traubenmost delightful novels... my oberste Dachkante book purchase technisch at the Barnes & Noble bookstore here in Boise; my home is in its suburb of Eagle, Idaho. The novel which caught my eye zur Frage "A Secret Affair"... and the story-line in dingen so captivating that I couldn't wait to read on to the other novels in the Huxtable collection... Having finished All the current and past books over and over again, I've gone back now to the beginning once Mora and now am engrossed once More with the Story of Margaret Huxtable and Duncan Pennethorne... even knowing of the book's conclusion doesn't diminish the great enjoyment of a Story well written... and, Mary, you are the very best writer of your and any other of my reading generations. I can't wait for whatever comes next from your tremendous Begabung... incidentally, I'm into my 86th year and when reading your works, I'm then transported into the ages of those characters and their subsequent lives... it's quite a wonderful way to spend my pre-existing condition... which if known is actually called "elderly"... love and joy to you Mary and Universum the best to you and yours for the oncoming years as you devotedly continue your calling. I anxiously await your next endeavor... Most sincerely, Joan Roberts Pope Eagle, Idaho I justament finished Someone to Romance and I read the excerpt of Harry's Story... and I am a bit disappointed. Harry had already undergone so much grief especially the deep mortification brought about his snatched Earldom and consequent illegitimacy. I would haft Harry to have someone pure in every way to cleanse away the nightmares of his past, Elend a widow with herbei own baggage. Please give Harry a Deern with the heart of a lion with grit and a Terminkontrakt to Look forward to, Elend someone World health organization already had her own romance and Narration with another krank. PLEASE.... I have read and reread Universum your books and always enjoy them. I justament read your biography on your Www-seite and it helped me to understand why I am so drawn to you and your writing. I often get your posts on Facebook inc. and gehört in jeden admit they are one of mary balogh the few things that I share. I love your puns, your cartoons, and the beautiful pictures you share. Thank you for the enjoyment you have brought into my life. Rosemary mary balogh Hey Mary I’m a super-fan, I’ve read almost every book of yours that I could find, and I can’t say anything Heilquelle about any of them. Actually, each time I read a new one, it mary balogh becomes my favourite, but then I reread an old one and get confused again. I read More than 30 of your books during 2020 and I’m mary balogh so grateful that your writing helped me during such mary balogh a difficult time. I mary balogh remember watching your zeitlich übereinstimmend that you did with the publisher for Brazil during the pandemic and you even answered one of my questions and that really Raupe my day. Thank you thank you for Donjon writing books that are getting better every time (for me, All the Wescotts books are masterpieces, so profound mary balogh and lovely at the Same time, even funny). You have my profound respect. Hope you’re doing fine, and that you’ll write a book for Bertrand, to für immer up the Wescott’s series with Kleidungsstil. Of course I’d be very glücklich if it had More 10 books, or even Mora, but I urge to See Bertrand get his froh ending. All the love ❤️ Mary, I have been devouring your books, and Elend much else, since holiday time Last year. I went through Raum the Westcott series in a heartbeat. Avery reminds me of the Scarlet Pimpernel and he had me at hello. But then, I wanted the Artist, Joel. The men really are so lovable, in their myriad mary balogh ways. I've just finished the Einsteigen school ladies (Simply series). I appreciate that All of your characters are flawed in some way -- even if it's ausgerechnet their perceived Schauplatz -- and yet they rise above with each other's help and acceptance. Thank you for teaching me what romantic love looks and feels artig, and for reminding me to believe in it. mary balogh Justament wanted to say how much I love your books. I justament finished re-reading the Simply Series, and while I thought Simply Perfect zur Frage my favorite, I now think it might be Simply Love. As a retired Senior, mary balogh my Darbietung für wenig Geld zu haben is somewhat limited, but I am always entertained with a wonderful romance. Thanks for bringing me so much joy. Hello Mary, I love Universum your stories and can't wait for Someone to Honor to come obsolet, so glad it is on kindle. I Wohnturm waiting and hoping that the Bedwyn Series läuft be brought mary balogh abgenudelt on Kindle im Folgenden, Is there any Gelegenheit this might Imbs? New Website is very fortschrittlich and up to festgesetzter Zeitpunkt, looks very good. Universum the best, Donjon supplying us with lovely stories to fill our leisure hours. Christine Ms. Balogh, I greatly love your books! I am currently reading the Slightly series, and do a Lot of laughing and chuckling from the stories. What artistry and warmth you present in your books, and I thank you for that! Take care. A devoted reader, Kelli Grisham I might be your biggest Bewunderer. I believe I have read Weltraum of your books, Maische of them 5 or 6 times. I have 48 of them in my "keep forever" bookcase. I have already pre-ordered "Someone Perfect. " Of them Universum, mary balogh my favorites are the ones in the Survivor Klub series. I'm hoping you klappt und klappt nicht write a new series about men Weltgesundheitsorganisation were injured in the war. Please don't ever stop writing your wonderful books! I have enjoyed your books so much that I have read The Survivors Club, The Slightly, and The Simply series at least twice so I guess that I should know the answer to this question, I justament finished Slightly Dangerous, actually my favorite of that series, and Wulfric referred to Marianne Bonner. Have you told that Novelle? If so, in which book? Thank you. Hi Mary, your books are so fantastic I'm always impatient for the next one inbetween times I re-read them Universum over again, I have written before about the simply series of books and mary balogh the slightly series about the Berwyn family and how both series intermingled, is there any Option of those books being released in e-book for to save room and arthritic hands.

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Justament finished book 6! Wow, how did you learn to speak "toplofty Duke"; I smiled every time he was on the Bursche and sometime I laughed out loud! My maiden Begriff is Cooper and if there were to be a Cooper in the next book I wouldn't have to go on Anscesttey. com; I could become a member of the Westcott family! Are we going to get Harry's Narration next? I hope so, since the oberste Dachkante book, Someone To Love, I have wanted to know how he is doing. His life zur Frage changed the Sauser, I think. Men normally identify with what they do mary balogh and he went from a planned Terminkontrakt to becoming someone he never dreamed. Thanks. I love your books and have read them for years. You develop characters beautifully, Elend resorting to stereotypes or characters that resurface under different names, book Weidloch book. My favorite may sprachlos be Silent Melody. in der Folge, I've just re-read Someone to Global player and do Leid understand the criticism of other commenters. While the 9 year age difference may have been insurmountable in the early 19th century, many issues facing Elizabeth and Colin are Not unlike today. The Same holds true for Silent Melody. One request: ist der Wurm drin you ever tell us what happens to the characters in the Future? Many novels today have an epilogue, which I enjoy because it give us a hint of the main characters 'happy ever after" and in the ein für alle Mal, isn't that one of the great appeals of your novels? I love your books so much. I started collecting them when I worked for a book printing company. I had collected Universum of them by the time I left the company in 2009; however, in 2011 my husband left me for another woman. I was devastated and decided I didn't need mary balogh romance so I gave away Raum romance novels in my possession. 2 years later I had realized that your books were about Mora than romance! They are about Milieu, family, acceptance, inclusion, a little mystery and sooo much Mora. I started collecting your books again and mary balogh re-reading everything from a different Distribution policy in life. It was wonderful. I got to where i technisch only missing a few of your older books. Once again I had been faced with another loss; Belastung Sunday my house burnt lurig. We have Schwefellost a Lot, but we wortlos have each other mary balogh and I have found überholt how much "family" I have outside of the kunstlos use of the word. I Met with the company that is doing the cleanup in my house and they told me that they would Not be able to salvage any of my books, that the salvage process would turn them to mary balogh dust. I cried. Now i have to figure obsolet how to afford to re-collect your books for the 3rd time. Because they have become a necessity. Thank you for the happiness you bring so many people. I justament finished listening to Someone to Cherish and it was lovely. Many thanks for this wonderful series. I very much enjoy listening to Roselyn Landor’s reading of These books mary balogh while I knit. Can’t wait fir the next one…. I had been reading detective and mystery for quite a while until one day I decided to buy a Mary Balogh book at Barnes & mary balogh Noble. I've mary balogh forgotten which one it technisch, but it got me headed back to purchase another Mary Balogh and again and again. It wasn't long before I started reading More historical fiction, and in my head, comparing them to Georgette Heyer wonderful, Lust books. Many didn't measure up, but I've had a great time reading them anyway. I've spent the mühsame Sache couple of years buying, storing, and eventually deliverying them to either my local library or to the library of a small town on the outskirts of my town. Thanks for the Lust times! I'm looking forward to the newest! Hello Mary. I have written before and stop by to read the comments posted here on a fairly regular Basis. I laughed obsolet loud to read the Maische recent one from Thomas. It speaks for many of us and looks like a good one to have on a book Cover. Preordered and enjoyed the Bürde two Wescott novels and am looking forward to the next series. Thank you for carrying on writing. I am currently reading the Last of the Someone books that are available at this time. .. multinationaler Konzern, and have found one of my wishes granted. Wren & Alexander gifting mary balogh a Dope of the Zusatzbonbon glass for Christmas. I am hoping that the Wescotts get to Tagestour the facilities in the books too. I am fascinated with the acceptance of women in Business and the aristocracy during the Regency period. I found a Fez vergleichbar with Wulfric and Avery and their affectation with the half risen quizzing glasses... and the variety. Love your books. I have 2 bookshelves full and some on Kindle. I technisch blinded at 18 mary balogh by a gun accident, so have totally enjoyed listening to the Survivor series, and especially about Vincent, Viscount Darleigh. I am justament now reading "The Arrangement" in Word Klasse using a mary balogh screen reader and would like to Pass along one Beobachtung. Though you capture blindness and my own feelings regarding it as a Baustelle rather than Beeinträchtigung, ganz ganz blindness for a once sighted Part is Not blackness or darkness. I Landsee many light patterns in my minds eye, and wortlos dream visually. In fact, sometimes it would mary balogh be refreshing to Leid See constant, swirling patterns in my Phantasie as they can get distracting. Beyond the entertaining, romantic and erotic quality of your stories, I have enjoyed your grasp of the emotionell and physical challenges which your characters have faced and overcome. Vincent touched on my own Rahmen so many decades ago. Keep up the great work. Hi - wanted to let you I loved your book The Proposal. And once again I love your reference mary balogh to characters from your other books!!! My only criticism is I MUCH prefer Rosalyn Landor as the narrator. She is truly amazing. Thank you for your wonderful Chronik romance books, my favorite. Sandi

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I'm a new reader of your books, and over the Last few months have read and really enjoyed both the Wescott and the Simply series and have recently mary balogh started the Bedwyn series. I haven't read enough yet to decide which is my favorite book of yours, but right now I can say that my favorite is usually the Last one I've read. They are Raum great. Appreciate the wonderful reads. Hello, I have recently discovered your books and am enjoying them immensely. Thank you for reigniting my love for reading. So far my favourite is Simply Unforgettable followed closely by The mary balogh Secret Pearl. Please Wohnturm writing!! I hope you are well 🙂 Hi Mary I love your books, have been a Bewunderer for nearly 12 years, my oberste Dachkante novel zur Frage Slightly Dangerous and I've been hooked since, Pelz in love with the Bedwyns, mary balogh especially Wulfric, im weiteren Verlauf really ähnlich your older books, Longing and Tangled are classics. Indiscreet is another favourite, which I read on average at least once a year. Your books have gotten me through some difficult times and I feel such a Dunstkreis to them and probably own Traubenmost of the series that are interconnected. Thank you so much for sharing Spekulation wonderful love stories. Best Paula Mary Balogh, While I have read practically Universum your books I have been able to get my hands on, for some reason, I Wohnturm returning to "Unforgiven, " When I oberste Dachkante read it, I technisch much younger, and I zur Frage unable to understand the constant Belastung and friction both Kenneth and Moira had in their relationship. Even Rosette they got married mary balogh and were thinking about making their marriage work, I didn't understand the friction. I finished reading at the time and I went back again to read it once Mora, I schweigsam didn't get it. But I absolutely loved the trope of childhood loves/friends having some misunderstanding and reuniting. in den ern your masterful writing and deep Erprobung of hurt emotions and conflict kept me coming back to this book. I finally understand where that underlying Zug and friction technisch from, when I read it again as I justament turned 25. I guess I'm old enough to mary balogh understand why they were constantly fighting and that underneath that constant conflict, in dingen love. They both loved each other and had probably never stopped. It transformed the entire way I looked at that book and those characters because while I logically understood their feelings and actions, It finally clicked for me emotionally where their actions were coming from. They were Kosmos coming from their love for each other, whether it technisch the resentment, the hatred, the constant fighting, it was Weltraum because they cared for each other and simply had too much pride and fear of possible hurt feelings to express that love to each other openly. It took me years to understand that undercurrent of love, but now I do and I adore that book even mary balogh Mora. Weidloch rambling away artig this, mary balogh Kosmos I want to say is, please Donjon writing! Your books give mary balogh me joy and solace. I Donjon coming back to them over and over again. I deeply admire your characterizations. And I want you to know that your books make a difference. There have been countless times where they mary balogh have given me some bit of wisdom that I have Elend gleaned before. So, I'm going to selfishly ask you to Keep writing. And I can't wait for Abby's book in the westcott series. And would sincerely implore you to write Winifred's book. She is such an endearing and precious child! I would love to read about herbei as an adult. I am 77yo visually impaired woman Who has read the Westcott series. I get my Audio books from the NLS and have just finished the book titled Someone to Remember, narrated by Rosalyn Landor and I thought it technisch wonderful. Alas, the world today is unsettled andI am always searching for books to take me to a Nachkommen Mora peaceful Distribution policy. Although there is a bit of upheavel in the Westcott family love and peace always prevail. I nachdem cannot imagine reading, I read with my ears, any of the Westcott books by anyone other than Rosalyn Landor. Someone to Remember technisch wonderful. Elaine New Jersey-stoff To mary balogh say I am a Mary Balogh Bewunderer is a erhebliche Tiefstapelei! I serendipidiously discovered Freya's book on my Spritztour to Canada, at a lodge near Toronto in the landlady's little Kellerspeicher of books. I managed to Hunt schlaff the only copy of Slightly Dangerous in Romania and then badgered my Senior Weltgesundheitsorganisation was mary balogh on a Kurztrip to Vereinigtes königreich to Hunt schlaff the other Bedwyn books. This in dingen in Pre verbunden Shoppen era so we did a Vertikale of hunting for your books, All worth it! We have lots of decent Romanian translations, though I am glad to have the unverändert ebooks now, So froh I can enjoy your Backlist finally. mary balogh I started reading so much More thanks to you and it has been a great experience getting Yperit in each and every book. Thank you for your work & know you have lots of fans in Romania! Thank you so much for each one of your wonderful books Have every series. Äußeres forward for everything new coming So much pleasure reading your books.. they let me forget stress of every day life. Each one different.. I am delighted in your writing. Happy New Year... Cecilia 💓 Seltzer Dear Mary, I oberste Dachkante Honigwein you in a public library, so many, many years ago. Although I wish I could remember exactly when, I did Misere then Donjon records. About 2011 I began keeping a spreadsheet of authors, books read. Your books mary balogh begin with A Certain Magic (Excel A53) and End with Www of Love (Excel A150). While I began a borrower, I've been for many years, especially since Kindle, a purchaser of your books, having over 41 in my Kindle library. I am a devoted re-reader. I justament finished Someone to Remember which Leuchtdiode me to re-read Someone to Honor. Eagerly I am awaiting Ernting to receive my pre-ordered copy of Someone to multinationaler Konzern. Today I am contacting you because I need to know if there is available a printable copy of the Westcott family tree. The extended family has gotten so large it is difficult to Binnensee the tree on an e-reader. In an e-reader, going back and forth from the novel to the tree is Mora difficult than flipping back to mary balogh the Kampfzone of a book. Although I never imagined myself as an electronic reader, being so is advantageous as retirees, we gleichzeitig in a very small home, no room for a large library. As much as I enjoy reading, my favorite leisure-time activity, I have no difficulty knowing the author I Süßmost enjoy reading: Mary Balogh. Thank you for bringing so much joy to so many mary balogh through reading. Sincerely yours, Karen dem Wind mary balogh abgewandte Seite Scraga, during the Covid-19 Pandemic, May 14, 2020, when I need to escape into 19th century Vereinigtes königreich. Reply by Mary Balogh: If you click on the book Titelbild of SOMEONE TO HONOR on the Books Hausangestellter of my Www site, Karen, you ist der Wurm drin find a meuchlings to a family tree.

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I love Universum of your books. I am caught up in the Westcott series. I read some to honor and though the clock Wohnturm showing the hour getting late I could Misere put it down. By 3am I finally finished it and can't it for More. Weltgesundheitsorganisation is next Jessica or Harry? I am excited to learn More about the stuffy aunt, Matilda, Weltgesundheitsorganisation we saw in Colin and Elizabeth's Narration a mary balogh bit of her hopeless romantic side. But I really can't wait for Jessica o finally be at peace with everything around her. Thanks for Universum the grand adventurs. He leído todo la Zusammenstellung de entfesselt bedwym y simplemente (también unas cuantas series mas) en español pero me gustaría leer y no encuentro para poder comprar la Zusammenstellung de losgelöst supervivientes en español. podrán decirme donde podría hallarlas. Desde ya gracias I justament finished your lovely book "Someone Perfect". I appreciated how much care you took to describe and develop the characters in your book. It was a hopeful book in that the characters were able to grow and change for the better. It challenged me to make More of an Bemühung be present for those in my life and to appreciate them. Thanks for Raum of your thoughtful hard work in crafting a lovely Geschichte that in dingen nachdem inspiring to those of us Weltgesundheitsorganisation read it. I love how you love your characters Mary! I often wake up at 4 am and it’s a quiet time of the day! mary balogh So instead of practicing self calming and going back to sleep, I determine that I need a distraction from my worrying thoughts and go into your gentle, thoughtful, honest about life, with characters that have a belief in God, world. I’m trying Elend to Schliff Someone to Cherish right now, as I geht immer wieder schief miss mary balogh Lydia and herbei fierce strength and Harry, with his ability to control his emotions, and I geht immer wieder schief miss you!!! I love your philosophic statements and your accurate use of nature in flowers and dogs-Snowball! Thanks. You are a mary balogh delight! Like others, I believe I’m your #1 Freund! Raum of your books have a Zusatzbonbon Distributions-mix on my bookshelves and in my heart. I do read other books but I find myself reading yours over and over. It would be amazing to receive any signed book of yours! I have read, "The Best Gift" countless times. The Narration is wonderful and I never tire of it. Do you wellenlos on writing about Jane finding abgenudelt the identities of herbei birth parents?   I am so glad you enjoyed that novella, Jeanetta. I doubt I geht immer wieder schief write a nächste Folge to the Geschichte. Mary mary balogh Balogh I love Universum the books I have read by Mary Balogh. It is hard to say which series is my favorite, I loved Weltraum the Bedwyns. Each family member zur Frage so Zusatzbonbon. The stories are well written and Lust as well as series in parts. I hadn't thought of it until I read one person's comment and that is that they were Leid perfect and had flaws. That is so true of the ones I have read so far. That makes the Geschichte Mora in natura and believable. I have the Simply series Weltraum mary balogh in Befehl to Startschuss next but I Koranvers hate leaving the Bedwyns. I love period novels. Mary's books are adorable, what draws the Sauser attention and in many the good guys and girls are people Who rarely appear in other novels, people with restrictions, Nachschlag in their way of being. The survivors' Klub shows this well, but despite their limitations they find happiness, they are Nachschlag people Weltgesundheitsorganisation deserve to be loved and froh. Following the WETSCOTT series and looking forward to the publication of the other books. Dear Mary: I justament finished rereading the "Someone" series and reman delighted by it. For me, mary balogh "Someone to Love" remains the best. There's justament something about that Novelle... (I in der Folge zur Frage charmed by that short interlude with Anna and Avery right near the letztgültig of "Cherish. " ("My heart, " indeed. ) I know you have begun a new series---I justament preordered it---but I hope there ist der Wurm drin be at least one More, maybe two, in the "Someone" series: Betrand, for Sure. Then, perhaps Winifred, as she is 17 or 18 at the für immer of "Perfect. " Ending the series with zu sich, an orphan, certainly would bring the series full circle. (The two of them paired could work: both are intellectually inclined. But I'm greedy: I'd rather have two Mora books. im Folgenden, I can't be the only one Who wants to know if Anna and Avery's fifth child zum Thema "the spare. " Best, Karen Callaway Mary, my husband and I were able to go to London Last year, I was disappointed to find there zur Frage no mary balogh Mary Balogh Romance Tours, alas. I Raupe my own. On our First day there, in Hyde Stadtpark had a regal Salute. Horses and military men, along with cannons went by us. I am ausgerechnet Koranvers that one of them was Flavian, OK, his descendant. We walked to the kurvenreiche Bergstraße and I glanced a bit of rosig going by, surely that technisch Christine and Wulfric. We went to the Tower of London and just missed Prissy and Gerald in the Armory. At the British Museum visiting the Towneley collection, I could have sworn that Elliot and Vanessa were ausgerechnet ahead of us. St. George on Hanover square was nachdem visited. Sophie and Vincent had ausgerechnet left. As we left I believe I heard vollziehende Gewalt music, Dora did make it back to play. We walked through Grosvenor Square, although I know it was bombed during World hinter sich lassen II, surely the house we passed technisch George and Dora's. It was Wohlgefallen to imagine. Thank you for many hours of enjoyment.

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Hello Mary, I am a huge Bewunderer, I proudly own almost every one of your books in Taschenbuchausgabe and have read every book of yours I can find on Kindle. I am writing to tell you I named a gesundheitsgefährdender Stoff package Anus you. It's called "The Mary Balogh" and contains a handmade covered tragbarer Computer, a handmade Leseband, handmade bubble bath and a ready mary balogh to Durstlöscher Cosmo. Everything in this package is Larve in Alberta. My husband and I own a Verpflegung Geschäftsleben that covid mary balogh destroyed. I was depressed and devastated but then pivoted and have spent Spekulation months of unemployment reinventing our geschäftliches Miteinander into a Giftstoff Laden. We use only Canadian items mary balogh Raupe by small businesses in our gifts. We supply the yum in our gifts... food mary balogh from our commercial kitchen. I would love to send you a free copy of this Toxikum.... as a small thank you for the years and years of reading Werkstoff you have delighted me with. Please check obsolet your namesake Giftstoff on Festivalcitycatering. ca. I hope it ok that I named this Schadstoff Weidloch you? Thank you so much for the many, many hours of reading pleasure your books have provided mary balogh me. Please know that your stories teach love, hope, importance of family, and Bedeutung together - often in the face of terrible adversity, but nachdem in times of infinite joy. May God bless you and yours. KB I have been a Bewunderer of yours since I retired 15 years ago when I had the good Glück to read a summer to remember well I zur Frage hooked I then read the bedwyn series simply series survivors and now the westcotts I have now 46 Softcover books im weiteren Verlauf mary balogh the Saatkorn mary balogh on my kindle my only regret is that the bedwyn series has Leid been put in to ebooks thank you for Weltraum Spekulation beautiful stories at mary balogh 75 years young I now Look forward to your next Veröffentlichung hoping it läuft be another series as I like to have the complete series before I read them as I am to impatient to wait Geschiebemergel the next book in the series comes überholt then when I have them Kosmos I sit down and enjoy them one by one and know that I have something very Zugabe waiting to be read. so I would justament ähnlich to thank you for Weltraum the enjoyment you have given me in my retirement since loosing my husband thanks mary Justament discovered your books Mary! What an antidote to Covid-19! I am from North Wales near Barmouth and immigrated mary balogh to Canada 50 years ago. We are mary balogh the Same age, Post war babies, brought up studying the classics and singing penillion. I äußere Merkmale forward to enjoying every book you have written. Mrs Balough, I mary balogh have very ecclectic tastes in reading materials. I like YA adult fantasy, historical romance, and ones that mess with your head. There are only 2 authors whose works I greatly anticipate: Stephen King and yours. Opposite ends of the rainbow right? Your stories are so easy to get involved in. I really artig the involvement in the characters feelings and thoughts. I just finished "Someone to Romance". I love strong characters and Jessica and Gabriel are gerade that. Thank you for being you! Terri militärische Auseinandersetzung I justament love your series books, but I have a question..... I'm Endschliff up Simply Perfect and I'd haft to know your Nahelegung for the next series. I totally love how you incorporate other series in your new series and would love the next best series. Thank you so much Sandi....... [email protected] com I LOVE LOVE your books! I can hardly wait for your new ones to come out. Have you ever considered turning your sagas into a series? They would be great for Masterpiece Television. I tell everyone that geht immer wieder schief auflisten about your books. During this terrible pandemic, they have helped me immensely to cope with loneliness. Thank you Carol Hi Mary, thank you for your beautiful books. I am in awe of how you create your characters, how carefully you describe their unique qualities, how mary balogh they complement each other, how each character's independent Narration weaves them together to Form their unique Schuldverschreibung. I have Schwefellost Count how many of your books I have read but I can tell you, every time I get into another Geschichte I am blown away at how delicately you have done it yet again. Thank you, thank you. Your books are a joy to read. 'Someone to Trust', the fifth book in 'The Westcott Series' notwendig be the Traubenmost intriguing love Novelle written. mary balogh Each and every book in the Series is a work of Verfahren and thoroughly entertaining. The 'Huxtables Series' is another wonderful 5-book Series and with the 'Simply Quartet' books, I've certainly had my fill of thrilling stories with wonderful characters. I'm now on to the next Series and again, thank you so much M/s Balogh for giving me so many opportunities to locker myself by ausgerechnet reading. What would we do without books! Thank you for writing Matilda’s Narration in Someone to mary balogh Remember. I didn’t realize I needed to hear zu sich Novelle until I read the First Bursche. ähnlich the characters in the book, I too sort of overlooked herbei but am so glad she now has the opportunity for joy and happiness. I love your stories and your characters. I get drawn into their lives and love the continuity of your various series. Please, never stop writing! Thank you so much for the Toxikum of your stories. Since I stumbled across my oberste Dachkante just over 2 years ago I've read Mora than 80 titles. Now that I've discovered your Www-seite I can See that there are wortlos Mora for me to find. Yay. You have quickly become my favorite romance writer. I Äußeres forward to reading Weltraum of your series. I read them and enjoy listening to them through Audible. However, I cannot seem to find the Bedwyn Prequels available in Audible, though. geht immer wieder schief they be in the Terminkontrakt?

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The book I am currently reading is very dull! Should I justament stop reading it, and take the next one off my pile? It’s one of yours! I might have too. I nachdem thought, it’s the only Mary Balogh book I have left in my pile. Almost felt anxious! ..... I can buy More, I haven’t read them Universum.... whew! WOW!!! Your books are absolutely amazing and leave me with such a wonderful feeling. I justament can't seem to get enough of Weltraum your books and geht immer wieder schief gladly re-read them Universum from beginning to End. You bless this reckless world with literary perfection! I am reading the Last of Mary’s books in the SanFrancisco library… 47 of them. This one as. With Traubenmost of them I bought years ago and passed on to local libraries for their book Vertriebsabteilung. I read Spekulation on my phone. Or on my Kindle. And Jo Beverly’s 45 or so as well. “What I did new during Covid. I technisch in the bed and flat on my mary balogh back (which is Not an acceptable way of life for me) Arschloch my spine turned traitor. Your novels kept me sane! I in der Folge found Lora Leigh very helpful. Between the two of you I managed Misere to go insane. Thank You, Linda Amei os Bedwyns e seus protagonistas! Todos mary balogh são maravilhosos, com exceção do Conde de Rosthorn, Gervase Ashford, Dele não gostei. Achei-o um tanto Bedeutungsbestandteil sentimentos verdadeiros. Mas quem realmente me conquistou foi Wulfric Bedwyn!!!! que caráter e personalidade fantásticos. Eu quero um Wulf pra mim........ mary balogh I am an 87 year old retired teacher devoted Bewunderer of brilliant author Mary Balogh for the past 20 years. I have Weltraum your books which I reread often, even though I zur Frage given a Kindle Reader 5 years ago and have almost 300 books and 150+ Audable including Universum that are available by Mary Balogh, (many Misere available e. g. the 5 Vip "Bedwyn" Series). The stories are All unique and beautifully written to Donjon you engrossed to the Belastung Hausangestellter! I love, love your books. Love how you write an entire series and verbesserte Version us from book to book. I reread many of my favorites. The Simply series as well as the Wescott as well and especially the Slightly series were fantastic. Anxiously awaiting your new book mary balogh and the next series. Somewhere I read women's fiction described as "soft porn for women. " Well, that depends: I technisch reared with the belief that Kopulation is one of God's Maische beautiful gifts to His spottbillig children. Mary Balogh's fleischliche Beiwohnung scenes capture that truth mary balogh in its essence. mary balogh There is never anything gross or distasteful in Mary Balogh's Bumsen scenes; in them mary balogh she captures All the Schatz and meaning and affektiv depth our Maker intended Kopulation and the body to convey to the günstig Phantom. A parent guiding his/her children through puberty would do well to supply young women (and older ones, too) and even boys, * with Mary Balogh novels. As a passionate devotee of the riches of the English language I cannot fault a ohne feste Bindung instance of Ms. Balogh's writing. Anyone, of any age nurtured on Mary Balogh books can only gain the very mary balogh best of what English has to offer. I cannot say that I am fluent in any other language, but I do have enough French (2 years each glühend vor Begeisterung school and Uni study of that language) to read it with understanding. In my view our English language is Notlage only beautiful in itself, but in der Folge in its role in the günstig development of Western European Versionsgeschichte, going back beyond Time, (witness the prehistoric cave paintings in southern France. ) In any case, I contend that Mary Balogh's novels enrich the mega Reader, mind, body and Spirit. I am grateful that, at age 81, I have discovered her creations and Äußeres forward to Mora to come. Wohnturm those arteries healthy, Mary -- WE NEED mary balogh YOU! P. S. I have a beloved male Cousin, age 80, Weltgesundheitsorganisation reads romance novels. I can hardly wait to send him a copy of one of my favorite Mary Balogh books. I know he geht immer wieder schief be as delighted with this author's mary balogh creations as I am.

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Possible names for Börsenterminkontrakt books ( humbly submitted for your interest )....... Someone to Encourage........ Someone to Admire..... Someone to Desire...... alternatively........ A Lady to Admire..... A Madame to Adore.... A Frau von stand to Desire...... A Fascinating Madame ( or else, Fascination ) ( or perhaps, Enchantment )! I love your books. I am working on buying every one. I could Leid bear Leid to own them Weltraum. Hopefully this läuft be found helpful. Desperate to read the next book! One mary balogh of my very favourite authors. You even give good advice that makes perfect sense. I actually believe your books are better because you rely on your own judgement. There is in der Folge the natural storyteller factor mixed in with the solid research. Whatever you are doing, please continue! I think I discovered your books about the Same time you started publishing! I love them Weltraum and though I give Maische books I buy to a woman's prison, I Donjon Raum of your books. Now I'm buying them again to have on Kindle, because I reread them All over and over. justament finished the Slightly series. . . for the 6th time! I love to read them Weltraum in a row, from A Summer to Remember to Wulfric's Narration. When I've finished, which takes about 5 days, I feel artig I've justament come back from a Fabulous vacation in Vereinigtes königreich! Thank you thank you thank you for your mary balogh gifts. I'm wondering if there is somewhere written down a chart or Grafem of the people. They seem to appear and reappear in various books and I'm always thinking "I know that man", "I know that woman from. . . ??? " I'd love to Landsee that. And it always amazes me that each time I read them they feel fresh and new; and I'm always wondering how you can make each mary balogh character so different from the others! Bravo, Ms. Balogh. I'm so glad I found you. You've brightened my life. Hello Mary, I hope you are well. I recently mailed three of your books to my best friend Bonnie in Kelowna, The Proposal, Someone to Love and Someone to wohlgesinnt. I purchased Annahme books from various second Hand stores and can you imagine the postage technisch More expensive than the books themselves? Absolutely! None the less, The Proposal in dingen the First Mary Balogh book I read and it ist der Wurm drin remain my favourite. Over Christmas, I re-read several of your books and every time I do this, I find interesting items I missed the First time I read them. Some people would find this tedious but it is artig chatting with you, Mary, as I feel your philosophy and wisdom in Weltraum the books I mary balogh have had the pleasure to read. The Survivor Series inspired me to make new dreams Anus some of my unverfälscht dreams were shattered, justament as many of the survivors of the horrific Napoleonic wars Engerling the best of their torn lives. The saying there is nothing new under the sun does apply to Kosmos your books, as you remind us of life's tragedy but in it's face the läuft to move on. Once again I applaud you for reminding Weltraum of us that our lives can change in the blink of an eye, but if we Kiste gratitude instead of bitterness, we klappt und klappt nicht have hope. My sincere thanks to you for writing about eigentlich people in eigentlich situations Notlage unlike our own lives today. Cheers! Gloria I had never read a romance novel other than Georgette Heyer’s (being a bit of a literary Gent! ) until the advent of the Covid pandemic. But somehow I stumbled upon your wonderful work soon Weidloch we entered Abschalten. Now I find myself re-reading your books, as an anodyne to the daily battering of events. I always know that I can find excellent characterization, writing, and plotting… and of course I know, as you have pointed out in interviews, that a romance novel gehört in jeden above All have a froh ending: something we Weltraum long for Spekulation days. It strikes me that your years of teaching Must have been a strong influence on your plotting, and I especially appreciate how you have woven in the contemplation of a variety of mary balogh disabilities very thoughtfully into some of your plots. Thank you from the Bottom of my heart for your work, which has helped me survive Spekulation mühsame Sache two years and has kept me endlessly entertained! Ms. Balogh, you are a truly wonderful writer, but I have had a hard time reading your books due to the way you portray your heroes, as whoring, and promiscuous men. Even in today's world with it's unübersehbar lack of morals and values, I have a hard time thinking that many women would be schon überredet! dating men Who thought mary balogh it technisch acceptable to pay for fleischliche Beiwohnung. I find it even harder to believe that women in the Regency period would have felt the Saatkorn. Perhaps I am naives Blondchen or I'm ausgerechnet fortunate to have a husband and friends Weltgesundheitsorganisation value women as they are intended to be valued, for World health organization they are and Not as objects to be used or purchased for their pleasure. I've wanted to write to you about this for some time but hesitated, until now. Why now? Well, It seems you have changed or have taken a reprieve from your usual character portrayal with your Westcott series. I have loved this series, Elend only because of the wonderfully crafted stories but because of how you've portrayed the men, Elend as man whores, but as men to be desired and respected because their Singular focus isn't about Vollzug, but Mora about their lives and the people in them whom they care for and cherish. And lord forbid they should be celibate for any given period of time, as if they ist der Wurm drin das without Bumsen, and yet you've done that, and remarkably well, I might add. I applaud you and thank you, for giving us a series of books that we can go back to over and over. And thank you for putting men in a much Mora wonderful kalorienreduziert, and according to my frame a reference, a truer kalorienreduziert. I hope that you läuft continue to write your men as you have in the Westcott series, for I truly mary balogh do love the way you write and want to continue to enjoy Mora of your stories. I justament finished Weltraum your books in the SanFrancisco public library (45) Maische of them I had read and purchased new. I read them mary balogh on my phone and on Kindle (Kindle did Elend have Raum of them). OI did the Saatkorn for other favorites. “What I did during the pandemic “ Mary I mary balogh love your books and have read Universum that I can get on my kindle. I read on the kindle as I have a schwierige Aufgabe with my sight and can increase the Font size on the kindle which makes reading a Lot easier. I mary balogh would love to read the Bedwyn series of books but for some reason they are Misere available on Amazon UK, is there a reason for this, and am I likely to be mary balogh able to get them in the Terminkontrakt? Best Wishes Vicki B. I grew up in post-war Wales as Mary Jenkins. It technisch in many ways an idyllic childhood even though Swansea, my home town, had been heavily bombed during the Schluss machen mit, rationing zur Frage schweigsam on, and Material possessions were few. I have collected as many of your books as I can find. I am so grateful you are publishing older versions again. Believe me, I have read and reread so many of your books. I can't tell you how many times I've read Frau von stand with a Black Umbrella and laughed at the idea of zu sich taking on those huge men. Every series has been such a joy to read. When I oberste Dachkante started collecting the series books, they were Universum abgenudelt and I ordered the whole series. Now I wait on pins and needles mary balogh for the next in the Westcott Series. Thank you for All your writing, it's wonderful. Hi again! I did two "fan art" drawings of your books you can Landsee here: Http: //fav. me/de07vi7 (Someone To Honor) & Http: //fav. me/de07ux6 (Someone To Trust). I would love to do Mora. I geht immer wieder schief Donjon working on it. I love your books that much.

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Dear Mary Balogh I do so much enjoy you books there are several series that I have enjoyed and could hardly wait for the next book to come out I'm enjoying the Wescott family series right now and Look forward to each new book. you make your story's come alive, I hope to enjoy reading you books for many More years to come. sincerely one of your fans How much do I love your writing? Let me Countess the ways... I am currently reading the Survivor series for about the 7th time and justament finished the Bedwyn series for the 10th time (a conservative estimate). If I had to Plektrum a favorite, though, it'd be a tie mary balogh between "More Than a Mistress" and "The Temporary Wife. " I have only one Ding to take Angelegenheit with, however. mary balogh I almost (key word, there) wish I'd never discovered your writing because you have spoiled me for every other author. I read quite, quite voraciously (average about one long novel pro day) and there are many authors whose works I thoroughly enjoy, but I always come back to your books and I'm nearly to the point that I no longer need to read certain passages as they are forever memorialized in my brain. It's sad, really. I am anxiously awaiting the ebook releases of "Tangled" and "Thief of Dreams" as those klappt mary balogh und mary balogh klappt nicht both be completely new to me (I only discovered you in the past 5 years or so and have devoured everything available for my Kindle and my Kobo readers). Though I truly enjoy even your earliest works, I Must say that, in my opinion, you've only improved with the years. I now find myself unable to read authors Weltgesundheitsorganisation do Not completely distinguish in which character's voice I'm reading a Story (in other words, which character's head I'm occupying while he or she is thinking, speaking, etc). Anyway, many thanks for the hours upon hours you've Larve me laugh and bawl noisily (yes, you should buy Stange in tissue companies as several of your books cause me to go through an mary balogh entire Packung even on mary balogh reading them for the zillionth time) and I hope you are nowhere near finished writing. I mean, what on earth klappt und klappt nicht mary balogh I do with myself Darmausgang I've memorized them Universum? The mind boggles. Cheers! I have only written one other Bewunderer Glyphe in my entire life - despite being a lifelong Stecher of books. My love for Regency is about five years, and I discover your survivors' books about then. I gerade came across your Maische recent two Something books and in dingen quite enchanted by both of them - enough to decide to go back to the beginning and reread those I have already read. I think I in dingen Traubenmost impressed by Something Perfect. i found something different and unique in the back Narration of your hero Justin, the Lord of Brandon than I have found in many (if any) of the Regencies I have read. I am Not a crier, but I sniffled though much of the Last quarter of the book. Brava to you. Anus Universum Stochern im nebel years, to wortlos be able to create authentisch plots and unverfälscht character in quite admirable. Like you, i was a himmelhoch jauchzend school English teacher, and later an attorney. I have written - but never professionally, and as much as I would love to try Regency, i do Leid seem to have the mary balogh creative spark to come up with an unverändert Graf or authentisch hero or heroine. Cannot wait for your book about Estelle's twin. I am certain it läuft come soon. I looked you up on Wikipedia and know that you have won multiple awards. What I cannot understand is how you have Not won what used to be called the Rita. You certainly have deserved it. And, of course, schweigsam do. I have read mary balogh and re-read your books too many times to Countess. Each time it is as if I am reading the book for the oberste Dachkante time, I get transported to another world getting S-lost in the books. I have no favourite series as I love Universum of them. Tears and laughter are never far away as the characters become friends. Thank you for your gesundheitsgefährdender Stoff of writing for us. Thank you Mary, mary balogh for this glimpse into your life along with Universum of the book Feinheiten. You've been my favourite author for many years mary balogh and I have collected Maische of your print books, which has been no mean feat! Of course I in der Folge have the ebooks and the audiobooks. Your writing and Anne Flosnik seem haft natural partners. for your audiobooks and are always a joy to hear whilst doing mindless things on the Datenverarbeitungsanlage. Since I'm somewhat older than you my time is my own (at Last! ) so I read the print books in bed, and the ebooks go with me when I leave the house. Slightly Dangerous is my Weltraum time favourite book of any Art, so I Keep going back to verzeichnen again a few times each year. Kind regards from Eunice I love your writing. I love your insight into the way people are. You give them such depth in Universum shades of gray, through conversations, through thoughts, through their reactions to situations, through the learning they sometime have to do. Even the minor characters are given this depth. You know how people work, how they are. Your writing is a beautiful Gebräu of conversation, description, seriousness, and Humor. I always like the Galerie up in which the Geschichte is told from both the perspectives of the relationship-to-be. What a wonderful Anlage you have! I ist der Wurm drin Donjon reading and rereading your books! I always buy your books from Amazon ebooks mary balogh but cannot buy the simply series or the Bedwyn series, I have justament re-read both series in book Form for the fifth time. I really love to read them over and over again, but it is becoming harder as I have arthritic hands. Please have them available to Amazon ebooks u. k. They are just so fabulous, as are Universum your books. MS Balogh THANK YOU! I läuft Befehl it Arschloch leaving this comment! Looks like I have another Quartet to re-read. I am on Freyja's Novelle now, I had forgotten the Dunstkreis to Miss Martin!! Thank you for All Annahme wonderful families. Dear Mary, I have justament finished "Someone to Cherish" (for the oberste Dachkante time! ) and I loved it. I think it probably is the best of the Westcott stories and I cried. I am Misere usually a weepy mary balogh Partie, but I could empathise with Lydia over the viciousness of Klatsch und tratsch and the difficulty of Global player. Harry had a very difficult and painful growing up, but oh what a man he became. I love your books Mary and I love your Imagination and ability to so entertain us. Thank you, you wonderful woman! I'm so glad your older mary balogh books are being re-released! I read the new Verbreitung of "Heartless" this weekend and absolutely adored it. What an amazing book! I ordered and am very excited to read about Ashley and Emily in "Silent Melody, " and have ordered some of the other older series, having read (and reread) Weltraum the Westcotts, Survivors, Bedwyns, Simply Quartet etc ("Simply Love" sprachlos remains I think mary balogh my favorite book you've ever written). Thank you for Universum the joy you bring to our lives through your books, dear Ms. Balogh! I’ve been listening to your Audio books? The four horsemen’s trilogy. I’m on my third book are you gone to write the fourth book. I hope mary balogh you do I’d artig to know how Jenseits and Miss Lavinia ein für alle Mal. Thank you, Teresa

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Do you have any plans to rerelease the oberste Dachkante four books of the Huxtable Quintet on Audio? I saw that they were available, but I Landsee that book mary balogh number five is the only one available currently, and I hope to try this series in Sounddatei Klasse on audible. com. im Folgenden, thank you for making your books available Leid only in Sounddatei, but in e-book as well. Having both means that I have at least one Art Vorkaufsrecht for reading your books. Since I am ohne Augenlicht, I cannot read hard copy print such mary balogh as you would find in a Softcover or hardback. Please, Mary, pull back from desecrating your wonderful writing by giving in to the Strömung for porn. You do Not need it to sell your books, in fact, quite the reverse. Quite a few of us have decided we do Misere mary balogh wish to spend our money on books which we notwendig skim through to get to the good parts and past the ugly. A little sexual Tension is good and enjoyable mary balogh but to describe the Bumsen act in gross Einzelheit over and over again makes us go to other authors Weltgesundheitsorganisation let us use our imaginations to fill in mary balogh those Einzelheiten. Please, please, don't let us lurig. I've justament reread the Bedwyn series - one of my Weltraum time favourites - although I do appreciate Raum your books and series - and are wondering if you ever have thought about picking up that Aktivitätsträger again and would tell us a second Alterskohorte mary balogh Geschichte about Christian Bedwyn All grown up. It would give your readers a Option to See how Wulfric and Christine mary balogh are doing in their sixties and might offer glimpses of the mary balogh other Bedwyns and their offspring as mary balogh well. As you have mentioned in your Blog Wulfric is your Traubenmost popular hero and his derweise might follow suit. I'm certainly Elend the only one Who would be interested. Thank you once again for many pleasurable hours of reading and enjoying your books. I sincerely hope there klappt und klappt nicht be many Mora to come. All the best, Ingrid Dear Mary: I am a long-time reader and Bewunderer of your wonderful books! I only wish you could write faster and offer More of them each year. Please stay well and never retire! Many, many thanks for so many great hours of reading! Sincerely, Annemarie I justament finished reading "Slightly Married". Again. I can say without fear of exaggerating that it was at least the 25th time. And it reduces me to tears every time. Thank you for such a lovely Novelle. Your books (especially this one and "Only Enchanting") have given me so much pleasure. Your Someone series is the best yet. I Reaktion Winifred Cunningham's comment to Grandmama Viola about Pilgrim's Quantensprung. "It technisch very instructional". I find the Someone stories very instructional, touching deeper mental currents that I relate to myself. I'm glad you are composing a Geschichte for Estelle Lamar, and I hope Bertrand klappt und klappt nicht have his own too. Maybe Adrian Sawyer? But mary balogh for Koranvers Winifred Cunningham deserves herbei own book. You are developing her character nicely, and I find her both charming and down to earth. Maybe she läuft captivate a member of the nobility Who won't care about zu sich biological origins, but klappt einfach nicht fixate on herbei character mary balogh and intelligence. Mary, Anus exhausting the library, i have been buying you books from Book Depositry I absolutely love you books and am collecting them to mary balogh keepThe mary balogh schwierige Aufgabe is with Book Depositry.. I have had a few orders, but the Belastung one they say I have Elend paid. i always pay on Weisung, and have sent proof from my Bank Votum. Weltraum to no avail. I am 81yrs old an an honest Part. Weidloch many emails, I give up and buy your books elsewhere, but it annoys me to be treated artig a dishonest Rolle. Your very mary balogh zufrieden Fan. I Reisepass them on, but Notlage to Donjon. Nola. Dear Mary, I have been re-reading the Westcott series while waiting (ehm, counting down the days, actually) for the next one to come obsolet and it struck me again how talented you are at writing secondary characters. mary balogh Such a Begriff is inappropriate to describe the ones in your books, in fact. They never feel like they are in the Background, mere shadows moving about behind the scenes while the in Wirklichkeit action takes places between the two main characters on the Stage. They are a tangible presence, enriching each Hausangestellter and making the romance More vivid. I love that chapter in "Someone to Care" when Weltraum the Westcotts and various in-laws get their invitations to Lady Estelle's Feier and everyone sends their acceptance. I can almost hear their voices reading the letters and debating mary balogh whether or Elend to go, All the while knowing perfectly well that they won't be able to Wohnturm away. Kosmos those people, mary balogh Universum those names... and you write them beautifully. It truly is a Schadstoff. The downside is, of course, that the avarage reader (that would be me, for one) cannot help but becoming very invested in said "secondary" characters, and hoping that they ist der Wurm drin somehow find their way into a book or a novella of their own. There are no words to say how happy I was to find obsolet that you're planning a book about Matilda: I've had a flauschweich Werbefilmchen for herbei ever since she encouraged Elizabeth to follow zu sich heart. At the mary balogh Same time, I wonder about the Lamarr twins. Bertrand is pure hero Material... What a delight it would be to read his Novelle! His troubled childhood, his strict upbringing, the himmelhoch jauchzend standards of honour to which he holds himself - Kosmos that could fill a book and fulfill some lady's dreams of happiness, I have no doubts. Estelle was such a pleasure to read, this little bird spreading zu sich wings for the Dachfirst time and taking flight. I wonder where she could fly to, how herbei life would change with a whole new family and perhaps, in the Terminkontrakt, someone Zugabe to love. I even wonder about Araminta Scott, Elizabeth's friend Who Larve the Most fleeting of appearances in "Someone to Trust": what would she do with herbei freedom, and would she even think of her Situation as such, given that she Yperit a beloved parent? My thoughts are running away with me. I guess what I really want to say mary balogh is that this is the reason why I read, and why I read your books. It's never gerade the one Erzählung. It's thousands of other stories you can read or fantasize about, and they are Raum in a book, All in those pages, if you find the time to read them, and read beyond them. Thank you. Love your books. Wish you'd write based on the next Altersgruppe of the Bedwyns and Huxtables especially on the character traits of Wolfric Bedwyn and Constantine Huxtable. Slightly Dangerous was awesome!

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I have justament finished the fourth in the Westcott series and enjoyed it very much! I was pleased to Landsee That is Elend the End of the series. I love your characters Weltgesundheitsorganisation mary balogh have now become ähnlich very good friends whose lives I watch with great interest. Your books are so well written, Not just fluff, but with substantial situations and delving into thoughts and feelings in a way that is very eigentlich and makes your people in Echtzeit on the Page. It is in der Folge wonderful to Landsee a glücklich endings! I am so tired of books that leave one up in the Ayre or miserable! Having read your bio on your Website, I can readily Binnensee where the depth of character sense of Komik and descriptions in your novels came from. From the photos and descriptions it looks ähnlich you have a lovely caring close family. While I would love to say I hope you write forever( unrealistic), I hope you write for a very long time! Thanks for giving so much pleasure! All the best Jane Mary, you have long been my favorite Romance writer. I love Universum your books, especially the series books. I can't even choose my favorite!!! I wish there was a way to get notifications from you about upcoming books, but I can't find anything. Wohnturm up the great writing! Justament finished your book longing. Enjoyed it very much. I grew up in a coal mining town Lonaconing Maryland. My father and grandfather were miners. They talked about the hazards and regelwidrig treatment of the Pütt owners cheating them out of wages. I spent three days in a coal Pütt and decided that in dingen Leid for me. There were times when a Pot of beans and home baked bread had to Belastung us for a week. This is the Dachfirst time I have read a book of yours. Looking forward to reading many More. Eres una de mis lectoras favoritas. Te he descubierto tarde pero he leído, creo, todos tus libros traducidos al castellano. Espero con ilusión e impaciencia que se traduzcan todos entfesselt demás. Me gusta el trasfondo filosófico que imprimes a tus novelas, porque no escribes ohne Mann romances, in der Weise historias en la que trascienden valores importantes como la bondad, la generosidad, la lucha kontra losgelöst prejuicios, la fuerza interior para salir adelante aún con las dificultades que a veces impone la vida, … Por Europäische südsternwarte me gustan tanto las reflexiones que hacen tus personajes, reflexiones sobre fuerza y optimismo para resolver entfesselt problemas, y que a mí me transmiten calma y ganas de ser mejor persona. Muchas gracias por estas historias, espero que sigas escribiendo muchas más. I justament read your Fragegespräch on the Yahoo Group. It zur Frage very interesting and am tut mir außerordentlich leid to See this group close. I think I have read ausgerechnet about every book you have written. It helped that I started working in a public library in 1985 and although I didn't Diktat the books we had some very good people Weltgesundheitsorganisation choose the books. I sent in the orders and I got to open the boxes of books and Enter them into the catalog. So it was artig Christmas every day a book Order came in. I enjoy your books very much. Lydia Dear Mary, I've justament discovered your mary balogh books two months ago, and I have already red a Vertikale of them! I enjoyed Raum the family series/Huxtable. Wetscott, Bedwyn... and Äußeres forward to my next aventure! Cheers from Switzerland: -) Aurore Hello Mary, I hope you are well and enjoying the beginning of the Summer Solstice. We have received timely moisture as there technisch the threat of drought. I am currently re-reading “A Christmas Bride” and I was pleasantly shocked to discover Madame Helena Stapleton technisch Gerald Stapleton’s evil step-mother. I had Misere realized this until today. “The mary balogh Precious Pearl” is one of favourite books and I mary balogh now understand why Gerald in dingen such an untrusting fellow. I absolutely enjoy when you Kennzeichen characters in other books, the stories are eigentlich and it amazes me when fate intervenes, such as the fate of Frau von stand Muir in “The Proposal”. The Duc of Bedwyn helped Hugo obsolet of a sticky Schauplatz. I Äußeres forward in buying the next instalment of the Westcott series and I Wohnturm looking for your older books to add to my collection. I believe in fate, how small encounters shape our lives and destiny! Please Wohnturm writing your wonderful books and may God Donjon you well! I stumbled upon Simply Unforgettable about six years ago mary balogh and you are schweigsam unparalleled in this Couleur. And this Klasse is for the Sauser Part All that I am interested in reading now. You got me started! It's ähnlich food to me. I read it on my kindle every night, some days. I auflisten when I can't sleep. My current Aufgabe is that the library does Not carry Weltraum of your books on kindle. I have now read Universum that they offer in this regard, many times over.. and I'm Elend usually someone Who reads a book More than once. You have really struck a chord with me! Please let me know if you gleichmäßig to convert Mora of your books to the kindle Couleur. Thank you, Mary, for your exquisite skill... it brings to my life precisely the Element for which I Hunger. I remember my dear mother in the Bürde years of her life sharing with me that when she gets in bed with her kindle it's herbei favorite time of day. While I have many activities that I love, at this point mary balogh in my own life, I completely sense the feeling of which she spoke. Sincerely, A very satisfied Freund!   AUTHOR Zeugniszensur: Raum but four of my oldest books are mary balogh now available in ebook Gestalt, Anny, at least in North America. Ade Mary, mi scuso se scrivo in italiano, purtroppo nicht conosco l'inglese, se così fosse avrei già acquistato tutti i libri che qui in Italia nicht sono ancora stati tradotti. Finora ho acquistato, letto, conservato e AMATO tutti i tuoi romanzi, mach dich la mia Autrice preferita in assoluto, l'unica che mi tocca mary balogh il cuore con i tuoi personaggi così intimi, spesso sofferenti, ma così capaci di tanto amore. Adesso ho appena terminato Someone to Honor mary balogh e l'ho trovato bellissimo, Staatengemeinschaft dei migliori della Palette Wescott, ma pubblicato dopo un anno tuck da Someone to mary balogh multinationaler Konzern. nicht capisco perché qui in Italia mary balogh i tuoi romanzi siano tradotti e pubblicati con il contagocce! Ho chiesto anche alla Casa Editrice ma nicht ho avuto risposta. mary balogh Spero che riuscirai a capire quello che ho scritto, io uso il traduttore mary balogh automatico, così almeno leggo la trama dei romanzi che spero siano allegro ma non troppo pubblicati. A proposito, complimenti die il tuo sito Web è il migliore! Ebenmaß, con tutto il mio affetto, Lucia Regency books are my Linus blanket. Recently I have started re-reading the ones I've kept over the years. I think it shows how good an author is if you can read zu sich books one Weidloch the other. Right now I am reading and enjoying the 20 or so I have of yours. I'm missing some in each series - I suppose the ones I read as library books. Today I looked you up on line, hoping to find some new ones, and am pleasantly surprised to Landsee there are many I've missed! I think it's time I thanked you for Universum the hours and days you've entertained me. I zur Frage a little annoyed in the nineties when Regencies started to add Bumsen scenes as they seemed too far a Separierung from what Georgette Heyer mary balogh had done and Not appropriate to the era. And they can get really boring. I heard that authors have to add so many die book whether they wanted to or Not. I commend you for doing mary balogh it well. I'm a failed author. In the early nineties, I decided I could write one better than some on the market. I had written Dachfirst draft of about 6 chapters before I spent a couple of weeks in London doing research and collecting books on the era. I mary balogh spent money photocopying from microfilm. I came back to Canada and put it Universum on a shelf where it mary balogh schweigsam stays. I thought I might be okay with dialogue but Graph defeated me. I wish I had read your Internet-tagebuch then. Maybe I would have kept trying. And maybe I should have given up on the historical events I wanted to include. Thank you again for the worlds you create for our pleasure. I know how difficult it can be.

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Thanks so much for your comment about Elend ploughing on endlessly with a book you are Not really enjoying. I too used to do that and it began to spoil my Overall enjoyment of reading. I even found myself unwilling to Startschuss a new book because I felt I zur Frage betraying a principal. Learning that it is Leid a failure to make a judgement of a book, on your own and Leid ausgerechnet relying upon reviews or Ansehen, is actually quite a hard Thaiding to do. It is good to know that others have wrestled with it too. Tom. I have read a Lot of your books and enjoy them because they are both funny, often with unlikely plots artig the Huxtables and the current Westcott series and at the Same time serious with a Lot of wisdom. im weiteren Verlauf, well-written. Can you tell me how to pronounce your Wort für? A friend says it ends with a long -o-, I think it ends with a puschelig -g-. mary balogh Keep them coming! Ellie White Years ago I technisch sent the Domse Zweierverbindung by the Smith’s book Klub as a free gesundheitsgefährdender Stoff. And that’s how I discovered your writing. I then read everything of yours available in the U. K. mary balogh at that time. I’ve loved the Westcott family series, in fact there isn’t anything of yours I don’t love, but I *adore* Simply Love. We All have to have a favourite of a favourite, it doesn’t make the residual any less Zugabe. Dear Mary, I discovered mary balogh your books Anus watching "The Bridgertons" on Netflix at Christmas. I had Not read historical romance since I zur Frage 17, Mora than 40 years ago. Surely, the pandemic and Abschalten Situation in France have had a very depressing effect on me and I in dingen in great need of some lovely love stories. So, I started with "The mary balogh secret pearl", then went on with "The Huxtables" series (Constantin being my favorite! )... and mary balogh I ausgerechnet couldn't get enough of your books; I kept on devouring the "Slightly" series and the "Simply Quartet" one. I am now half through Simply Perfect and I am trying to slow down my reading because I don't want it to für immer; I am afraid of mary balogh leaving Weltraum those characters that have become my friends. I have laughed and I have cried with them; I technisch deeply touched by Sydnam and Anne's Narration, and of course, I Tierfell in love with Wulfric. For Aya, it would be great to have one of your series turned into mary balogh a TV Live-veranstaltung one day! Thank you so much for making my life brighter. Take care! I have read 60 of your books & 10 novellas & loved each one. I started reading regencies in 2000 when I retired & got hooked on your books. You, Grace Burrowes & Julia Quinn are my favorites & I've started SAVING those books. I used to donate Universum my books to our local library but when I started the Survivor's Club, I decided to save the series. One day I zur Frage cleaning closets & found the entire Huxtable series on the floor, it notwendig have Fallen überholt of the Bundesarbeitsgericht of donations-to-go. I love reading mary balogh series & don't Anspiel them Geschiebemergel I have them Weltraum. But I often find a character Popmusik up somewhere else & that is so nice. Wohnturm up the exceptional work. Dear Mary, I hope this find you well. I'm writing to say that I'm a wunderbar Freund of your books. I have a huge affection for them, as they make me travel to other places and feel good about myself. I collect bookmarks for Raum of your books and would like to know if you could send me some so I can continue my collection. Thank you so much! Best regards, Silvia Adoro os livros da Mary e romances de mary balogh época. Os mocinhos e as mary balogh mocinhas dos seus livros são pessoas que quase não aparecem em outros romances, pessoas com limitações, especiais em sua forma de ser, que nestes encontram espaço para serem amadas e felizes.. I justament finished Someone To multinationaler Konzern and I’m looking forward to More Westcott novels. I love how you shed light on minor characters mary balogh such as Cousin Matilda and make me wish mary balogh for a novel ausgerechnet about herbei! Your novels always bring me great joy. Good morning Mary. I have justament finished the wood nymph using the Hoopla mary balogh Couleur. I enjoyed it very much. Do any of your books Stich on Helen again? I am reluctant to give herbei up at this time. I hope mary balogh you are keeping well. I'm finding it difficult amidst the Gemeng of our world. your books help me no letztgültig. Thank you again Mary Balogh for you writing skills and sharing them with the world, especially here in hamilton on ca. Me encantan entfesselt libros de Mary Balogh. He leído una docena de ellos y cada Uno nuevo que Löwe, se convierte en mi favorito. Ojalá algún día consiga escribir obras con ese alma, con Europäische weltraumbehörde magia con las que cuentan losgelöst libros de Mary Balogh, sin duda, mi autora favorita. I love reading your books. I started with the Bedwyns, and have read and collected Sauser of your books, and an eagerly waiting for Someone to multinationaler Konzern. I am trying to collect Raum your older books which are now available on Kindle, too. On your beautiful Website, there are 2 books listed - Christmas Gifts & Christmas Miracles. Unfortunately, I cant find them on amazon, Kleinformat or Kindle. Süßmost of the others I already have, and klappt und klappt nicht get as i Finish reading those I already have. Spekulation two, I would love to read.. but.. cant find. Please do re-issue them, on Kindle, so that those World health organization came in late can nachdem read them! (Kindle didnt come to India Till very recently). Thanks a Lot for many enjoyable hours of reading Pleasure!


Hello... and froh warm weather greetings from losgelöst Angeles, Ca. I technisch looking forward to a new book from my favorite author and find that there is a book coming abgenudelt in July, 2022. Hooray! "Remember Love" A Ravenswood Novel is listed as a mary balogh Hardcover book, Kindle, and Sounddatei book but Not listed as a Trade Taschenbuchausgabe book. Will the book Not be published in this Art? I am an "old fashioned girl" Weltgesundheitsorganisation enjoys Holding a book in zu sich Kralle and hope that this book läuft be available at a More reasonable price point than the printed Buch mit festem einband novel of $27. 00. Be well and stay Geldschrank in Annahme atypical times. Dear Mary -- I don't know how I've missed the Saga of the Westcotts Weltraum These years! I gerade finished "Someone to mary balogh Romance" and I couldn't put it lasch. I am looking forward to continuing with the series. Donjon them coming! mary balogh --Fondly, Susan Ryan Thank you so much for sharing your Begabung of writing the Traubenmost beautiful, heart warming novels. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your novels. The Bedwyn sagas I have read three times and I am Aya I läuft read them several More times. I laugh and I cry every time. I have purchased the Simply Quartet novels, Survivors Klub and The Huxtables Quintet I am about to purchase the Wescotts. I have been a Fan of yours since 2003. Thank you, Thank you and Thank you once Mora. I justament finished reading Someone mary balogh to Honor--what a wonderful book! I have thoroughly enjoyed the Westcott series, as I have your other ones (especially The Survivors' Club, The Simply series and The Bedwyn series (love Wulfric! )), as well as your stand-alones. You have such a way of drawing your readers into your books so that the characters become Gesinde. I technisch intrigued to find abgenudelt that the next mary balogh Westcott mary balogh book in dingen about elegante Frau Matilda Westcott--I Look forward to reading it! Thank you for providing hours of pleasurable reading! Dear Mrs Balogh, I wanted to buy your book "The Last Waltz" and was glücklich to See that mary balogh it is possible to buy it mit Hilfe google play. I baught a Google Play Card and cashed it but unfortunatly it in dingen Leid possible to buy the book. Can you help me? Furthermore I would very much artig to read mary balogh the book "Secrets of the heart" but I can See no Vorkaufsrecht to do so as I have no Kindle-E-book reader. Did I overlook something, or is it really only possible to buy it per amazon? Most faithfully yours Ines Lobo d' Avila   AUTHOR Zeugniszensur: I am tut mir außerordentlich leid about your Google experience, Ines. I have mary balogh no experience with Google so cannot help you. Is there no way of contacting them with your concern? My Class Ebooks should be available anywhere in the world that sells English mary balogh language ebooks, including Google Play and iBooks, Nook, Kobo, Kindle, etc.. You can Download a Kindle Softwaresystem into your phone or Universalrechner and read on those. Dear Mary, Thanks for Universum the wonderful stories. I've tried to read or listen to Raum that I could get my mary balogh hands on. Love the Wescotts and Simply series but are of your books are great. nebenbei bemerkt my birthday is 3/24 too 😊 Donjon the stories coming please much appreciation and love! Charlotte Hola! he leído varias veces las series Simplemente, Familia Bedwyn. Tambien leí las series Huxtables mary balogh y Amantes. Como me gustaron tanto las dos primeras series que mencioné quise frei la historia de Madame Muir, por lo mary balogh que leí "Survivor´s Club"usando el traductor de google de la Anwendungssoftware play mary balogh libros; me encantaron losgelöst ocho libros leidos, ahora me gustaría saber si tienes un libro que cuente la historia de la hija de Joseph, marques de Attingsborough, Lizzie, la niña ciega, en su vida adulta. Un libro con su historia seria muy interesante, me gusta cuando aparecen personajes de otros libros. unverehelicht espero una respuesta a mary balogh mi comentario, no que lo subas a la Www. Te felicito por tu capacidad de escribir novelas históricas con tanta inspiración. Glad to hear that you are planning More books of the Westcott series! I'm Aya the LamarrTwins' and Winifred's stories geht immer wieder schief be ganz ganz treats as geht immer wieder schief be Jessica's and Harry's. The Mora the merrier. Can't get enough of your books. Thank you for writing them I love your books so much, Mary. But I would love to know if some of my very favourites läuft ever be issued as Kindle books in The UK? I am particularly talking about the Bedwyn series - especially the Last one about the Duc, Dark Rute, The fehlerfrei Wife, Heartless, and Indiscreet. Thank you.

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I have spent mary balogh many pleasant hours reading your books. The oberste Dachkante Thing I Font into the search engine on any ebook or library site is Mary Balogh. I finally learned how to pronounce your Bezeichner when my local librarian corrected me. Small epiphany for my favorite author. I enjoyed reading your mary balogh bio. Thank you for Raum of your books. I have read them All. I am always waiting for the next great Geschichte, but I am Klient! Take Care! mary balogh Did you know that you have fans as far as India? I love how lead us to a Kurve that is interesting and well developed, to the buildup of the main characters, how the sizzling chemistry flows between the Hero and Heroine, there is Kopulation which is hot yet Misere too in your face. I gerade read an old one yours which I think it is one of your best ‘ Longing ‘ you gehört in jeden have done a tremendous amount of research on the Rebecca movement, love the intensity, the yearning and longing between Alex mary balogh and Sian. Another book that is my favourite ‘ A secret affair “ and “ More than a Domse “. The Bedwyn series is in der Folge on my Ränkespiel of retreads. Often when I read your books I need to hide in some Corner of house and Wohnturm my phone mary balogh on silent as I am so involved in the book that I hate being disturbed by family or calls from friends etc Thanks for many enjoyable hours Your novels are Universum good friends, re-visited often when there is Not mary balogh a new book. You have brought me great pleasure and hours of being involved with Bedwyns, Westcotts and Raum kinds of interesting people. Thank you for this incredible mary balogh Toxikum! Olga SIMPLY... THE BEST OF THE BEST! I have enjoyed Universum of the books you have written. Such an amazing Datenfeld of Characters and their stories. So, from the Bottom of my heart, mary balogh THANK YOU FOR HOURS OF Entertainment! Dearest Mary, I’m a huge Bewunderer of your books, I’ve read Traubenmost of them, some at least three or four times. My favorite family has to be the Bedwyns, I zur Frage very saddened by the ending of the Wutsch series. mary balogh I hope one day you’ll Plektrum up where you left off; or perhaps they can book/story Sekt oder selters in your Terminkontrakt books. Mary... the reason I’m actually writing is to ask for a clarification on the Ausdruck ‘Antidote’. This word comes up quite frequently in your stories referring to Hasimaus or lack of. For example, in ‘First Comes Marriage’, Elliot says something artig mary balogh this... ”Vanessa’s sisters are lovelier than she but, she no antidote either” I can’t find a reference this meaning. Please enlighten me! Thank you. Sincerely Shalet Hi Mary, Am compelled to tell you mary balogh I love listening to your audiobooks of the Bedwyns, Westcotts, the Survivors & the Horsemen stories. Roslyn Landor does an excellent Stellenangebot narrating & creating various character voices. zu sich voice is soothing in These times. I love Spekulation stories of Misere only romance & finding true love but wonderful bonds of family & chosen families. Is there a love Geschichte for Bertram, Viscount Watley? I may have missed it and been trying to complete the Westcott series. Please let me know what the title is. Thank you for your wonderful stories that move me through various emotions. I äußere Erscheinung forward to reading Mora of your works. Sincerely, Dinah Mary, this can't be the Last of the Westcott series; Bertrand needs a Story! And you just introduced Gottesmutter; she'll need a Novelle Rosette she grows for a while longer! But I really want a froh Story for Bertrand! Thanks, I'm enjoying Someone Perfect! Thank you so much for Universum your novels!!! Your characters stay with me long Weidloch reading (binging! ) them. I wanted to let you know that I googled your newest Someone to Romance and im weiteren Verlauf I googled your Bezeichner but Raum your books are coming up with the author Wort für of Ben M. Baglio (a children's book author. ) I notified Google but I wanted you to know im mary balogh Folgenden. Thanks again for Weltraum those nights I didn't sleep because I need to to read "just one More chapter" until I finished the book!

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Dear Mary Balogh, I love your books. I enjoyed reading “The mary balogh Betrothal Ball” mary balogh several times. The Last mary balogh time, I was struck by the Anschauung that Laure Melfort translated the book from Latin so that Bea can read it. A Pranke written Liedtext? And then, the earl said that it in dingen a family heirloom, given by his mother to his sister. A book in Latin? Perhaps I have missed something. Ah, your beguiling books, always with a froh ending. Thank you for the happy hours I have spent with your characters. Ludmilla mary balogh Wightman I'm so glad that our library opened up again for curbside pickup and I technisch able to complete the entire Wescott series - hard to put them lurig and Misere read a whole one each day. gerade now finished Matilda's Novelle and in dingen so glad you decided to include herbei tale. I ist der Wurm drin Äußeres forward to Jessica mary balogh and Harry's books. My only disappointment is that at the für immer of each Story I wish there technisch Mora and More for each couple! But alas, All good things do have to come to an endgültig. Thank you for sharing your wonderful Begabung. I am very grateful for you Schadstoff during Annahme difficult times. Sincerely, with very bloodshot eyes, Nancy Cotugna Justament finished reading bk. #5 in the Westcott series and anxiously awaiting News if there geht immer wieder schief be book #6 Every time a new book is issued I go back and begin reading from book #1. I have so many of your books that I need a separate plastic storage Gefäß in which to Geschäft them. I justament finished a re read of the Komposition.... so perfect I went back to it, Arschloch reading Agnes and Flavian's Narration.... I zur Frage hoping when elegante Frau March openly challenged Ages referring to herbei niece, that Agnes responded - oh yes your niece, Viscountess Darleigh, the niece you threw obsolet of your house in the middle of the night, penniless --- that niece???? As you can See, I am so ticked with the March family -- they just need to fade away.. second: I cannot find Benedict; s Narration --- please advise -- I cannot believe I missed it. thanks for letting me vent. klewis kathryn lewis Hello Mary, I thrust you and your family are well regardless of the 6th Covid 19 wave. We are Universum tired of this world pandemic but it lingers on in spite of Weltraum our collective efforts. As usual, I am re-reading many of your older books this Winterzeit to Donjon my mind off current events, haft the horrific war in Ukraine. My Ukrainian ancestors came to Canada to escape the Soviet Spezis Repression and to make a better life for themselves and their children. I pray constantly for my family left behind in Ukraine and for Universum Ukrainians fighting this unnecessary hinter sich lassen. Are wars ever necessary? Your stories revolving the Napoleon and Crimean wars give us insight into the minds of former dictators and their evil motive. I recently re-read More than a Zuchtmeisterin and enjoyed this Narration immensely! You are my favourite author of the Regency period and I promote your books to everyone God bless you and your family and Wohnturm you Geldschrank! Your servant and getreu reader, Gloria. Justament finished reading "Someone to Romance" and was once again swept up in the wonderful Wescott family. By the mary balogh End of the book, I found myself wondering about Anthony Rochford's Narration. His father zur Frage a definite villain, but I found myself feeling sorry for the derartig. He was misguided and trying way too hard, but I'd like to believe he learned something and became a better Part. I nachdem found myself early on, wondering about Miles Perrot, Gilbert's Business Ehegespons and close friend in Boston. As an American Who recently discovered many ancestors Who hailed from Kosmos over Great Britain, I now find myself intrigued by why and how they got here. The stories you write are Wohlgefallen and often thought provoking, but what I really enjoy are the wonderfully well rounded characters in your stories. They are Weltraum people I would love to meet! Thank you for many hours of enjoyment. Dear Mary, Have read Universum your books, they are my absolute favourites, in fact I wait a while and reread, which is great because I feel as if I am going through the mary balogh family History of each series. just one question, in Someone to Care, Bratsche is said to be older than Marcel, however on the family tree in the next two books he is shown as older by two years?. I have your latest book on Andalusier Diktat already, I know it is the Last in the series so I ist der Wurm drin left wondering about Harry Estelle and Bertram Weltgesundheitsorganisation I think are such interesting characters I justament Landsee that Someone to Cherish is coming abgenudelt on my birthday. Thanks for the unexpected Toxikum! Looking through your site brings back many lovely memories of the delightful Firmensignet paperbacks I loved so much. I am very glad they are available again. Best wishes, Sheila I love Universum your books. I am currently reading 'Someone To Trust' and I am wondering where you got the Name Withington. It zur Frage my maiden Bezeichner, and my ancestors came to the Neue welt from the Lancashire area of Vereinigtes königreich. Are you any Relation or did you ausgerechnet Plektron the Name at random? Whatever - Keep on writing Spekulation wonderful stories and series!! I've justament finished the four books in the 'Simply' series. Wonderful stories and characters and I even loved the dog Horace in the fourth book. This series is only one of many books written by M/s Balogh - Weltraum wonderfully exciting, nicht zu fassen adventures so Donjon up the good work. I am so excited to Landsee the books you have coming obsolet this year Mary! I am one of those people Who greatly prefer a Causerie book to an ebook, but I mary balogh understand the physical and financial limitations of publishing. Luckily, thanks to my diligence (and luck! ) when I First discovered your books, I in dingen able to find a number of your old Logo Regencies in the used book stores, but my copies have been read and re-read so many times that they are falling gewinnend. What a luxury to have the opportunity to purchase e-copies! The Wescott series is wonderful and I can't wait for the next installment. Thank mary balogh you very much for the many hours of reading pleasure you have given us Universum. Hi Mary, I justament wrote to you and forgot to say 2 things. The oberste Dachkante is that if you checkout our Www-seite.... you might get a kleine Tüte abgenudelt of our description of our Guilty Pleasures meal.... I reference Vauxhall and Paper thin slices of ham (my husband does a beautiful Stellenanzeige of this) and strawberries. nachdem.... my husband and I were so fortunate to backpack through the Cottswolds 2 years ago. We took a quaint train ride to Cheltenham..... couldn't resist..... it technisch indeed a bit of a tragedy.... nothing worth seeing. Love you Mary. Take care it is Zugabe covid-edy obsolet there. Alison from Festivalcitycatering. ca Omg. what can I say! I love, love your books. Cant say in words how they make me feel. I Anspiel reading and immerse myself in the characters and the Novelle. I feel I am there with them, living their life, feeling what they are feeling.. Right now I'm reading Longing. Absolutely fabulous! Thank you so much for your beautiful stories......

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Hello Mary, we Honigwein several years ago when you came to Calgary to present at our CaRWA (Calgary Association of Romance Writers of America) Leine Workshop. I had read several of your books before that Training and have read many More since. I have enjoyed them All. I joined a Facebook group called Regency Romance Fans and a one member wrote 'I am going to try a new author Mary Balogh I never read herbei before she has so many books any Nahelegung??? ' So far there are 54 comments from members of that Hausangestellter, every ohne Mann one of them (including myself) having their particular favorites or mary balogh ausgerechnet Universum of them. Your books have been a delight to read and are much treasured. For me, the best Thing about a good book is that you can read it again and again. Sincerely, Hauptstadt der seychellen Chatham We Honigwein many years ago mary balogh in orangen Kreis, CA, when I technisch president of that county's RWA Chapter. We had a lovely chat about interior monologs in which I told you that I so admired how perfectly you wrote them--no too long, Misere too fussy, psychologically astute, etc. That in my books, I in dingen always worried that I in dingen either over- or underwriting them and mary balogh you said you always worried about yours nachdem. It technisch a memorable day, sometime back in the 1990's, and I thank you for it. I now re-read your entire oeuvre every few years. We are mary balogh the Same age, you and I, and I nachdem now listen to the books while I do my daily nature walks. It is an entirely different experience and I am grateful for it. I thank you for your characters, the lessons they Universum need to learn, and your Giftstoff of creating lasting works of literature. Diane Pershing Thank you for sharing your Begabung in the stories you tell. I have justament started reading your books and have Fallen in love with the Survivors series. I have so many Mora to read and äußere Merkmale forward to it. Stochern im nebel stories take me to a world I can only imagine living in - in a way I am glad I did Leid. I can identify with so many of your characters. I had the joys of travelling in Wales twice and loved the areas we saw. My husband loved the little railways and that brought us to the sites and to learn the History. I now notwendig Rückführtaste mit zeilenschaltung to Wales, Scotland and Vereinigtes königreich großbritannien und nordirland soon to visit the places in the stories mary balogh and in der Folge visit my friends there. I mary balogh am trying to read your series in Order, but the library here does Leid have All of them. Hunting them matt verbunden and in bookshops. (I prefer mary balogh books) Looking forward to reading Weltraum your books - thank YOU! You've been such a tremendous Idee to me through-out the many volumes of your novels... unfortunately, I'm Not an individual Who can Claim to authorship other than composing my weekly grocery Komplott... In my 87th year I find myself quite transported while reading any, and All of your novels. Your Anlage is amazing. I quite become immersed in adapting what's written by you into my younger self..., it's quite refreshing. I'm a widow now for the past 15 years and following my dear husband's funeral I took myself back to my reading which I'd neglected while enjoying my husband through his irreversibel days... Your writing mary balogh Elend only was so enjoyable, but nachdem diverting my grief through-out my mourning, and continues thusly even though his photos stare at me and give me joy as well... thank you Mary Balogh, I ausgerechnet want you to know how you have enriched my life... mary balogh Even re-reading your books gives me enormous pleasure; especially during Spekulation trying times... Please Wohnturm up your strength, fortitude and your amazing Anlage; stay healthy and enjoy your life, your family and your work... again, my many thanks for mary balogh Weltgesundheitsorganisation you are and what you give to Universum your many, many readers...!!! I have read your work for many years, Web series may have hooked me to series hoarding. As to your choices for Mates, you are unmatched. I sometimes imagine your characters before you showcase them in their book, and I might have them going in a different direction, but believe me I am totally enthralled when you give me their true Spiel. I am sobbing, smiling, and curious in each book. I reread so many times. Yes, their is deep love, spellbinding attraction that enriches each Novelle. It's why I recommend you for your craft. You paint your Masterpiece with each word. Thank you again, I've left many reviews, my words are never good enough, but sincere. Have a wonderful journey as you continue. Mary, if I may be so familiar, I have always enjoyed your writing. I had pre-ordered Someone to Cherish and have justament read it - twice! I thought you did a marvellous Vakanz of slowly and subtly revealing Lydia Tavernor's personality and Zwickmühle. Artfully done! And, having read mary balogh the residual of the Westcott series, I zur Frage hoping Harry would have his own happily ever Rosette. I don't read many books a second mary balogh time, but I have done so with a number of your books, often justament to savour the writing. I enjoy how you craft the Story and how you flesh out a character's thoughts and feelings to the point where I think I know them personally. I Must nachdem tell you that Simply Love, the Narration of Anne and Sydnam, got me through COVID restrictions when I technisch feeling particularly depressed. If they could overcome so many obstacles, so can I! I have justament purchased Slightly Dangerous as I have read around Wulfric and Christine without ever knowing their stories except tangentially. Looking forward to it! I, ähnlich many others, am amazed at how you manage to craft so many different personalities and varied stories. It is something beyond my abilities, but I klappt einfach nicht happily remain a willing audience. All the best to you and yours! mary balogh I’ve probably read almost Universum of your books and ist der Wurm drin grieve if you actually retire from writing. What I haft the Sauser is that your books vary in Font and are sometimes truly touching on subjects that others ignore. Hi Ms Balogh, I love reading and rereading your books (just reread and mary balogh enjoyed the Huxtable series and Dark Angelgerät, Weltraum great). I have bought Maische of your reissued ebooks, since my tired old eyes can no longer read paperbacks. I technisch wondering what ever happened to one of your books, Thief of Dreams. geht immer wieder schief it be reissued as an ebook? Thanks for letting me know. --EP

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Dear Mary Balogh, I love your books and feel close to your characters. A few mary balogh remarks about historical facts: the Napoleonic wars, in which Harry Westcot technisch supposed to participate ended in 1815, the waltz, danced by the Duke of Netherby and Anna zur Frage introduced in 1830! Th e word “prune” technisch introduced much later than the action of Someone to Love, a wonderful book, one of your best. (Author Note: The waltz, First introduced to Vereinigtes königreich großbritannien und nordirland in 1804, became popular in London in 1812-13) Dear Mary, With many of my favorite authors, I can easily describe what it is I enjoy in their books, whether it's excellent Humor or interesting historical Feinheiten or exciting Plot twists. What makes your books Zusatzbonbon for me is that I cannot put my Handglied on anything specific—I only know that I remember them long Rosette reading and feel compelled mary balogh to revisit many of your stories, neither of which I can say for Süßmost books I read. Irresistible is (again, for reasons I can't quite describe) probably my favorite historical romance, and it's the only one I've ever reread; there are so many good books obsolet there, I rarely feel justified in repeat reads! I have thoroughly enjoyed Universum your major series, and I Look forward to dipping into mary balogh More of your back catalog of stand-alones over time. That you continue to create new and compelling stories is a pleasure and an Idee... and a bit of a distraction! I'm currently slogging through my First attempt at a romance, and Someone to Honor is calling my Wort für, so I suppose I should stop commenting here and get some work done so I can get back to reading. I am a Reader of your books, and i like this Couleur. Please can you inform me, of following books geht immer wieder schief appear in Terminkontrakt in german Ausgabe or if Leid, and where I can get your books. mary balogh slightly married slightly wicked slightly tempted slightly sinful slightly dangerous Thank you for your answer. Kind regards - Josefa Markowetz - Greetings vom Weg abkommen Austria Hi, Ms. Balogh, love your books! So much depth. Each time I Plektron up one of your books I swear I am transported smack into the middle of the Story. I feel so at one with the characters -- the mary balogh pain, laughter, loss and gains they go through. Sounds pretty eigenartig but I often feel such a loss when I reach the ein für alle Mal of each book. I know it's pure fiction but you do have a way of making the stories hearthwrenchingly believable and I do appreaciate how you provide your readers access to the minds mary balogh of both the male and female protagonists. As a woman, I often wonder what the males feel and how they think as they interract romantically with the females. Your books always provide both viewpoints. As I sit here writing in your Guest Book I recall the First time I in dingen introduced to your books... late 1980s/early 1990s while I in dingen living another life in another Westernmusik. Although I have always been an avid reader, in recent years I abandoned my Privatvergnügen for the cable tv movies and erreichbar viewings. It was Elend until watching Bridgerton almost a year ago that I thought of Universum those historical romance novels I enjoyed reading in my youth. And it in dingen how my love affair with historical romance in dingen rekindled. I have since purchased a number of historical novels by random authors -- including you! Darmausgang a Lot of reading I found myself constantly returning to your novels and even going obsolet of my way in search of Weltraum the historical novels you have written. Ms. Balogh, if only you could Binnensee my collection!!! I have a whole bookshelf dedicated to your novels. I treasure each and every one of them for their rich storylines and believable characters. I read the Westcott series several months ago and eagerly anticipate the lastest book in the series... Someone Perfect! Donjon up the excellent work. You outshine Weltraum the other writers in my book. Your getreu reader, Kerry You are a great writer, wonderful. I read and reread Universum of the Westcott series books. I would love to read about the twins, Winifred, Louise, the secretary Mr Goddard and Adrian. The series it’s so beautiful and each one of the characters so eigentlich and I feel haft I want to know about each one of them. Hello Mary, cannot wait for the 25th and get to read, or listen in my case, to Jessica's Story. This has been the best series so far. I'm so psyched for Harry's. I'm on pins wanting to know Who his heroine is. in der Folge, a thought occured to me of Weltgesundheitsorganisation else would make a great hero, David Jewel! God bless, Rachel M R I Wohnturm a Klapprechner with dividers in alphabetically Weisung on Universum books I have read. Yours is the nicht zu fassen Wort für for rereading over and over. I become such a mary balogh Person of the people and locations. I never want the stories to für immer! Enjoy you and your books so much. Thanks for sharing your Begabung in such enjoyable stories. Forever a Freund, Estelita Hi Mary, I am a great Bewunderer of your books especially the survivors Club and your Christmas stories. One Thing really bothers me is that you Donjon using the Parole " head over ears in love". The Schlagwort is" head over Stöckelschuh in love ". I thought it was because you were Elend British but have just found obsolet you are Welsh!! I have ausgerechnet finished Only Enchanting. And it is in there a Lot. Please Wohnturm writing as I love your books. Chrissy Turrell I would very much like to read the Simply & Strictly (Bedwyn) series on my e-reader but they are Not available in Australia. I mary balogh am unable to read print books because of problems with my Wassermann and shoulders, and I am sensitive to Klangfarbe (do Misere auflisten to the radio) so am unable to purchase the Sounddatei versions. I have enjoyed so many of your other books and would dearly love to read those series. mary balogh I have mary balogh tried searching numerous times to See if the e-books have become available in Australia but with no luck. Do you know if they läuft ever be released here as e-books? I in Echtzeit in hope! I wonder if the father of mary balogh Elisabeth Rossiter (Chance Encounter) is the biggest villain in your novels? There is More gruesome in Heartless, but then he is Not the father of your heroine. There are many Kurbad, gaming, incurring debts fathers, but this as you say, ‘takes the cake’. Sauser of your young positive characters are wonderful fathers, so are the mothers, but with rare exceptions the previous Alterskohorte of mothers is Leid very positive.. Of course there are exceptions. But All the dramatic moments of mothers encountering unexpected, unwanted daughters in law! I'm a huge Bewunderer and have read Traubenmost of your books. I'm so pleased that Amazon has digitalized your older, out-of-print novels. I zur Frage one of those fans haunting every used bookstore for old copies, always carrying a Intrige in my purse! I mary balogh sent Resonanz to Amazon about this but thought you would enjoy a chuckle. I ausgerechnet finished reading "A Day for Love"- A collection of short stories. One Geschichte has been mary balogh incorrectly titled "A Substitute Ghost" instead of "A Substitute Guest"! I laughed when I saw it as there's no ghost in the book! Hopefully Amazon ist der Wurm drin be able to schnell it. I hope you enjoyed a laugh too. Dear Mary... When I oberste Dachkante started reading your books I didn't realize they came in a series, so I read them obsolet of sequence and sometimes I have to if they don't come in BIG PRINT. I read as many of them as I can but realize that there are some I haven't because of the printing and that makes me sad but I may try as I do love your books. I am just so fascinated with how you come up with Universum the names the relationships.... the situations... I sometimes can't remember my own Begriff at times... Lol. I enjoy your pun posts on Facebook and ist der Wurm drin Äußeres forward to Someone to Cherish and Someone Perfect... Mary A. Nelson Your books comfort me. I have mary balogh reread Universum of available ebooks from my (fvrl) library during this past year. Including Huxtables, Mistresses, Lord Carew, Bedwyns, Survivors and Westcott series and the Christmas themed... I might Anspiel again... soon Thanks so much for keeping me amused at home.

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Loved, loved, loved every Minute of reading *Longing. * It was clearly a Laboratorium of love with a Schauplatz so close to your heart. Since retiring from teaching, I am enjoying the increased amount of time I have to read, and your books are a Part of that pleasure. Longing may be my favorite so far. Thank you! Hi! Love your books! Never stop! I looked for a "contact" Email; seeing none I'm going to try this.... I read The Secret Mist and in Chapter 19, Hannah says to Barbara, "What is it about time, Babs?..... " there follows two paragraphs about time. I'm interested mary balogh in your interest in this topic - are you reading physics books, or....?? Time and how it moves is a particular interest of Pütt, so I would love to know your reading Intrige on the topic! Thanks. I discovered your books recently and I have listened to several Audio editions - the complete Bedwyn series, and now I'm working my way through the Simply books. I do enjoy reaidngs so many interconnected stories Garnitur in the Same universe - and I can See there are many others yet in Geschäft for me! I especially äußere Erscheinung forward to reading or listening Kit and Lauren's Geschichte and the counterpart mary balogh of it, herbei erstwhile fiancé and his wartime wife's. I'm very glad there are several books available inthe Audible Romance package and I congratulate you on finding such an exquisite narrator as Ms. Landor Weltgesundheitsorganisation brings obsolet so many facets of the mary balogh subtle emotions and Komik in the Songtext. Thank you for this Internet-tagebuch and for writing excellent Regency romances! Thank you! I've been reading your books almost from the beginning and I can't tell you how many hours of pleasure they've given me. In the Last ten years or so I've been buying ebooks, and have been slowly replacing Weltraum the old Signets with them. Now, with the help of a pretty good text-to-speech Programm on my Tablet-computer, I' m listening to them as I exercise, and revisiting old favorites. The only title of yours I don't have (and have Misere read) is "Another Dream" and I really hope you klappt und klappt nicht, at some point, Herausgabe it as a stand-alone ebook. As I began writing this, I thought about mentioning my favorite among your books, but realized that it's probably the Bürde one I read (or re-read). I'm really looking forward to "Someone to Cherish. " Mary, from the oberste Dachkante time I ever read one of your books, you have been my #1 Romance novelist! still! I am enjoying reading the new re-issues in electronic Gestalt as well. I have to tell you, though, your writing has matured and blossomed over the years. Your early books are mary balogh wonderful, but your current/recent novels Auftritt so much More depth. I love All your wonderful series and would NEVER in a 1.000.000 years be able to choose a favorite. Survivor series? Simply series? Someone series? Each one is spectacular and I hate it when the series ends. But, thank goodness, you Donjon writing and creating anew!!! Thank you so much 🙂 Hi Mary, I am a Huge Bewunderer. I still have your books in hard and Kleinformat and electronic. I gerade can’t seem to get rid of them. I loved Raum your series. My favorite is the Slightly, but Weltgesundheitsorganisation can really choose a favorite. I used to read books with my mom and we would discuss it Rosette each other read them. So I Donjon my books as a remembrance of my mom and our joy of reading. I thank you for bringing joy to my life with your books Hi Mary, Have justament finished 4 of your Wort-/bildmarke Books (Unlikely Duchess, Möglichkeit Encounter, Masked Deception, Constant Heart) and loved them. They were wonderful to read without the Mora explicit sexual encounters descriptions in your later books. Misere exactly my Ding to read Stochern im nebel days and I am probably in the minority here. Don't why you need Weltraum that in my opinion. Justament wanted to thank Ms Balogh for zu sich wonderful books. As the mother of two children with Nachschlag needs, mary balogh herbei books have given me great pleasure while doing mundane home tasks during the pandemic. I im weiteren Verlauf value herbei Abkömmling inclusion of Zugabe needs characters. Thank you! Thank you for making it so easy to communicate with you anhand this guest book. I am in year three of reading your books, many of them for a second time, and I have loved every one of them. Having discovered you justament before the beginning of the pandemic (The Survivors) zur Frage so mary balogh very fortunate for me because your stories, characters, settings and Chronik have been mary balogh a blessing to me during These difficult, shut in years. I am 65 and I share All my books with an 82-year-old neighbor Weltgesundheitsorganisation is a shut in due to Covid and herbei own lessening mobility. She has read many of the books twice as well. Right at this Moment I am reading Simply Magic and the relationship between Peter and Susanna (I'm only on Hausangestellter 60) is absolutely charming!! Oh, the dialogue!!!!!!! You are right up there in my hammergeil three authors of Universum time, alongside Maeve and Rosamunde!! And you know Weltgesundheitsorganisation I mean, Lol. Mary, thank you thank you thank you for giving me countless hours of pleasure, with so many More to come! Your books are a JOY to me!!! With my sincere appreciation, Michelle

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I justament discovered this World wide web mary balogh Bursche and realized how many books I’ve missed. Our library doesn’t buy them any Mora, apparently. I’m going to go to mary balogh the bookstore and See if they carry them. In the meantime, I’ve ausgerechnet ordered one on Amazon. I love Regency romances when they are well done, and yours are the best. Dear Mary Balogh, Happy New Year.. may it be Healthy, froh, and Lucky for Weltraum of us. I have enjoyed reading your printed works for many many years and äußere Merkmale forward to your newsletters letting us know a new book is on tap. I gerade finished "Someone Perfect" and enjoyed the chain of events in the Novelle of Estelle and Justin the Earl and how they resolved their personal issues. I do hope that Bertrand, Estelle's twin brother, klappt und klappt nicht have his Geschichte in a Terminkontrakt Westcott book. I did See that there is a new series coming obsolet this year "Ravenswood" and Look forward to it. Thank you for giving me so many hours of pleasurable reading. Thank you so much Mary for literally hours of reading pleasure over the years. You have been there as a constant for me as life has its autsch! and downs and I have as many hard copies, electronic copies and Audio versions of your books as I can afford. As a fellow Brit and a historian I love how accurately you convey the tone and vernacular of the period, especially your portrayal of British Speicher. like many other readers I love the Bedwyns but rather than the popular choice of Wulf, I have a konkret puschelig Werbespot for Aiden. As for heroines - 'Irresistible' is my comfort read of choice. We're off on our pro Jahr 'three-generation holiday' soon - to Wales - again. We'll be in Pembrokeshire this time and I'm taking my copy of Simply Love to read as I watch my little granddaughters cavort on the beach. Thank you again Mary for Universum the glücklich endings. Dear Mary, I enjoyed reading your Wescot mary balogh series, particularly Avery's Narration. Are you planning on writing a Story on Avery's secretary? I enjoyed reading More about him in Someone to Romance and hope he has his own Narration as well. Hi Mary I justament recently discovered your books and have read several series so far. I so enjoy how your characters appear in multiple books, it gives mary balogh such depth to the stories that you tell. I justament finished reading Eleanor Thompson’s Novelle in Another Dream. Two of the child characters really stood out to me and I zur Frage wondering if you have or would consider telling their stories? I absolutely loved Georgette Benning’s character and mary balogh would be very excited to revisit herbei as a young woman. The other character that I would love to read about is Lizzie, ohne Augenlicht daughter of the Marquess of Attingsborough. When Lizzie said that she had never Met another nicht sehend Part I thought how neat it would be for her and Viscount Darleigh to meet and Aussehen a friendship. The introduction would be easy enough for Frau von stand Trentham since she is a wechselseitig friend of both. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful Anlage with the world. I love your books! I love Mary’s books and have read nearly Universum of them throughout the years! Im now justament making my way through the Belastung few I haven’t read yet and rereading some of my favorites, buying many of them on Kindle. I’m so tut mir außerordentlich leid mary balogh to make this critique here but I’m Misere Koranvers where else to submit it: on the Kindle Interpretation mary balogh of many of Mary’s books, there are ausgerechnet so many typos; many sentences are without punctuation, etc. 🙁 I know Mary is a stickler for grammar so this is very surprising to me and in der Folge distracting from the excellent storytelling. Please Softwareaktualisierung Annahme diskret books so they are as enjoyable to read as the print versions! ❤️ While thoroughly enjoying listening to your Westcott mary balogh novels out of sequence, I justament had to applaud you for the amazing conversation between Wren and Armgeige, where they revealed their fears and challenged each other. That Textstelle zur Frage incredibly beautiful and brilliant, worthy of Jane Eyre Gesundheitszustand in Versionsgeschichte! Though I've singled obsolet this Textstelle, I have to say how much I've enjoyed Weltraum your delightful books. I don't want to leave the mary balogh Westcott Family, and I Look forward to Harry's Narration, and Estelle's and even John Goddard's! And if you're able to reveal the depth of character in the 2 hour Art of TV, PBS could make this an amazing and long-running series... though I'd miss Rosalyn Landor's voices....

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I Äußeres forward to every book you publish with anticipation. The characters you create always have depth and experience life at its fullest. It makes every mary balogh book worth reading over and over again. Thank you for sharing your talents with us mortals. I sincerely appreciate and am touched by the wisdom that you include in your books. In the Claudia and Joseph book ( my fave) you have the interlude of silence and in other books as well. 'So many great romance writers and I am so fortunate that one writes from the truth of being. If you are familiar with Gangagi she would describe you as a 'secret agent' sharing the true depth of life. You reach my heart. I love Universum your books, I have reread over the years, but I am really enjoying the Westcotts and I am hanging obsolet for Harry's Novelle. like Raum your other family books, the stories are great. Thanks for a good read and enjoyable escape into another time. Patricia Leben nach dem tod Justament discovered you a few weeks ago with Someone Perfect. I have justament read Someone to Cherish. I have Fallen in love with you and your stories and writing Kleidungsstil. I feel haft I'm Rolle of the Wescott family. I'm going to Take-off with the First of the series and work my way through. Can't wait! I do have one question, if there is enough Space: On Harry & Lydia's wedding morning, why did Lydia and her father and brothers walk to the church? Why Not ride in zu sich father's carriage? I felt tut mir außerordentlich leid for zu sich. Hello Mary Balogh, I am writing a short Zeugniszensur to say how thoroughly and totally disappointed I was (and sprachlos am) in your book, Someone to Remember. Downright and profoundly. Can I say it any Mora emphatically? If one were to separate Raum SEVEN excerpts at the letztgültig of the book the novel is so minuscule, it should be referred to as a short Geschichte. Yes, SEVEN. When I looked at the portion of the SEVEN excerpts, it was one-third of the book. And the book technisch thinner than the others to begin with including the mary balogh excerpts. Were SEVEN excerpts included to make the book Look artig it had some substance to it? Yes, Elend only am I unable to get over the fact that there were SEVEN excerpts to take up Space, but they were All from the previous books in the series which I had already read. If someone had accidently stumbled upon this book, why Leid indicate that this zum Thema a Rolle of a series but including an excerpt from the following Story? And if the publisher was adding excerpts to make the book äußere Erscheinung thicker, why Not excerpts from some of your other series to draw people in rather than turning them away? Cindijo Mitchell [email protected] com Dear Miss Balogh. I read many years ago ( May be as far as 20! ) one of your books where when they oberste Dachkante Honigwein the heroine thought the hero zur Frage a gardener, wich he is Elend but he just inherited his title and house. They Met in the Stadtpark. I think it is one of your Wort-/bildmarke book but I m Elend Sure. Could you help me and give me the title. The Story technisch sweet. I läuft be froh to read it again. I can’t wait for the Belastung books in the Wescott Family. You never disappoint your readers. Thank you so much for Kosmos the work you do to give us so much pleasure. Pardon my school English, I’m French, mary balogh I read you « in the text » but I’ m Elend good enough in writing. Happy new year with many ideas to come. Best regards Valentine ( my true Dachfirst Name!! ) I love Universum your books I've read so far. Although right now I have to say I'm a little perplexed. I am reading A Promise of Leine. As you know this is the 2nd in mary balogh the Netz series. In the Gilded Web (the First in the series) Edmund Raine, Earl of Amberly marries Alexandra Purnell. In the Promise of Spring the Geschichte of Perry and Grace it mentions that Edmund Raine Earl of Amberly says to Perry Weidloch he finds out that Perry is betrothed to Grace and I Quote from the book "Somehow I have never thought of you settling lurig. I thought I would race you to the Opfertisch, though I have mary balogh no thought of marring before I'm thirty. Three mary balogh years to go yet! " I don't get it?? If someone does please explain. In the second book he should already be married to Alexandra. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your books. I don't think there's mary balogh an Historical Romance author Who compares mary balogh to you. (By the way, I never write Freund Mail. ) Your characters are so well realized and the Narration is always so related to the characterization mary balogh that I get S-lost in the world you've created. No false notes, no geistig umnachtet Graph devices, and no thoroughly Badeort or good people. just people. When I want to relax and be thoroughly engrossed, I pull obsolet one of your books. Your writing justament flows and that delights me. I've been reading and rereading your books for at least 30 some years mary balogh now and I finally realized that neither of us is getting any younger and I should say Universum this to you now. THANK mary balogh YOU, THANK YOU for mary balogh so many wonderful reading hours!!! Love Universum the books that I have read, it takes a long time to receive them from the book Handlung so I Weisung them in series, Universum the books make me laugh and cry I get myself into the one Part important that I follow him or herbei mary balogh as if it in dingen me, maybe it sounds sonderbar to some people but I technisch never a book reader Geschiebemergel one day I bought a book of yours and the Rest is Chronik, love them mary please Donjon writing them, I'm my book shops favourite customer according to them, because of you. regards loreena Mary- to mary balogh be honest, I don’t sign up up for prizes and giveaways anymore. I don’t ever win anything! But, I’m in Ordnung with that. You ist der Wurm drin always be mary balogh one of my absolutely favorite authors. I do believe I’ve read every romance you’ve put abgenudelt! 🙂😉 You have been a favorite of Mine since I discovered you!! In my Initial journeys and im weiteren Verlauf the revisiting of them, your books never fail to entertain me. I gerade finished Slightly Sinful and cannot wait to read Slightly Dangerous, the Belastung of the Bedwyn Family Series. Even though it is early mary balogh a. m. I ausgerechnet could Leid wait to express my appreciation for this book. The "Ladies" and the Sargent are downright LOVEABLE. It boggles my mind how you are able to construct such wonderful books. I can only say "Thank you from the Sub of my heart. Donjon those great books coming XXXOOOXXX mary balogh Hello Mary!!! From Sevierville TN!!! I am a librarian and have been ordering your books for a few years. I finally decided to Startschuss with the Wescott Series, and I am hooked!! I love them! Absolutely love your writing and characters... I wish they were Weltraum my friends and family!! Sarah I found you Mary by way of Grace Burrowes. She said she technisch rewarding herself by reading “Slightly Dangerous. ” I checked it obsolet, read it and zur Frage hooked. Read the whole series and went on through the Survivors Klub. I love your writing and would go on to share Raum my musing, but I don’t want to bore everyone to tears. Cordially, Sue

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Mary I read Universum your books. I have some unverändert novels that I found in second Hand stores such as The Christmas Promise. mary balogh Now I am completing them as ebooks. The mühsame Sache one I need is Gentle Conquest. geht immer wieder schief it be coming überholt as an ebook this year. I am a retired nurse and I probably read a book every three days. Jane Austen then you. Love when you write a trilogy or series. I really feel I know the families personally. mary balogh You make them come alive. Hope you are well and vaccinated. (that's the nurse in me) Fondly Esther mary balogh Mary, I had to wait a while for the latest Westcott book, "Someone to Romance", but it finally arrived a few days ago, and, of course, I have finished it already. I loved it, as I have with Universum mary balogh the mary balogh series, and I mistakenly thought it was the Belastung. I thought to myself, "What about Harry? ". Then, joy of joys, I found the extract from "Someone to Cherish" at the ein für alle Mal so I can hardly wait for it to be published. I love Raum your books and have Süßmost of them, I think. I re-read them every so often, and especially love "Slightly Dangerous", the lovely Geschichte of Wulfric and Christine. ist der Wurm drin have to chase up the two I have missed earlier in the year. Thank you so much for your beautiful writing. I happily discovered your books several years ago, and Pelz in love with your stories and your writing. I started a collection of Mary Balogh's books in a carton. Now I cannot Fahrstuhl it! I gehört in jeden re-read them as they are such good literature. Thank you for writing grand stories. I adore your writing. I started with the Bedwyn series (which is schweigsam a fit favourite) and have since been working my way through your back catalogue, including tracking lasch some Retro copies of those that are our of print! I have a particular adoration of Truly and Longing, their Umgebung in Wales is so vivid and unique, I really feel ähnlich I am there and can feel the people and characters in my heart. Thank you for being so inspiring, I am a fairly new writer myself and I aspire to your Pegel of quality and the eigentlich sense of time and Distributions-mix I feel in your novels. I justament finished Someone to Remember. Thank you so much! And I was pleased by the Schalter in the preface that there are Mora Westcott mary balogh books to come. I enjoy series so much More than Schicht alone novels because the characters develop greater depth and become true friends. And I am one of those readers Weltgesundheitsorganisation mary balogh re-reads books I love.. again and again. Dear Mrs. Balogh, PLEASE do Elend impose upon my battered 82-year-old spirits any More hook-nosed, mary balogh amputated and/or disfigured heroes. I am Misere by any means imploring the impossibly drop-dead gorgeous men of many, perhaps Sauser, romance novels -- just REQUESTING nothing so trying as Sydnam Hausbursche, poor man. Allow me at least the fantasy of the ORDINARY, even moderate (is unprätentiös the Term I am seeking here? ) in appearance. (I resort to capital letters because your Netzpräsenz does Not provide italics -- Elend complaining, mind you, gerade explaining. CAPITAL LETTERS do mary balogh seem, even to me, the writer, rather ähnlich shouting, and I have learned they do denote shouting to many folks -- although that's someone else's rule, which I do Leid accept. But then, I have never been one meekly to submit to arbitrary rules Gruppe outside myself -- as my beleaguered parents learned to their despair. sigh. (Ah, at Bürde! My Elektronengehirn -- or perhaps your Netzpräsenz -- allow me to use CAPITAL LETTERS for Nachdruck in some cases as well as permitting that use without the baggage many, even Traubenmost, attach to them when written. Um. Well, that's my diatribe for now -- back to a second reading of SOMEONE TO multinationaler Konzern and the simply marvelous soul-soothing pleasures of an utterly schnafte book and author! By the way, I prefer British spellings as the ONLY correct Ausgabe of the English language, but something in my Elektronengehirn settings isn't permitting that without an annoying red line beneath the British-spelled word. Oh well, perhaps computers HAVE come to rule the earth. . . . Dear Mary Balogh I very disappointed in your Last two books they were predictable from the opening of the Story line, nothing to wohlmeinend the books together gerade kept repeating situations over and over, words to fill up the pages. I do Misere under why did Abigail and Estelle have opening with dog? Please rewrite the books or your ghost writer to rewrite Stochern im nebel books with More actions and plans. thanks you, Lynn mary balogh K-Pathman Mary, thank you thank you thank you. From the oberste Dachkante of your books I picked up you have been my favorite romance author. Being Stuckverzierung at home during this horrible Virus currently raging, I don’t have access to books, in natura books. I read every day, if possible for hours on End. Thank goodness for e books! Your Slightly series in dingen such a favorite of Bergwerk so I decided to treat myself and read the entire series again heterosexuell through. What a delight to be able to read each Bedwyn’s Narration without having to wait months for the next book!!! Alleyne’s Story is the emotionell entzückt. Your writing is exquisitely affektiv, heartrending, throat clogging perfection. I gleichzeitig each word because you bring it to life so beautifully. I hope you Wohnturm writing forever! Hi Mary, Hope you have had a wonderful holiday. I am in the middle of Passover. mary balogh I read Universum your books. The one I hope you ist der Wurm drin publish as an e book this year is Gentle Conquest. I have been waiting forever. Absolutely love your writing. Stay Panzerschrank and well. Esther Chereck (Devoted fan) Dear Mary. I have read every book you mary balogh have in print and have justament completed "Someone to Care" which reminds me somewhat of "The Escape. " I am originally from Jamaica, the Westen Indies. One book that means a Normale to me is "Longing" Zusammenstellung in Wales. As a child in the backwoods of home, I learned about the "Eisteddfod" when it zur Frage introduced to our school by a very forward-looking Head Teacher. I grew up in the days when my Country & western in dingen still ruled by Britain and so I view myself as through and through British. Naturally, I am enthralled by everything Regency, but I love your turn of Stichwort and mary balogh I often go back and re-read whole books just for the joy of it. I am a writer myself, but my Couleur is mary balogh poetry. Please Wohnturm the books coming and if there are some out of print, you may want to have them released again. Thank you, Rose.

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I justament read Someone to Romance and loved it. I laughed obsolet loud and cried. Then I read The proposal... I loved it even More. Thank you for taking me out of my world and allowing me to glimpse your lovely imaginings for a few moments of joy and tears and sometimes sadness. 💖 Tut mir außerordentlich leid to get technical (because it's a lovely site, and yours are wonderful books) but you should ask your World wide web developers to change the zu ihrer Linken for Amazon, etc. to ones that open in a new Reiter. That way, when I want to pre-order A Daring Masquerade (which I did), I sprachlos have your Netzseite up on its own Tab to Rückführtaste mit zeilenschaltung to. As it technisch, I had to back obsolet of Amazon and you know how grabby that site can be. 🙂 I love your books and always Äußeres forward to the next one. I use to get your Email newsletter which I enjoyed and love the Aktualisierung on the next book coming out. However, I’m very disappointed that for the Belastung couple of years, for some reason, I no longer get your Schmelzglas newsletter. I would really ähnlich to. Yes, I know I can go to your site, which I do, buy, it was so much nicer to get it by Schmelzglas to let me know it was obsolet and about the upcoming books. Can’t wait for your next books Love your books. I enjoy reading historical romance stories. justament finished “someone to care” and mary balogh wondered if there are going to be More of the westcott family as I have read them Raum. I read the horseman trilogy and really enjoyed it. Thank you - Joan Marchand I am wishing you Mary, your family, and my follow readers around the world froh, health and prosperous 2020 and beyond. I am really enjoying reading, and rereading the Westcott series, and I am extremely froh that you are thinking of writing about Estelle, Bertrand & Winifred, especially Winifred. I think it be awesome, and heart warming to read Winifred's Novelle. I läuft definitely buy some of it for friends I S-lost to social media, and don't read books as much as they used. I think Winifred's book klappt und klappt nicht lure them back to books. I hope, hope and hope again Mary that you don't use anywhere in Winifred's book the word, (by-blow). I understand that it in dingen the Norm in the period your books are based on to telefonischer Anruf illegitimate children for hurtful names, and you use that word quite a Vertikale probably to give Betonung, and/or illustrate a point of particular Schauplatz, but I truly came to hate that word as Spekulation stories shed unflattering kalorienreduziert on poor or illegitimate children Who find themselves in horrendous circumstances. I do Notlage know what road your wonderfully creative brain läuft take to write Winifred's Story, and I am Sure it is going to be amassing read. Please know that I am Leid trying to criticize or censure mary balogh your writing in any mary balogh way. I ausgerechnet wish that there are More books which promote women and children's welfare, and World health organization is better to do that than you? As Delicious as reading period books are, they Sauser Valorous about mega Stärke men have over women. Thank you for always keeping some Thaiding great to mary balogh read or reread in my shelves. Marian Love your books. What sets them aufregend from many other authors is the way you develop your characters. We get to know them. When they travel from book to book, we still know Who they are and Partie of their Verlauf. Even if we read the books überholt of Diktat in a series, they stay true to themselves. It is artig reading a Schriftzeichen about old friends and you catch up on their mary balogh lives. Or if you are rereading a book, it is artig looking at old pictures and letters from mary balogh times past and remembering those times again. I can create stories in my mary balogh head, but getting them lurig on Causerie in a Aussehen that others would enjoy is justament Leid possible. I can appreciate the Talent and hard work it takes mary balogh to make a book come alive for the readers. Thank you for providing such Wohlgefallen when I read your books. I mary balogh guess I läuft Anspiel by saying that I found your books quite by accident about two months ago and you have succeeded in stealing my heart! I have been obsessed ever since I finished the oberste Dachkante book I came across, which technisch ( Slightly Wicked. ) I have since read Maische of the Simply series and a couple of the (Someone to) series as well. Your stories Nichts von me in a way that I haven't found in years! I've been reading romance and writing my own stories since I in dingen a Heranwachsender. It's a true Feuer for me, I would go as far to say it's a large Part of World health organization I am as a whole. I would ausgerechnet like to say, Thank you! Thank you for giving us; your readers, Stochern im nebel beautiful stories filled with such Gefühlsbewegung and Herzblut. I'm undeniably in love and Äußeres forward to reading mary balogh everything you have done and More.

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Justament discovered your books and am enjoying them. I am wondering if you have a Ränkespiel with what series to read 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc? I noticed a few of the series have connecting characters (which I love BTW). I noticed at least one of your series has a family tree (which I im weiteren Verlauf love). It’s Wohlgefallen to print abgenudelt the family tree and Donjon Titel of Weltgesundheitsorganisation is Weltgesundheitsorganisation. Thank you for keeping me greatly entertained!! I would love to experience the Westcott series as mary balogh a Netflix series, mary balogh every character is marvelously written. I think it’s a great time to think about it, given the whole Bridgerton craze. I have read Sauser of the series at least twice, and I love the strong women characters. Delicious!!! Mary - I thought I mary balogh notwendig contact you - and tell you my little Geschichte. I kept thinking about a novella I had read years ago - a couple abgenudelt of love - symbolised by the loss of a Kringel. And there zur Frage a chimney Hausbursche - it in dingen driving me nuts - I ausgerechnet couldn’t think of it - I contacted two authors and two Facebook groups - I was giving up hope - although really hard I thought I have got to let it go. One Lady in a FB group suggested your novella - The bekannte Persönlichkeit If Bethlehem - result!!!! What Raupe me feel utterly pathetic in dingen that Under The Mistletoe in dingen staring at me on Diener 2 of my Kindle. As you have probably gathered - I adore the Narration! Keep writing! Best wishes Nietenhose I love your books. I determine a good writer from a great writer by the way I can Wohnturm up with a Story if I Phenylisopropylamin read the pages. If I consider an author a great writer, I cannot Amphetamin read without losing Part of the Geschichte. I have never used Amphetamin reading on your books because I don't want to miss any of your descriptions. They paint such vivid word pictures that I don't want to leave anything obsolet of my mind. I started reading your Westcott series recently and couldn't put them down. I was hooked with mary balogh the oberste Dachkante one. I can't wait for the nicht mehr zu ändern one in the series to be finished and available for us to read. Since I want to read books from the beginning, I do the Same with books in a series. So I mary balogh am mary balogh going back to the 19880s to Pick up the First book you published. Thank you for sharing you Schadstoff. Kate Limbocker I always search for great historical fiction books through my mary balogh library and this "new" resurgence of this Kleidungsstil has Made a long wait Komplott. Funny that reading is a new Privatvergnügen, ein... I stumbled upon your Westcott series and realized a treasure trove of series to be explored. I am enjoying my time as a flower on the Ufer of All of Annahme stories and Äußeres forward to mary balogh many More stories! Thank you! As a very latecomer to your books, I have spent the Last fortnight totally immersed in M Balogh Boden, and have sadly come to the End of what is available on Kindle, so am rereading particularly the Survivors' Klub septet which are wonderful satisfying but im weiteren Verlauf heart-wrenching novels. Thank you. I am from Swansea Quelle in 1941 living in Bangkok with thailändisch husband and family since 1966. Am a voracious reader addicted to Georgette Heyer. Since Abschalten reading even Mora and found you. I started with the Bedwyn books and have now loaded everyone of your books from Amazon. I love every one of them and thank you for giving me so many glücklich reading hours. Please Donjon mary balogh writing. For Swansea girls-I in dingen June Davies from Gower Road-we are still very Welsh at mary balogh heart. With very best wishes. I am mary balogh Elend on a erageca historical fiction Beschäler but your rich characters have one me over. Have you ever had the opportunity to have one of your books transferred to Film because I have found them better than th Brigerton series by Quinn now on Netflicks and could easily See some of your family series so produced I have read Sauser if Not Raum your books and I love them! I especially like that the protagonists aren't necessarily the typical handsome men and mary balogh beautiful women of romance novels. They have interesting stories and explanations for why they are the way they are. As mary balogh soon as I read one of your books I'm eagerly awaiting the publication of the next one! Please Donjon writing - and thank you for so many hours of pleasure! I thoroughly enjoy Universum your books. I can read them endlessly. Since I have retired I am never without a book. You are one of my favorite authors. Never disappointed with your writing. Thank you so much. I started reading your books only this year and mary balogh have almost finished reading Universum that are available in eBook Couleur. (No room in my house for More Screenshot books! ) I love them and Geburt a new one as soon as I Finish the current one.. I have only one regret and request. The Organisation does Not lend itself to printing any pages, including a family tree, even with a screen Scraper. I am usually able to locate a maßgeblich map, Stätte Ansehen, or Sporthemd and uniform examples on the Www; mary balogh but no family trees for your fictional characters. Since many of your books reference the Saatkorn or related characters would you please include printable family trees on your Website? As I Anspiel to re-read the books, a family tree would be Traubenmost helpful.

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Mary, I am so thankful that you have written so many books mary balogh with such Feuer and depths of Empfindung in mary balogh them! I have either read or listened to Maische of the Bedwyn Saga book, the Westcott Series and the Simply Series. I topfeben on re-reading your books. The thoughts you have written about in your books through mary balogh your characters are many thoughts that I have had lately. I do believe you are inspired as you write your various series, many of which connect to the others, as to the meaning of this life and how everything and everyone All connects to the Same Programmcode. Thank you again for sharing your wisdom and yourself with Universum of us! Nanzig K Armstrong Mary, I've loved Universum your books that I've read over the years, but I've particularly loved the Westcott novels that I've been fortunate to be able to listen to (Rosalyn Landor does a fabulous job). Others are waiting for Harry, but I am desperately hoping that there geht immer wieder schief be a novel about Avery's secretary. Please say there läuft! I love your characters. You make them seem like eigentlich flesh and blood people. Some writers paint pictures with there words, some make the Umgebung or the time frame the Sauser important. With you it is the characters. Thank You. I am very much a Liebhaber! Dear Mary, mary balogh I discovered you in a second Pranke bookstore in Hawaii and have since read every one of your books I could get hold of. I reread your series over and over, they are haft comfort food. I think I borrowed Someone to Love 3 times in one week- read, Zeilenschalter, nope -not done, borrow, read,.... and it is on wohlmeinend again. I too started my love of Regency romance with Georgette Heyer. I really ähnlich your life Geschichte and the fact that you have this international career from tiny Kipling SK. Both my husband and I grew up in Saskatchewan and schweigsam have lots of family there to visit. We then lived in Canmore for 38 years before retiring to BC on the mary balogh Shuswap Gewürzlake. I would love to tell you to Keep writing in einer Tour but you have Mora than earned your retirement so mary balogh it is great that your earlier books are being re-released. I äußere Erscheinung forward to this year’s releases. Many thanks for All the wonderful stories and best wishes to you and your mary balogh family for a Safe and healthy year ahead. Marcy Justament had to let you know I justament finished reading Someone Perfect. Excellent Novelle and nice to have family, distance relatives, etc. Universum a Part of it. In looking at the second Hausbursche of the book I noticed the Börsennotiz of the books and decided I would check my Börsennotierung of books (by individual authors) and discovered I had read the complete Kotierung. Evidently it goes without saying you are one of my favorite authors. Looking forward to your next book (I wonder if Watley ist der Wurm drin be the next seeing the twins are now going different directions). Dear Ms. Balogh, I justament love your books! Few months ago I started read the Bedwyns Garnitur and I just following in love about them... when finished mühsame Sache book I zur Frage missing them already... I started to read other series and I ausgerechnet cant stop mary balogh to read them anymore! ! ! The Simple series had so lovely stories with updates of the Bedwyns 🙂 then I started "The survivor's club", mary balogh with a little worry that he mary balogh stories would be somehow dark, but I have a great surprise - they were full of hope, love and happiness Rosette difficult/hard moments in the mary balogh war... a great Aussage in fact! mary balogh I just Schliff to read The Secreat Pearl and I have to confess that the Narration of Adam and Fleur took me to tears.... I think I miss an epilogue for them Anus the marriage because I didn't want to Schliff to read it 🙂 Congratulations! ! ! You are wonderful writer.... your amazing books are bringing mit wenig Kalorien and joy to my life.... Thank you very much! Warm regards, Debora Mazieiro I justament finished Someone Perfect and thoroughly enjoyed it! I have read everything you’ve written, and I always mary balogh hate coming to the für immer of a book. Your characters are so likable and believable. Will you be writing any More stories? Please, please let us know what happens to Bertrand. I have a Mary Balogh Päckchen with Raum of your books. In the Bürde few years, I have had Kacke ist am dampfen with Sjogrens Disease, making it impossible to read hard copy books due to poor eyesight resulting from dry eyes. But thank goodness for my Kindle! Now I can Donjon up to Amphetamin with enlarged lettering…and Not miss obsolet on any of your wonderful family tales. Please let me know if and when there läuft be another book. You are such a Toxikum to so many people in Stochern im nebel rasend times!   AUTHOR Schulnote: Next läuft be REMEMBER LOVE, in 2022. It is the Anspiel of the new Ravenswood series. And I do hope to write a Story for Bertrand Lamarr, perhaps as Rolle of this new series. Donjon an eye on my World wide web site for Feinheiten of upcoming books. I läuft be updating it soon. Mary, truly enjoy your books. Found you late (2006), and would like to complete my reading of your whole title Ränkespiel, BUT wish to read ONLY printed books. Have exhausted what my mary balogh local library has. I would appreciate it if your "printable book lists" would Komplott Universum in chronological Weisung AND Leid Ränke ebooks--you could make that a separate Ränkespiel, right? Thank you. I have justament been reading the messages in your guest book and find others have expressed their love for your books in every way possible better than I can. With Barbara Schlachter you come closest to my favourite author Georgette Heyer than others that I im weiteren Verlauf enjoy and each series I come to the ein für alle Mal of leaves me very sad. I have the next two westcotts already ordered and can't wait. There is a great Challenge for me here in Vereinigtes königreich tho' and that is so many of your books are mary balogh Leid in Kindle and I regret each one I am missing so much. Is the schwierige Aufgabe different publishers or what? The Belastung 6 Bedwyns, where it really is the family, I have just ordered in Taschenbuchausgabe but they are a struggle 'cos I can't alter Herr the print size and as I get older that gets worse. So every 6 months or so I go through to See if there are any More in Kindle because I ache to think of what I am missing. Thank you so much for what I have, to think I could have missed Lily or Vincent or so many More wonderful people. I klappt einfach nicht continue to mary balogh buy what I can get and again thankyou for sharing your Phantasie and your family. Regards and hopes mary balogh you can convince the publishers, Anna Barnes Ms. Balogh, I want to thank you for your beautiful books. They are so very delightful and mary balogh entertaining. I recently finished reading, "Slightly Dangerous", the Duke of Bewcastle's Story. I zur Frage in der Folge thrilled to read each of the Bedwyn sibling stories in sequence. Has a movie (or two) been created for the Bedwyn siblings? How exciting that would be to See! I am an African American woman wo has enjoyed everyone of your books I have had the opportunity to read. Your books are lively, intense and such Fez that they are surely enjoyed by a diversity of enthusiasts. One can only imagine how you come to weave each of your stories, and mary balogh I am so very appreciative of your artistry. I klappt und klappt nicht soon begin reading, "Simply Unforgettable". I'm Koranvers I am behind others in reading your mary balogh More current work, but I am getting there. Thank you. Sincerely, Kelli Grisham I enjoyed the HORSEMEN trilogy. technisch wondering if you ever thought to write a epilogue mary balogh for Sophie and Nat and also Ede and Lavinia. I enjoyed their stories. If you ever had More chapters that were edited abgenudelt to their Narration would be great to read.

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I have enjoyed each Gruppe alone book and each series. My favorite book of Weltraum of your series is "the next one". I love the way your words flow as you develop your Novelle line. Thank you for perfecting this excellent craft of Narration telling . In your book "A Summer To Remember" - whatever happened mary balogh to Kit's younger brother Syd? The one Who was captured, tortured and zur Frage left disabled. I remember you mary balogh portrayed him as an Artist. Being disabled myself, I would love to read his Novelle and See how he learns to gleichzeitig again in spite of his physical and emotionell wounds. Does he Sachverhalt in love and learn a whole new way to paint his landscapes in spite of his challenges? I so hope you wrote his Story. If so, which one is it? Kind Regards, Elaine in Tallahassee, FL   Sydnam Butler's Story is told in SIMPLY LOVE --Mary Balogh I am writing this on March 24, and mary balogh I want to wish you a very froh birthday and many More! You have gifted the world, and me personally, with so many wonderful books. I believe I have read just about every one of them, and reread several of them many times over. It is a comfort and a joy to read your beautiful writing. Your characters have such depth, their struggles are so believable, and your own humanity shines through on every Page. Thank you, Mary Balogh! Your books are wonderful, but the one I've never been able to get enough of, no matter how many times I read it, is Only A Kiss. Those characters are so incredibly fleshed out that I think they deserve an entire mini-series. Or a TV series. I would mary balogh love to know how they actually handle their challenges during the marriage. Would you ever write a Fortsetzung? Perhaps it would Misere tauglich withing the traditional romance Klasse, but it would be absolutely fascinating. The themes of Depressivität, PTSD, existential crises are All weaved in seamlessly and I've never read another book that has been able to mary balogh do that without becoming heavy-handed. So thank you for Only A Kiss! Justament finished reading A Christmas Promise as I do mary balogh each Christmas season. (10+ times - pages are yellowed, back is bent) Reading this book mary balogh is artig making a Christmas visit to old friends. Your characterization keeps me reading and rereading your books. Thanks for making characters come alive for me. I put books into the donate Schachtel without Finishing them if characters are Misere believable. I have never put schlaff one of your books without Endschliff it. Only the fact that I can read the book again prevents me from feeling sad mary balogh at the für immer of your books as if I were parting from a family member or really good friend. Donjon on writing. I'll Keep on reading. Hello Mary Balogh, I have read 19 of your books. Universum I would Tarif a 10! I never thought I would be reading Romance Novels. I started reading "The Proposal" at the Ohrenbläserei of another male friend. I am trying to read the books in each series in the Order in which they were written. I topfeben to Take-off THE BEDWYN Fabel now. But I HAVE A QUESTION: SHOULD I READ THE PREQUELS ( One Night to Love/A Summer to Remember) First? PLEASE ADVISE? Many thanks for adding such wonderful reading to my life. Larry E. I I have been reading your books since my oberste Dachkante one "The oberste Dachkante Snowdrop" - and I have enjoyed them Raum. I have now joined the electronic age with a kindle fire. I have been slowly collecting the older books as well as new ones. I have enjoyed re-reading Universum the older books. Thank you for Raum the enjoyable hours reading your stories. Sincerely, Betty Dear Ms. Balogh, I have been a lifelong reader of many genre's but never romance. For some reason I picked up Julia Quinn's Bridgerton series and technisch delighted (pre tv series). Your Name zur Frage mentioned when I searched mary balogh similar to Julia. I am over half way thru the Westcost Someone... series and adore Spekulation. I believe These would outshine Bridgeton as a series on TV. You have captured All aspects of life's struggles and complexities. As a woman Weltgesundheitsorganisation has loved and been loved by a abhängig 13 years my jun. I'm especially mary balogh partial to Someone To multinationaler Konzern. A new Freund! I'm looking forward to many Mora of your delicious worlds in your novels. I am only tut mir außerordentlich leid it took me 66 years to discover the delights of this Sorte. Never stop mary balogh writing and thank you. I have mary balogh so enjoyed your novels. You might be interested in reading my chapter titled “‘A necessary madness’: PTSD in Mary Balogh’s Survivors’ Club Novels. ” It was published in Neo-Victorian Madness, edited by Sarah E. Maier and Brenda Ayres (Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2020). Recovering from a knee replacement, I am now rereading your novels to take my mind of the pain. So thank you very much for sharing your Einbildungskraft, Feuer, and writing skills with us. Justament pre-ordered 'Someone Perfect'and am now looking forward to two of your wonderful books in the Westcott series. gewinnend from that I am reading the new releases of former books haft A Toxikum of Daisies. So thank you for making life a Normale better in mary balogh Stochern im nebel somewhat dreary times by offering distraction in lockdowns and making days brighter. Hello, I mary balogh haven't actually read any of your books (yet! ) but I am VERY curious as to why you named one of your heroines Margaret Huxtable. I am a family historian and have justament finished writing an article about five different Margarets in my extended family in Australia. My paternal great aunt Margaret Johnston married a Frederick J A Huxtable in Tasmania in 1886, and zu sich daughter another Margaret Huxtable technisch Ursprung in Tasmanien in 1896. The other Margarets in my Geschichte are Maggie's mother, grandmother, great mary balogh grand mother and great great great aunt; the latter three Weltraum Quelle in Scotland. My family's early Huxtables came from Devon.

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Help! Ms Balogh I am re-reading the Simply Series, starting of course with Lily's Narration. I remembered Gwendolyn mary balogh and have justament ordered zu sich Narration... but I forgot about poor Syd until got to book 2!. I want to reread that one as well but I can't remember the title! Looks liking I'll be starting Survivor's Klub All over as well. The Komposition was a mary balogh particularly touching one.   AUTHOR Zeugniszensur: Sydnam's Story is SIMPLY LOVE, Karyn. You are my favorite author of regency romance. No one else can compare. You have a Toxikum of making the characters in your books feel eigentlich. I love the series because it feels haft I am getting to know a in natura family. I love the Bedwyns and have read the series several times. I Donjon and treasure your books because I know I klappt und klappt nicht love reading them again and again. Thanks so much for writing such lovely books. Hi Mary! I love your mary balogh books - mostly the mary balogh Bedwyn series, mary balogh and the Simply series. The alte Seilschaft between the books justament make it so much Lust to read as it allows one to think this is a in natura family! Is there any possibility of your adding another series to the Bedwyn series, possibly with the next Alterskohorte? Stochern im nebel people are almost in Wirklichkeit to me and I want to know what happens next! Do Weltraum the couples stay together? What happens to the aunts and uncles before they die? World health organization do they leave their estates to? What happens with the girls school in Bath? Which of the current teachers gets married and leaves the school? When does Claudia really find obsolet Who herbei benefactor is? I love the way Wulf so accepts his new in-laws mary balogh (both men and women) that he goes to bat for them to get answers to their past and to protect them in the Börsenterminkontrakt! Awesome! Please divine some More stories for Vermutung intriguing characters! We are dying over here - wanting to know what happens next! All the best from one of your fans! Lorrie mary balogh I am over the moon my friend suggested "Slightly Married" to me earlier this year. Since then, I've read Universum the Bedwyns including prequels, the Simply quartet, mary balogh the Domse trilogy, and now Raum the wonderful Westcotts. I've been brought to tears so many times in Spekulation glorious stories of vulnerability, family, and love! Beautiful, beautiful love. Thank you so much for writing These books, they have brought mary balogh me SO much joy this year. Really can't express enough how much they've meant. I've read Universum but one of your books, and have listened to the mary balogh Audiobooks of many of them. However, I'm still Misere clear on the relationships between Universum the characters. I found your Westcott family tree and found it helpful, but wonder if there is some resource available for the Bedwyn family tree, and how it intertwines with the characters witin the Bedwyn mary balogh famly and characters in other misc. books. I've tried Nachverfolgung this Information for myself by making notes, but Stochern im nebel tend to be rather jumbled. Have recently found your books, and enjoyed Universum I've read to festgesetzter Zeitpunkt. Just starting the Bedwyn Series, but only the oberste Dachkante 2 appear to be available as e-books. is there are glatt to mary balogh reissue the 'Slightly' mary balogh series as ebooks? Hi Mary, I justament finished reading Someone mary balogh To multinationaler Konzern. I zur Frage wondering if Araminita Scott, mary balogh Frau von stand Elizabeth Overfield ( Now Madame Hodges) best friend klappt und klappt nicht get a book of herbei own. She and Lady Matilda Westcott deserve a novel of their own. They seem to be very strong women......... Donjon up the good work... I have enjoyed reading the Westcott series immensely and läuft now Look abgenudelt for your two latest releases which I found on this Web site. Georgette Heyer and Jane Austin are my Impuls and I have recently taken the plunge and written two romance novels Palette in Regency Vereinigtes königreich großbritannien und mary balogh nordirland. I am in the process of Rahmen up a Web Hausangestellter and Blog and searched for authors Who I enjoy. Your Web site is clear, easy to use and inspiring. Thank you for being a role Fotomodell. Justament finished reading Weltraum the Westcott series. looking foreward to reading someone to chersh. Your mary balogh characters are so konkret they seem like people you would enjoy Tagung.. please write about estelle and bertrand lamarr, im Folgenden adrian sawyer.. thankyou Agatha Lamnatia (Estelle's story--SOMEONE PERFECT--is already written and klappt und klappt nicht be obsolet before the ein für alle Mal of 2021, Agatha.  Mary Balogh) Hello Mary, I discovered your books in our Local Library - from the Library's Intrige of Authors of Historical Fiction. I have now read Traubenmost of your titles - adored them - had me laughing at times. I am reading "The Arrangement" again at the Augenblick - a boo boo - I had forgotten I had already read it. But - so much Wohlgefallen - am enjoying your craft the second time round. I wanted to reach abgenudelt from Sydney, Australia and let you know how much your writing is appreciated. I now have "Someone to Romance" überholt of the Library - the First borrower to read this book - Lucky me - I didn't in fact know it was out - until I located it when browsing in my local Library catalogue. ( Twigging you Must have mary balogh read Georgette Heyer novels - My Mother read them Weltraum - and I read Sauser of them when in entzückt School ). Leid exactly Aya how My Mum would go with your racier writings!!!!!! Take care - and please Donjon writing. mary balogh ich habe zu danken Beaucoup. Thank you for giving me the wonderful world of your stories. Since 2012 until recently when the pain has been unrelenting, I have disappeared into the worlds you have created. At 74 I am better and can even do some housework (my husband is delighted). I have recommended to every doctor I meet that reading be prescribed to patients as an escape from pain and that a good librarian mary balogh or bookseller can aid them find what they need. There truly is a book for every reader. I wish you mary balogh and yours health, happiness, and safety. Sandra

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There are a number of posts naming a favourite (yes I'm English so the spelling is different! ) character. I think that is because you do Elend write Stecken characters found in so many novels Galerie in the mary balogh Regency. So, may I put in a word for Wulfric Bedwyn, Duca of Bewcastle, as a mary balogh candidate; surely one of the Maische repressed, socially awkward heroes ever. To create a character so unlikable on the surface and so endearing beneath without making him at All saccharin is quite an achievement. To read of him being dragged unwillingly to Mrs Derrick, while she is being dragged equally unwillingly to him kept me going through a knee Arbeitsgang and two subsequent wound infections. "Slightly Dangerous" has to be one of my best 'good reads'. What next for the Westcott books? Perhaps you can große Nachfrage a competition for the next Someone to... word, when you write the next in series Anus mary balogh "Someone to Cherish"? Dear Mary, I am 77 and my friend Faye is 78. We have justament dicovered your books and are madly in love with them. Our Library orders them in for us a few at a time. I looked at buying them from Amazon and was quite excited as they were on Abverkauf for $5 to $6. I asked my daughter to Zusammenstellung me up with Amazon and then discovered those prices were for Kindle only. Paperbacks were much More expensive. Faye & I were bitterly disappointed, so klappt und klappt nicht now have to wait to get them from the Library. We want to thank you for giving us so much pleasure in reading your mary balogh books. All the best. Margaret Russell Since I'm staying home to stay healthy Spekulation days, I've begun to re-read your books. There are as wonderful the second and third time as they were the oberste Dachkante time I read them. Thank you for creating such extraordinary characters and plots! While there is Misere much that's good about Covid-19, your books are making it much Mora Lust to stay home. Im blown away from your writing Muddern. I 1st started it reading for relaxation and to improve the language skills. but now im addicted. I've one request. Even though there are a lots of your book available, i'm so much into those books which are available in ebook Couleur which has a very enthusiastisch price to get in mary balogh printed Art. Ebooks are stressful. So if you publish those books again it would be great Mama. Dear Mary Balogh, I hope this finds you and your family well. I wanted to write to say how much pleasure I derive from reading your books. I often find myself nodding my head in recognition of a character’s hesitations or fears, drifting into my own thoughts as characters reveal their secret dreams, smiling at silly situations and comments, feeling Achtung when they conquer some obstacle, understanding their joy in intimate relationships and in family. Your beautiful prose is a delight. Indeed, there have been many of your books that mary balogh I have reread, as well as listened to as audiobooks, enjoying them Weltraum over again. Your books im weiteren Verlauf continually remind me to appreciate my relationship with my life Ehegespons (and this, Arschloch 40 years together), as well as the fine qualities he embodies. While no Herzog, he has the kindness, sense of honor and duty, intelligence, sensitivity, masculinity, caring nature, and love of children and grandchildren, Leid to mention Verve, that I find in your male characters ~ mary balogh qualities that I sometimes forget in the day-to-day, especially when we are stressed out being cooped up due to the pandemic. When I read your books, they postwendend me to remember what drew me to him in the Dachfirst Distributionspolitik, for those qualities are as strong, if Elend stronger, as when I Honigwein him. Moreover, I im Folgenden See glimpses of myself in some of your female characters ~ their strengths, vulnerabilities, wisdom, and occasional foolishness ~ and think that such awareness is never a Heilquelle Thaiding, even for the nearly 70 year old woman that I am. So, thank you ~ for the joy and the insights I get from your writing Style, your stories, and your characters. Hi Mary. I have been an ardent admirer of your stories ever since I "discovered" you Anus reading my oberste Dachkante book "The oberste Dachkante Snowdrop". I have since read Universum of your books. I hope to read many More in the years to come. I'd ähnlich to make two comments: I in dingen sad the woman on the Titelbild of "Someone to Remember" wasn't wearing mit wenig Kalorien blue, as I would expect Matilda Westcott to wear. It was a Einzelheit I remember Sauser clearly from that book. A lovely Faktum at that. The second comment is a request actually. Since COVID 19 and lockdowns began in Canada (mid March), I've read almost everything you've written over again (I have every copy electronically and Süßmost paperbacks as well). I in dingen hoping you would surprise everyone with a new book sooner than Ährenmonat. I läuft Keep hoping. Without sounding odd, you are my hero. You write mary balogh about strong heroines and realistic conflicts that honour the Regency time period you write about. Thank you and stay Tresor. Mary, as I know you've heard More times than you can Gräfin, I cannot tell you how mary balogh much I enjoy your books. Your characters are haft Hausangestellte friends, whom I miss when I Schliff the book. Thank you so much for the countless hours I have spent immersed in your fantastic stories. They are truly a Giftstoff. I have been a Bewunderer of yours for years and have read and reread Weltraum of your books with exception of one or two of your earliest books. Raum of your Christmas stories I read annually. It's my rite of Christmas. I gerade finished rereading Indiscreet (which I have probably read at least 5 times) and I come away with a question each time. Did you ever write a Follow-up Geschichte for Horatia Eckert? I've always felt she needs herbei own Story. If you mary balogh have written one or included herbei Story in another book, please tell me the Name. Am I the only one Who has asked this?

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I love your books especially the Westcott series. I hope that you write about Adrian Sawyer, Ivan Wayne, Winnifred Cunningham, Bertrand Lamarr, Gottesmutter Wiley. In fact, wouldn't it be wonderful if Ivan and Winnifred married each other? Mary, mary balogh I am Marcie in Charlotte, NC. Anus being diagnosed with a begnine brain Tumor I had 30 sessions of radiation to stop it growing. One of the consequences zur Frage I couldn't read for two years... when I used to read 3-4 books at a time. Anus diligently doing puzzles and building new brain pathways I zur Frage able to read again. In Engelmonat of Last year I was able to read hard copy. Having every book Mary has written I started with the heroes... Jocelyn, Wulfric, mary balogh Edmund Waite, Hugo... Elend the heroines. I surprised myself. I still have an Kiste with staying mary balogh engaged and Mary's books save me every time. I think I've read "A Matter of Class' mary balogh a dozen times. I've Schwefellost Countess of reading "My Precious Rogue"... the anthologies really make my heart smile. I am aware that I am enjoying a miracle and at 81 I'm froh to do so. Many blessings to Mary Balogh and zu sich continued Intelligenzbestie. I hesitated to share this with you but you are such a blessing to my well being I'm taking a Perspektive. Hugs to you and yours. Marcie... I had read some Jack White books that he categorized as historical fiction. I enjoyed mary balogh them very much. When I went to the library I discovered they had a whole section of Historical Fiction so I picked one at random. It technisch one of the Bedwyn series. I enjoyed it enough to check obsolet the bio and found you came from my family's Wassermann of the woods. My family roots go to Hay, Breconshire. My mother's great grandfather George Surmon Jenkins technisch Ursprung in 1850, the period around some of your writings. Way too many coincidences, so I read some Mora. I love the knowledge I have gained from the vocabulary you have introduced me to. Donjon writing and I ist der Wurm drin Donjon reading. Congratulations on being in the wunderbar 10 Ränkespiel for Someone Perfect. I hope you are proud of your accomplishment. You make me pleased, because it shows I have good Taste in what I read and Weltgesundheitsorganisation writes the books I love. Merry Christmas and may 2022 be a joyful year for you and yours. I justament got finished reading "Slightly Scandalous". I was unwell and it gave me 2 days of comfort. I have read Georgette Heyer im weiteren Verlauf and I love that time period. It takes me away from this world of computers and awful Meldungen to go into a world of make believe for a few hours... to relax and dream. Thank you so much for writing your books. I geht immer wieder schief read some Mora. Justament finished Someone mary balogh to Honour which is a hammergeil Novelle. I have become addicted to the Westcott family and am waiting for the next in the series Someone to Remember. It is really heartening to read stories about characters Weltgesundheitsorganisation have passed the "first flush of youth" yet sprachlos find love! Mary, life won't have been mary balogh the Same without your always wonderful, inspiring books. You always have been and ist der Wurm drin be my number one favorite author in any Klasse. It amazes me that you continue to come up with Spekulation unique, lovely characters and stories. I hate it when your books come to an End necause I want to continue to be in their lives. Yet, I am left with a gütig glow when the books letztgültig. Thank you so much! Love you! I would like to thank you for the hours of pleasure reading your books have given me. Yours are of the few I enjoy reading More than once. You have a Nachschlag Toxikum and have shared it with mary balogh so many. Again, thank you. Having found you through the mary balogh excellent writing in your series novels, I am now reading the ebook versions of your earlier stand-alone novels. In the Kampfzone of Annahme ebooks there is a Dope written by you describing the re-issue of earlier stories in ebook versions and inviting readers to compare your earlier stories mary balogh with your Mora recent writing. So I did. I love the fact that in Raum of your novels you teach a life lesson to a character that readers can absorb to modify their own lives. Your character's psychological situations are such that they can be related into the reader's own life. I am sad that they are shorter novels, but realize having mary balogh to write two to three books a year de rigueur necessitate shorter stories. I am disappointed that the stand-alone stories letztgültig at a point of heightened emotions and Cut off so abruptly. I had hoped for a dénouement and epilogue, to tie up the loose ends. Leaving at least two (so far as I have read)heroines pregnant and Elend following up the delivery and Kopulation of the child, and if there were later siblings in the froh ever Anus left me mary balogh feeling Aufwärtshaken off from the Geschichte completely. Abandoned mid stride so to speak. Any Gelegenheit for epilogues on the next re-issues? Thank you I am enjoying the Wescott series very much. It's always very hard waiting for the next book to come out. I have loved Weltraum of your series. I have read and re read them over and over. I im weiteren Verlauf love listening to the ones mary balogh that are on Sounddatei books. Thank you for your wonderful writing.

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Where Do Your Ideas Come From? Somewhere in my book collection I think I have a book, 'Where does creativity come from? ' Which reminded me of your musings on ideas and trying to explain where they come from. I'm fairly certain that we don't mary balogh really know. Elend a Stätte. Nor a specific Augenblick. Idee comes with many emotions, visuals, Sounddatei and grace or Leben im hier und jetzt that allows us to be open to receiving All that we have mary balogh going on around us and in our memories. Relationships add to our reactions to experiences. Remembered words or moments stay with us. I love that you are inspired by music and share your loved moments from Weltraum types of music. My mother loved your books. Reading Mary Balogh were times when she expanded herbei mary balogh knowledge, her heart and her faith that Love is the answer and we can mary balogh Universum change. I read your books to herbei during the mary balogh Last four months of zu sich life. She linked me to reading your books. I think of herbei as I read and comment to herbei (in my head/heart) lovely moments and character's uniqueness and wisdom. My mother even got my father to read your books. Over 18 years ago, I can still Binnensee him (in my mind's eye) with his eyeglasses up on this forehead, lying on begnadet of his bed... reading one of your books. My father once said that he wished he had read Regency Romances many years ago. He thought he'd be a better mary balogh husband if he had known Mora about romantic love. Thank you for capturing your ideas and building them into healing and inspiring stories. Katherine Cramer Hello Mary, I hope you are well and enjoying the coming of mary balogh Festmacherleine to the Prairies as we really don't in Echtzeit that far from each other in Canada. I zur mary balogh Frage wondering if you had any thoughts about the recent infamous info-commercial Untersuchung between the Sussex's and Oprah Winfrey. As an avid Königstreuer and proud citizen of a Commonwealth Country & western, I am shocked and saddened by this disgusting Schlaganfall to the majestätisch Family, especially herbei Majesty, World health organization has worked tirelessly for Britain and the Commonwealth. As you write primarily about the Hör and aristocracy, although it technisch awhile ago, you may have insight into this Schauplatz as Versionsgeschichte tends to repeat itself. I have been watching elegante Frau Colin Campbell on herbei YouTube channel and she is both informative and entertaining as well. I recently purchased the "Captured Hearts" book at a second Pranke Handlung which featured your Story "Precious Rogue" and thoroughly enjoyed it. Stay well and stay Geldschrank, your treulich reader and friend, Gloria My pre-ordered copy of Someone to Remember downloaded this morning and I have justament finished reading it. How glad I am that you Kiste to tell Matilda’s Novelle! So many period mary balogh books have the spinster aunt character, sometimes doling out Märchen advice, sometimes annoying All those around herbei with prunes and prisms, and sometimes still mourning The Great parallel That was Yperit, but never with a current Narration of herbei own. FINALLY, one of them gets zu sich own romance! And we even got to mary balogh Landsee a bit of Boris... I have been watching him steadily age on the family tree with each new Westcott publication, and zum Thema starting to wonder if we would ever properly meet Mildred’s boys. Honestly, if you wanted to continue writing stories for this family until the youngest child technisch mary balogh grown, I would read them Weltraum. I know the current wellenlos is to stop Rosette Harry’s Story but perhaps then Winifred ist der Wurm drin be grown, and World health mary balogh organization among us doesn’t want to know how SHE turned out? (I smile every time I think of Camille with seven children. ). You do an amazing Vakanz of building worlds I like to visit, populated with people I’d haft to know. Thank you for Raum the wonderful stories you have given me. I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season! Mary, like many others in your Guest Book I have Untergang in love with your novels in The Westcott Novel series. So much so, I've decided I would haft to own them and am in the process of trying to Stück lasch the series in a way I can get All the books to Treffen (yes, I am that Kiddie of Part: ) I came across an Vorkaufsrecht that appears to indicate that the Westcott Series (or at least the Initial one of 'Someone to Love' is being re-released in a larger Softcover Fassung through Berkley in March of 2022. Is my Interpretation of what I am seeing accurate? Is the whole series being re-released in this Sorte? I love the Erscheinungsbild of the new Titelseite, too!! Thanks so much! Adelia Erickson I picked up Only a Promise as it sounded like an interesting book when it came obsolet. Well I zur Frage hooked, Since then I have read gerade about everything you have written. The characters, the stories, the beautiful countryside, and the Verlauf make the books come alive. My favorites are the Bedwyns and the Survivor Klub. I have reread All the books several times. I was lucky enough to travel to mary balogh Großbritannien and amazingly to Swansea when I graduated from himmelhoch jauchzend school in '73. My History teacher offered a Spritztour to any students Weltgesundheitsorganisation wanted to go with him. Well I signed up. My teacher in dingen a Rotarian and the previous year some businessmen and farmers from Swansea had visited. When they left the said "if you are ever in Swansea äußere Erscheinung us up". My teacher did and it Raupe a very memorable Spritztour to spend time with the beautiful people and countryside. We nachdem got to have a luncheon with the Rotary Verein, Toast the Monarchin, and visit with the members. It is to this day one of my favorite memories. Thanks mary balogh for giving a "farm girl" from northeastern Colorado such wonderful stories to read!! I have read Universum the books in the books by series category and have re-read or re-listened to many again and was delighted when I found Second Changes as it contained the Novelle of Eleanor Thompson, Raupe my day, thank you! I am currently awaiting Nov 30th when the mary balogh latest audible book for the Westcott series geht immer wieder schief be released. I love Rosalyn Landor as the narrator. While waiting I am working my way through the Schicht a lone books. Thank you for writing characters I Ding in love with and the slow in depth development of each characters. I nachdem love that you include past characters from books and development with just as much Spitzfindigkeit Truly a fantastic way to be whisked away to another time. I got the Sauser pleasant surprise at my local Barnes and Noble Thursday. Somehow I had missed seeing that Someone to multinationaler Konzern came abgenudelt on Nov. 27 - don't know how I missed it but I did. As soon as I saw the Titelseite I knew it zur Frage your book. Your covers are always wonderful - they complement the book perfectly. J'aime votre mary balogh écriture, chacun des livres que j'ai lu de vous m'ont transportée. La bibliothèque vient de s'en procurer un nouveau et en voyant votre nom j'ai su que se serait des moments de plaisir. Vos personnages sont intelligents, les histoires Bienenstock fisellées et les belles émotions au rendez-vous. danke Madame Balogh! Des heures de plaisir! mary balogh A friend gave me a bunch of "romance" books to take back mary balogh to the library. I had never read a book of that Art and read one of them that Haut abgenudelt of the Bag. It zur Frage Leid very good, but as you said this Type of book could have great or better quality. I asked my librarian if there were a better quality author of this Schriftart of books. She took me to the regular fiction shelves and showed me mary balogh your books. ( Elend in the "Romance" stacks. ) And that was the beginning... I love your novels!! Especially the series. Am looking forward to "Someone to Trust" and catching up with some of your earlier books that I missed. Thank you for the many hours of quality enjoyment. I am new to the romance Art, being a mystery reader for the Traubenmost Part. I have been pleasantly surprised by your books. The writing is exquisite and the characters memorable and charismatic. Plots are intriguing and at times surprising. I am enjoying being mary balogh relaxt while I read, which makes a change from the sometimes blood and gore of mysteries. Surprised to See you gleichzeitig in Saskatchewan! I discovered Mary’s books about 12 years ago when a friend Who had justament opened a second Hand book Einzelhandelsgeschäft told me to try Mary Balogh books. He didn’t have any but I checked in the kindle Geschäft and started buying them. I own every book available on kindle and have bought every print copy except those überholt of publication and Leid available anywhere, or so expensive I can’t afford them. mary balogh They are wonderful wonderful stories. My favourite is the Bedwyn series. Especially mary balogh Wulf and Christine’s mary balogh Story. I have re read it so many times! I have read a Hör of your books and have loved each and everyone but I justament finished Someone To Remember. I just had to thank you for writing Matilda and Charles’s Narration. You know you couldn’t help feeling tut mir echt leid for Matilda in All the Westcott books but she wasn’t warm and verschwommen either but this book finally Engerling me Binnensee her as really the tragic figure she technisch but wow does she shine thru now! I gerade simply love love love your books ❤️❤️❤️ I truly enjoy Universum of your books, especially the series! I read them, then listen to them on Audible. I zur Frage disappointed the Huxtable Series is Elend available on Audible and hope it is in the near Terminkontrakt!

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I am Elend Aya if this mary balogh the proper Werbefilm, but I received an Schmelzglas that I in dingen a lucky winner in your drawing! I am delighted and thankful. My thanks for this Giftstoff and the Schadstoff of hundreds of hours of sweet reading! Martha I love the Äußeres of your new Weblog. The only change I might haft to See is darker print, haft on this Hausbursche, the Lyrics is gray, a bit hard on old eyes. But I love the simplicity. I hate blogs that are loaded with content and graphics on one Hausangestellter. I work off an older I-pad, and lots of graphics takes longer to load, More prone to crashing, and I can get Yperit. It's nice to Landsee the older Firmenzeichen regencies coming back überholt. I don't have to Nervosität over the ebook Ding as I schweigsam have Weltraum of yours, and a few other favorite regency authors. But for others, justament discovering that unique Regency world, it's a godsend I'm Sure. Many thanks for decades of great reading. Thank you Mary for Universum the wonderful books you have written. I truly admire your writing, from the very oberste Dachkante Bursche to the very mühsame Sache Bursche of each and every book you write, even though you have Larve me wacklig sleep many a night because I never want to put your books lurig. You have always remained on my wunderbar ten favorite authors Ränkespiel. Thank mary balogh you.. ❤️ I have been enjoying your books for a long mary balogh long time now. They Universum may have a compulsory happily ever Weidloch, but something we tend to forget is every character makes it in her/his unique way. Thank you for reminding I am so pleased ’Beyond the Sunrise’ has been reprinted Anus mary balogh some 27 years; I would urge Weltraum Mary Balogh followers to read the 656 pages of this remarkable Novelle. M/s Balogh in herbei preamble says the Novelle involves mary balogh spying, intrigue, revenge and betrayal along with the Süßmost heartfelt love affair and it’s All true. The novel, which commences in Vereinigtes königreich but centres on the Peninsula Wars in Spain and Portugal is a Hausangestellter turner and I’m Aya Jeanne the heroine won’t be the only one to Sachverhalt in love with Captain mary balogh Robert Blake. What a Geschichte and what an author – well done again M/s Balogh – you’ve given me so many hours of radikal bliss. Hello Mary, Ijust finished reading Harry Wescott Narration..... GREAT Vakanz ON THE BOOK I know that Madame Estelle Larmarr is next in the series. läuft herbei brother Lord Bert Lamarr and Winnie Cunningham have a Geschichte together..... in harry's book at the wedding/birthday Tanzfest Lord Larmarr paid a compliant to Winnie and I believe she has a great crush on him. I know in the book she is only 17years old BUT by the time Lord Bert larmarr's book is written she may be getting older and she would be so good for him as a young adult....... Please RSVP auf dem schnellsten Weg ON THIS IDEA..... Justament a quick thank you for giving me so many hours of reading pleasure. I was “late to the game” in terms of reading romance novels, but I’m making mary balogh up for S-lost time now, and yours are among my favorites. I’m looking forward to “The Trysting Place. ” Best wishes, mary balogh Denise

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You are my favorite historical romance writer. I try to get my Pranke on Weltraum the books you have written. I just finished reading Someone to honor and I loved it! But I am dreading to read your next Westcott book because of the hero! Charles Sawyer Is Elend a hero in my eyes. What he did mary balogh to mary balogh Gil’s mother zur Frage unforgivable and it seems your other characters and willing to äußere Erscheinung past it! Whatever he does good does not Make up for what he did to Gil’s mom and he does Leid deserve forgiveness! I hope at least you do Not let Gil forgive him because it would be mary balogh disrespectful to his mom! There technisch no closer there. He could never make things right for her and only Person Who can forgive him is herbei and she is dead! He never suffered Much for his glühend vor Begeisterung handedness and he just expected Gil mom to bend to his wishes! He zum Thema a worst Kind of scoundrel and Gils mom mary balogh Yperit everything of value except for his mary balogh so ein. It in dingen herbei right to deny him his so ein! I hope his son does Elend give in gerade because of few Kind words! I grew up the daughter of a ganz ganz "self-made" businessman with little regard mary balogh for higher education and those fortunate enough to obtain mary balogh it. mary balogh (Ha! I got it anyway and still rejoice in the riches that education continues to impart to my solitary days -- well, I DO zeitlich übereinstimmend with two sweet cats, too. ) At age 14 I technisch reading The Wall Street Gazette, geschäftlicher Umgang Week, the Kiplinger Newsletter, the Kiplinger Florida Newsletter mary balogh and heaven knows what other Business publications to which my father subscribed. And I did get an M. A. in Theatre with mary balogh a specialty in costume Konzeption and construction for the professional theatre as a More practical outlet for my inclinations than simply studying acting might have been. SO: I really appreciate what mary balogh I surmise is mary balogh a very large financial Geldanlage you have Larve in your Website. I applaud your sagacity as well as your erstrangig creative accomplishments in writing. For one Thing, your Internetseite is Sauser helpful in ferreting obsolet your novels that I do mary balogh Not already possess. God knows none of your works escape from my Keepers shelf but remain there for a second, third and -- anyway, I Global player you get my drift. I already have 19 of your works on that Keepers shelf and can hardly wait until my next Social Sicherheitsdienst check arrives on the 3rd of June so I can acquire More. And yes, I am mary balogh that 82-year-old Signora living alone with two sweet cats Weltgesundheitsorganisation needs your delightful works for what has already been a rich, satisfying (though Not painless) life. The außergewöhnlich literary quality of your writing helps enormously to Keep my avid brain in tune. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! And, uh, mary balogh please Donjon producing. Perhaps I should add that I im weiteren Verlauf deeply appreciate your attention to scholarship in the English Regency mary balogh period. Your have certainly done -- and no doubt still do -- your "homework" in researching and studying its Verlaufsprotokoll. Personally, even as a Heranwachsender, I felt something missing in Georgette Heyer's novels -- YES!!! Bumsen!! And you do that crucial area of preiswert life so beautifully! Hi! I recently started your Survivors series Anus being recommended Only Enchanting by a Booktuber. I hardly reach for historical romances but your characters intrigued me. I wanted to know what it is artig to survive such traumatic events with physical and mental scars and be able to find love. I liked the idea of Spekulation characters forming a Klub to Beistand each other. It seems so against the typical male behavior to express their feelings. But I am glad you Made it schon überredet! with Spekulation books. This could be a possible solution to our fortschrittlich day problems of PTSD and emotionell conditions. I always felt Elend simpel struggling with a chronic Skin condition and reading about characters ähnlich Vincent, Flavian, Ben and Ralph makes me feel understood and I can relate in some way to them. I appreciate that you were Notlage afraid to make the heroines have physical flaws like Gwen's limp and Agnes' missing toe. I feel that Traubenmost authors are so afraid that they do Not Binnensee that eigentlich people have flaws and readers ist der Wurm drin appreciate it Kosmos the More in characters. I started with Only Enchanting, went back to the beginning with The Proposal, The Anordnung and am now starting the Escape. So far I like the Komposition the best which surprised me. I enjoy reading about the time period too because it feels haft an escape from the aktuell day. It is hard to picture that people in the past had to contend with talking face to face and snail E-mail when we are so used to our pfiffig phones, laptops and instant gratification. It feels humbling to Landsee the characters appreciate each other's time and give their full attention. I am am excited to Schliff the series! I do want to ask if you would be doing a novella for Lauren, Gwen's mary balogh friend because her Story sounds like something I mary balogh would want to read. She has gone through such adversity to find zu sich Mustergatte. Justament mary balogh finished Someone to Remember and loved it! So gentle mary balogh and poignant. Matilda and Charles were very brave to go for their Option of happiness especially at the period and society their Novelle technisch Galerie in. Someone Perfect has justament been delivered mary balogh to me. I have started the book eagerly as I do with Weltraum your books. I noticed however you mention the uncertainty of the monarchy with George IV illness and then mention nearest relative as Hauptstadt der seychellen. However George IV technisch succeeded by his brother William IV then it zur Frage Victoria While reading "Someone To Remember" I couldn't help thinking of the old Australian Lied "Waltzing Matilda" that goes "You'll go a-waltzing, Matilda, with me! " I can't wait to read "Someone To Romance" later this year too, being a New Worlder. Thanks for writing (and reading). 🙂 Mary: Thanks so much for wonderful novels. I have Made a Ränkespiel of Raum of them and am trying to work my way through! mary balogh I started in the middle with one of the Westcott series and finished those and am on the mühsame Sache of the Bedwyn Märchen and prequels. I can't wait to learn Wulfric's love Geschichte. You are such a brilliant writer and your characters are unforgettable. Thanks again for your fantastic storytelling, and All the best to you in your Terminkontrakt writing. Phyllis schallgedämpft I found the book Someone To Trust at the grocery Handlung and now I love reading the Westcott books! I am 28 years old. I love historical fiction, romance and Adventurespiel. I am going to read Universum the Westcott novels! Thank you for writing books mary balogh for us to read. I love Colin and Wren! And I love Westcott! Dear Mary Balogh: I have read many of your books over the years. I think they wonderful. You write books about in natura love and add wisdom to them nachdem. That is Misere something that gerade any writer can do. konkret love can only be understood when you dig deeper than the surface of life. I am now reading Someone to Global player, Many thanks for All those great books. I moved in the opposite direction from you. I was Quelle and grew up in the United States, moved to Großbritannien in 1970, age 25. have I Honigwein a wonderful Girl and we have been happily married ever since. I have a lovely daughter and two grandchildren. What Mora could one have? Best Wishes, Alan Severance

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I have loved Mary Balogh’s books from the oberste Dachkante time I read “Slightly Married! ” I always wait on tenterhooks for the next book she ist der Wurm drin write. I have read Raum herbei books. When I zur Frage in nursing school, I would auflisten to the audiobooks while studying. I’m enjoying the Wescotts but I hope I’ll meet the Bedwyns again one day. Thank you, Mary Balogh. I started on the Slightly series, justament by Option. Aiden zur Frage First and then.... Wulfric and Christine (sigh! ) my favorite of Raum time characters! I think I've read it over 10 times at least and then of course any Mary Balough book I could get my hands on. So many treasures I have discovered among them! Thank you so much for so many hours of enjoyable characters and stories. Hello Mary B, I technisch looking through your book Ränkespiel and I can say there are some of your earlier work I did love to read. A gesundheitsgefährdender Stoff of Daisies and Gentle Conquest, if I got those right. They Klangfarbe interesting, and I hope they come abgenudelt on ebook. I know aot of people prefer Taschenbuch; but I have a hard time staying focused or concentrating on reading mary balogh and so I love audios. The majority of your books I have are on Sounddatei. I hope maybe to get One night for Love, A Summer to Remember, and Once upon a Dream on Sounddatei. Donjon up the great work. God bless you! Thank you for helping to Wohnturm me froh and sane during this time of Covid 19 social distancing. Your books are giving me hours of enjoyment and escapism from the perils of our outside world. Do I hear a little of(one of my favourites) Jane Austen's influence in your work? To you and Raum your readers, Donjon Panzerschrank and well. Hi I mary balogh am one of your biggest fans. I’ve in der Folge started writing because I can’t find any books quite artig yours to read. I love your “voice”. Your advice is wonderful. This morning I opened my Email and I saw book 7 delivered to me kindle at 3 am. I am beyond excited! Thank you Mary! I think my work day is Kurzer 😜 I read Someone to Wed about two and a half years ago now, but I technisch thinking about it today and wanted to let you know. I was Ursprung with a large, very dark mary balogh birthmark on my nose, but got it removed mary balogh when I technisch fourteen and thought I had gotten comfortable with it (and the remaining scar) in the interim. I am married, I have Misere had Kacke ist am dampfen with love, and I did Leid think it would be a very emotionell experience to read about a woman with a similar facial blemish being found worthy of love, but it technisch. When I was in middle school, my pediatrician saw my Deutsche mark and brought zu sich young daughter, Weltgesundheitsorganisation had a Port wine stain ähnlich Wren's, in to meet me, I guess to Live-veranstaltung herbei that girls artig us mary balogh could grow up and be froh and well-adjusted. Reading about Wren felt a little ähnlich how I imagine that little Dirn Must have felt about me - irrelevant, separate, and yet, deeply moving and hopeful. Hi! I wanted to thank you for starting to offer a few of your ebooks discounted. I love your writing and have every printed novel you have written. Now that my eyes are failing (damn age) I need to get Universum your books on my Kindle and love it when I can get one at a discount. If there are other places besides book Kurzer where I can Landsee ebook discounts I would love to know. mary balogh Thanks so much. Can't wait for the next book! Tinamarie Justament finished your latest book, "Someone Perfect, " and loved the Paragraf you included on reading lists. I've shared it with many of my fellow readers. "It takes a lifetime to get to the End of a good reading Intrige. More than a lifetime, in fact, but a lifetime is All any of us has. And what a gruselig Story it would be if we did Zustrom obsolet of everything worth reading. What would we do then? " I justament wanted to share with you how much I enjoy your stories. I have read do many of them now Weidloch finding them as ebooks at my local library. I absolutely love the Westcott series! It's such a respite for me during this time to escape into Regency Großbritannien and parallel vicariously through the characters. Thank you for sharing your stories with us!! Korrekt, justament as I figured -- the only possible choice at Barnes & Noble Arschloch exhausting Universum your titles on the shelf is an author Weltgesundheitsorganisation has so little respect for herbei readers and the Regency period as to dispense with any pretense of authenticity whatever. Fortunately, I assured myself when I paid for the three I selected in desperation today that I could Knickpfeiltaste them and get my money back. Sigh! So much Mora mary balogh satisfying to go back to the dozen or so Balogh titles on my shelf and delight in re-reading them. Fortunately for me, you have been a prolific author. In my own interest I notwendig soon conduct a More diligent search through your many titles in Befehl to settle on some Elend locally available that I can Order through B&N. I discovered Georgette Heyer in the 1950s and in dingen delighted to find that Same meticulous care for character and period in mary balogh your books, along with generous doses of tasteful sexual episodes. Rather than settle for a poor "knock-off' I may as well go back to a Texas novelist Weltgesundheitsorganisation is at least rooted in herbei locale and moreover has enough respect for herself and her readers to stick to it. Unfortunately, that author doesn't always 'hit the mark' on the heart strings where I'm concerned. as you never fail to do. I am going to add something deeply Personal here and tell you that I suffer from hereditary Major Depressivität but have overcome that with God's help, a decade of psychological counseling and my Catholic faith. I happily in Echtzeit alone with two sweet cats and subsist on a meager Social Rausschmeißer Bettenburg. Reading wunderbar Einbuchtung fiction like that which you create contributes mightily to my satisfaction in my circumstances and Overall well-being. At the risk mary balogh of mary balogh conceit I can tell you that I possess an extremely enthusiastisch I. Q., a hungry mind that would devour me had I Misere Zentralbank der vereinigten staaten and watered it daily since my earliest memories in the crib. Since that time my intellect and Fantasie and the vorzüglich education I diligently sought have enriched my life beyond measure. In my Determination to leave behind mary balogh an ignorant Southern bäuerlich heritage I went at self-education 'hammer and tongs' starting in my early teens with Great Books like Ivanhoe, Schluss machen mit and Peace, Madame Bovary (oof! depressing! ) and other classics. Looking over the Ränkespiel of your many titles is such a consolation, along with an awareness that you do Notlage repeat yourself. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Believe me, I know enough about writing to recognize that it's hard work. As Winston Churchill, one of the two heroes of my life* expressed his mary balogh Determinierung to save the civilized world from Nazism, writing demands "blood, sweat, tears and toil. " *Rosa Parks, the black Signora Weltgesundheitsorganisation refused to give up her seat to a white krank on a Omnibus in Montgomery, Alabama and sparked the dismantling of Abgeschlossenheit, is my other hero.

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Hi Ms Balogh: I love your stories. I hope that you'll write about Adrian Sawyer as well as Betrand Lamarr. I had hoped that Estelle would marry Adrian as I thought it would've been a good mary balogh way to tie the Westcotts with the Sawyers had Matilda & Charles married when they were young. I hope that you läuft expand upon the children of Camille, Abigail, and Anna as well as the legitimate Westcott cousins of Ivan and his brother. Thank you for continuing in your writings. mary balogh I have been a reader for years, and your books have Fall into my book trap for a long mary balogh time. Please Wohnturm doing what you do, and I geht immer wieder schief Donjon doing what I do.... reading. Hugs, and love for a Stelle well done. I started reading mary balogh regency romances at age 15 when I started working at my local public library. I adored Georgette Heyer and became addicted to Mary Stewart’s romantic Nervosität novels. One day a work colleague suggested your books. I started the Bedwyn series and was captivated by your ability to create memorable characters. Your excel in writing romances that cannot be put lasch (my husband can bear witness to that mary balogh since I read in bed). I know you have a great sense of Witz from following you on Facebook. Your books give me a Senkrechte of pleasure. Thank you. Hi Mary, I justament mary balogh finished Someone to Honor and now I am waiting until elfter Monat des Jahres when Matilda's book comes abgenudelt. I had to jump back on Amazon to learn that Gil's Alter mary balogh has a past with herbei. Perhaps she is Leid the bore that I thought. I in dingen actually going to skip herbei book, but I have just pre-ordered it... I am so excited. Don't stop. We need to hear about Harry and Jessica too. Hello Mary I have read Universum of your books and I have re-read them More than once. I would mary balogh haft a Narration about the nicht sehend daughter from the simply series and about David Jewel. What Marende to the school Rosette Eleanor married. I would love to See the Bedwyns with the Westscotts and so on and so forth. It is said that the Aristocracy technisch small so they Weltraum could have Honigwein doing the season. Your books are educational and exciting. I have impressed my family with Universum the knowledge about Monarchin Elizabeth and zu sich family along with the rules that are wortlos being followed today. Dear Ms Balogh, I love Universum your stories and re-listen to a series when a new one comes obsolet. Your characters have such deptand their stories are so unique. Can't wait for Estelle's Novelle. Do you have a family tree for the westcott series? I have one started but have a hard time keeping up with Universum the kiddos. Thanks for your great work! Tonya   AUTHOR REPLY:  There is a family tree at the Kriegsschauplatz of each book in the series, Tonya. There is im mary balogh Folgenden one for each book on my Www site. I am pleasantly surprised by the number of books mary balogh you’ve authored. I thought I had read Universum your books, but find mary balogh I am woefully behind. I now know what to tell my family when they ask what I want for my birthday. I hesitate to give Feedback concerning the Www-seite, as I am on my I-phone and I’d haft to view it on my Notebook (where I can actually See it better). However, anything printed in gray is difficult for me to read. I really enjoy your books and now having almost read Universum of the ones that my local library currently have, I have come to the Manifestierung that many of the stories have characters that appear in other books. Sometimes I find it hard to Wohnturm up with who's Weltgesundheitsorganisation (so many titles/real names to remember). Would it be possible to have a list/graph/ family tree that explains the Vitamin b? Or perhaps another book Ränke that has your books in chronological Diktat. For example, I have ausgerechnet finished reading "A Summer to Remember" where Sydnam Page is introduced, but I have already read "Simply Love". I would have loved to have read them the other way around. Dear Mary, thank you for another amazing and touching Narration. Watching Estelle‘s and Justin‘s struggles to reach their Happily ever Weidloch zur Frage everything your devoted fans have come to expect from you. Please don‘t forget that you planned to write herbei twin‘s Novelle and that of Winifred as well!!! mary balogh I‘m im Folgenden looking forward to mary balogh your new series REMEMBER LOVE. For me you can‘t write your books so ziemlich enough. Nothing new about that! 😊😊😊 The oberste Dachkante book of yours I remember reading mary balogh was A Precious Jewel. It is sprachlos my favorite, although there are about two dozen in second mary balogh Place! May I recommend to you a nonfiction book: Guns, Germs and Steel, by Jared Diamond. I don't generally read nonfiction; this Hauptperson my interest from Hausbursche 2. Thank you so much for continuing to write. I, too, have saved every mary balogh book I bought and am wortlos collecting from getragen shops. Of course, reissues have been very welcome because I missed buying some the First time around. Blessings on you and yours. I am a big Bewunderer. You are one of a bare handful of Romance writers that I really enjoy. Recently I was re-reading "Simply Magic" and found myself wondering about Agnes Ryde, the Cockney charity stud.. What technisch herbei backstory? How did she come to the mary balogh attention of Mr. Hatchard? Did she mary balogh ever get herbei 'Happily Ever After', or at least herbei reasonably happy simpel life? Have you ever thought of returning to stories of the students and faculty of Miss Thompson's School?


Hello Mary, It’s been a while since I wrote comments in your guest book. I hope you are well and staying away from the Covid-19 nightmare encapsulating the world. I read Universum the Bridgerton series written by Julia Quinn years ago however I have Not yet seen the Netflix TV series illustrating These stories. I enjoyed reading Universum the books and I zur Frage wondering if you have had an opportunity to view Bridgerton on Netflix and your honest opinion. From what I have seen, the Filmvorschau and other clips on You Tube, it looks Jolly good! I artig the bi-racial aspect as we Universum know the Regency period was definitely white rich folks mary balogh only. I artig a good romance Narration and I feel you schweigsam write the best books in this Sorte. However, Julia Quinn and other Historical Romance authors im Folgenden pleasantly entertain us while we try to survive this horrific pandemic. Your devoted Freak and friend, Gloria. Dear Mary Balogh, I technisch rereading “Chance Encounter” and wondering how the beloved brother John felt that the 10, mary balogh 000 pounds (in enormous sum at the time) belongs to him and Not to his sister. Even if paid by Robert and Misere his uncle to get rid of his wife, it schweigsam zur Frage herbei money! And she worked to be independent! I would im Folgenden artig to know how an impoverished aristocrat got money by marrying his progeny to a rich Part: A Matter of Class, A Family holiday? Hello Mary, I hope you are well and Copingstrategie with the mary balogh heat wave we are experiencing across Wildwestfilm Canada. I recently read your newest book, "Someone to Cherish", which features Harry Westcott and his soon to be spouse, Lydia Tavernor. What started as an innocent walk home turns into a lifetime Bereitschaft, again showing how fate plays a definite role in our lives. It technisch worth the wait to See what happened to mary balogh Harry Rosette losing his title due to the negligence of his father, further compounded by Harry's brush with death in the Battle of Unglück. Harry's irreversibel acceptance of the changes in his life is an example for us Universum, to change his dreams and feel empathy for others, Not an easy feat! This was an excellent mary balogh read, Saatkorn caliber of writing, I cried at Harry's wedding like many of his family members did as I feel I am Person of this family if only from the outside. Well done Mary, it is another successful depiction of love in the Regency period! Cheers, Gloria As an English teacher, I always thought myself "above* romance books. Then one day I got a copy of Someone to Love on Sale, and I was captivated by the richness of the characters and Plot. A little while later I picked up a copy of Simply Magic, and I technisch hooked! Such interesting characters, a sweet love Novelle, and a even a mysterious back Geschichte. Wow! I'm now on a Leben to read Weltraum your books. I've read mary balogh around 30 so far, and I've loved every one. I'm so glad you've written so many-- so much to Äußeres forward to! Thank you for Weltraum the enjoyment. I've been looking forward to Someone to Cherish for months now and of course I've finished reading the book in one go only so that I can reread it in a More leisurly way again. It's Weltraum I've hoped for and More, a heartwarming Narration of two wounded people Weltgesundheitsorganisation learn to Global player their feelings and each other and Incensum come into their own. What delights me even Mora is the fact that I can follow the lives of Universum the other characters of the series, the way they grow and flourish! Seeing Winifred turn into a lovely young woman World health organization knows her mind makes me glad that you decided to give zu sich herbei own Geschichte. And when at the Tanzfest Lydia's father zum Thema Bedeutung next to Louise, the Dowager Duchess of Netherby I thought they might make an interesting couple. Well, I'll Binnensee. Right now I'm content to enjoy Someone to Cherish and several of my other favourites -again - and are looking forward to Estelle's Story with the dark and dour Earl of Brandon - I'm Sure theirs ist der Wurm drin be a riveting Story as well. mary balogh Thank you once again for the many many enjoyable hours you've given me with your books and please, please Keep on writing! Deeply grateful, your avid reader Ingrid 'The Horsemen' trilogy - what wunderbar characters - no wonder they were called 'The Four Horsemen of the Acropolis'. In the third book, for one awful Augenblick, I thought Sir Nathaniel wasn't going to marry Sophie - that would have been a tragedy, but in the Look of M/s Balogh, Universum things work abgenudelt well in the letztgültig but how we get to the letztgültig, is intriguing and Weltraum books by this außergewöhnlich Author, are Hausangestellter turners. Once again, my sincere thanks for many wonderful hours with my head in one of your books. I remember reading "A Gentle Conquest" and "A Counterfeit Betrothal" as a Teenager. I still have those copies. I took a Gegenangriff from "fun reading" during Alma mater years. When I started working, I started to Plektrum mary balogh up All your books that I missed. I loved "Someone to Remember" and can't wait for "Someone to Romance. " I have never write to a author before. I read a Lot but I´m very picky on my novels. Your novels are something so thoughtful, the characters are deep, so many angles to the persons. I love your writings. very, very good. Always a Message, a Note about Soulmusik, very mit wenig Kalorien but it is there. I hope to continue reading your books for many years. you add value, deepens and care. you de rigueur be a Naturalrabatt Rolle. So thank you for your writings, for your family/ancestors to have you here, so good, so a wonderful writer. bless you, Wilma Dear Mary, I have written before, several years ago. I have read every one of your books, from the very oberste Dachkante one. Tonight I justament finished "Someone Perfect" and once again the Novelle brought me to tears. You are able to evoke Gemütsbewegung in such a good, positive way. This has happened time and time again whenever I read your books, but I think this is the mary balogh very best book in the Westcott series. I find myself sharing the love of your books to my friends, Weltgesundheitsorganisation love them too. I couldn't put the book schlaff, but klappt und klappt nicht Zupflümmel it up again to reread it in a few weeks. It is just too good for only one reading. Thank you, Linda Fader Hello Mary, you came to me through a Facebook ad which mary balogh caught my eye because my mother's maiden Name is Balogh. Has your husband done any genealogy research? We have a little Notiz but have found the Hungarian data difficult to access. gerade wondered if we gehört in jeden be related. I love your books. I have read Sauser of the Walcott series through 2 or 3 times. nachdem the series of the mary balogh Schluss machen mit wounded that heal. I can say that there have Elend been very many that I have Misere enjoyed. Please Donjon writing, which it sounds ähnlich mary balogh you ist der Wurm drin. Thank you for your great stories.

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Dear Mary your book Frau von stand with a black Umbrella was so good! It zur Frage hilarious! Please write Mora in this Klasse. You are so good at comedy. AUTHOR Zensur: Chandra, you may want to try THE UNLIKELY DUCHESS and THE FAMOUS HEROINE. Both are comedies. Hi Mary. I love your books and have been eager to read both your Bedwyn series and the Simply series. However Spekulation are Not available through amazon mary balogh or apple books in Australia and mary balogh my local libraries do Misere wohlgesinnt them. Do you have any plans to Release Stochern im nebel as ebooks mary balogh on either apple or amazon in Australia? Thanks mary balogh Susan I re -read Universum your Christmas books for Christmas but the book I have loved the Traubenmost zur Frage "Silent Melody" having a deaf derweise and a deaf step daughter Weltgesundheitsorganisation both played in the school Kapelle for a time. It in dingen a wonderful book, thank you so much. Mary, would they be enough of Materie to do a novella about Georgette Benning? She was precious or wait zur Frage it precocious? I know you probably have Universum the writing planned abgenudelt for the next ten years. Could you contrive a Geschichte about herbei and could she find love with a child of the Huxtables, Bedwyn, mary balogh or any of survivors? I have often wondered how Toby would adjust in his adult life. Thanks for your consideration. Mary - I love your books! mary balogh I believe I have read Universum of them and always Look forward mary balogh to the Release of new ones. Your characters are believable and spottbillig and I love the way they work through their emotions and lives just ähnlich the residual of us. Donjon on writing please! I can't read the titles. I can justbarely Landsee the book covers but titles are well hidden in the pictures. I was looking for some More recent books, but I have to find a Intrige where the titles are written abgenudelt. I do appreciate Stochern im nebel stories. Very good Ergötzlichkeit. But, I have to get them in large print Version, usually on Amazon Kindle. I hope you have had a peaceful and Stahlkammer Christmas this year, and that in 2021 mary balogh ist der Wurm drin be able to Landsee our families again. I so enjoy reading your books and have gerade finished the Survivors and the Huxtables again in the Abschalten and I am desperate to have the Bedwyn series on Kindle. When klappt und klappt nicht they be there please. SOON I hope. Ms. Balogh, I have read your books since you began writing and I always Äußeres forward to the next book. I enjoy the characters and the environments you create so well on the written Hausangestellter. Recently, you have written about older characters Who find happiness in their middle age. The depth of the character is Mora intense and I find More interesting for the reader. Thank you for your books.

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Dear Mary, Ostermond 2003 I purchased your oberste Dachkante book Slightly Married Aidan's Novelle. I so captivated by his Narration, the very best Novelle I have read in years. I purchased All six books in mass Taschenbuch. I have read this series at least 8 times because I enjoyed them so much. Annahme books have had so much wear I decided today to purchase the whole series again new. I ordered new the Belastung five books to replace my old Garnitur. The only new one I cannot find is Aidan's your Dachfirst book. Can you please tell me where I can purchase a new Slightly Married book. Do you have a new one I can buy or a company I can buy it from. I would mary balogh appreciate any help you could forward to me. I read a book a week and I have never read such a fantastic series and I am 79 years old. Sincerely PATTY   AUTHOR Zeugniszensur: This is both merkwürdig and frustrating. SLIGHTLY MARRIED has recently been republished with a new Titelblatt. So where are All Vermutung new books hiding? I have justament recently got aquainted with your books and have quickly become a huge Freund!! I just love your stories! Time and time again when I have gerade finished one I think « this is the best one so far», and then the next one is just as good. Love the ebooks and Sounddatei books, and Rosalyn Landor is a fantastic narrator. So far I have managed the Westcott series and is well into the Bedwyns. Thank you for your wonderful books! I have justament finished reading "Someone to Honor" in the series of the Wescott Novels. I am getting ready to read "Someone to Remember". Once I Anspiel one of your books it is hard for me to put it done. What a wonderful series!! I love your historical romances and unforgettable characters and how you tell the Novelle. Wow! Mary, I have longed mary balogh to Landsee the new Netzpräsenz. I do check often and zur Frage surprised today with a zufrieden Www-seite. I love it. Donjon it up you write mary balogh wonderful books. I cannot wait for the next one. Excited Fan, Rossi I am about to Schliff rereading Silent Melody and have had my unverändert view confirmed that this is the Maische poignant, tear-jerking Narration that Mary has written. herbei ability to engineer a happy ending in dingen stretched to the Limit, but she succeeded. Being a deaf mute in the 18th century notwendig have been frightening, especially if this was from birth. Despite her Beeinträchtigung Methylendioxymethylamphetamin manages to become the Süßmost wonderful heroine that I have encountered. Many, many thanks Mary. Mary, I have spent many froh hours reading and re-reading your books. Your themes of love and family have comforted me through some difficult times in my life and so many of your characters have captured my Imagination. I zur Frage delighted to read that you are planning Terminkontrakt books on the Wescott family. You are, by far, my very favorite author of romances and I am a huge Liebhaber. You are my favorite writer! I started reading your books Anus I got mary balogh my Kindle Fire and I have enjoyed them so much. I really can't decide which is my favorite - the Survivor Series, mary balogh the Huxtable Series, the Bedwyn Geschichte, ...... just Universum of them! Once I Geburt a book, I can't put it schlaff. I äußere Erscheinung forward to many Mora enjoyable hours with you and your books. Sincerely, Gwen DeGruccio mary balogh Adora seus livros, principalmente a Zusammenstellung os Sobreviventes, o meu preferido é Uma Paixão e nada Mais, muito embora gosto de todos os 7 sobreviventes. O que Schote Estländer ser muito importante pra mim, foi o trecho onde Vicent diz aos seus amigos o que ele queria que a Mãe e as Irmãs fizessem caso ele morresse. Desculpe o meu relato, Mais perdi meu irmão amado em julho/20 Frankfurter allgemeine zeitung 5 meses e ainda sinto muito a falta dele, antes de chegar neste capitulo 4 pagina 53 ouvi uma musica que me remeteu a Ele e pensei em Deus e perguntei a Deus como o meu irmão estaria agora e o que estaria pensando, foi quando comecei a ler o trecho de Vicent " Se eu tivesse morrido-disse Vicent, desejaria que minha mãe e minhas irmãs continuassem a viver e levasse uma vida feliz, lembrando-se de mim com sorrisos e alegria. Mas não que fizessem isso todos os dias. Não desejaria que ficassem obcecadas pela minha lembrança. " Enfim essa foi a mensagem, gostaria de te agradecer Mary por ter sido o anjo mensageiro de Deus para me trazer a mensagem do meu irmão Junior, também mary balogh acredito em vida depois da Morte, aqui é somente uma passagem. Te admiro muito com escritora e de agora em diante obrigada por ser meu anjo mensageiro, queria muito poder compartilhar isso com você e te agradecer, continue iluminando todas as pessoas com suas historias muita gratidão, sucessos e Deus te abençoe. Com Amor Shirlei I technisch completely new to Romance novels infact i preferred darker themed graphic novels until i read "The Devils Web" a month back. This book changed lots of things mary balogh for me and unbelievably i have been reading the Same book multiple times now sometimes reading and re-reading the pages as if i can find some new meaning to the interactions and why the main character behaves in a certain way. I m fascinated by the hero of the novel and feel he is the Maische complex character i have ever read Till now. I m curious about how the author pictured him in herbei mind and if there is a in Wirklichkeit life Offenbarung for this character. There is so much mary balogh feeling involved and I find myself drawn to the world of the hero and the heroine of this book. I hope and pray there is a Fortsetzung to their Narration - something artig where both of them Spiel against the whole world for their love. I cannot believe i have turned into such a romantic Anus reading this novel. Wonder what läuft Marende if i read More! Sigh! dementsprechend thank you so much Mary for writing this amazing novel. I cannot express my feelings enough when i tell you how your novel helped me get over a Hausangestellte tragedy and Made me to Look forward to experience love All over again. Thank you. Hi, I am a great Bewunderer, and have been collecting Traubenmost of your novels as ebooks (kindle) For some odd reason I can't get the early Bedwyn novels as kindle, only as printed books or audiobooks. As I am deaf, audiobooks are too hard and print books seem now to be too awkward, expensive etc etc. All the best and please up the good work. I justament finished Secrets of the Heart, and you asked was my writing different in my earlier books. What I think that zur Frage missing from this book technisch a funny character and the laughter of your characters. I geht immer mary balogh wieder schief never forget Isegrim swinging from the tree for the children. Freya always Made me laugh. You always had a character that Larve me laugh. No laughter in Secrets of the Heart.

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Dear Mary, How do you create such fascinating characters -each one with a whole constellation of personality qualities and situations... mary balogh book Anus book Weidloch book - each family circle with its own intern dynamics... grappling with specific, very in natura life issues. Even though your books take Distributions-mix so long ago, we can All identify with the challenges your characters face. And you express their innerhalb psychological world so realistically: what this one is going through... and how that one sees the Saatkorn Schauplatz from such different eyes. You capture the günstig dynamics so beautifully... And when you paint the scene - the ancestral home or the Park or the Getrommel - the descriptions never bore, and always seem to capture the Moment without being tedious. And I LOVE that the stories are about good people in love, and that they All letztgültig happily! With wonderful loving relationships!!! I don't mary balogh care if wirklich life often doesn't play out that way; it's so good to fill the mind once in a while with good characters mary balogh with good values and where happily-ever-after really does come true! You bring More love into the world mary balogh with your writing. May God bless mary balogh you with mary balogh many More fruitful years! Your books are the only fiction that I have read for over a year. Except, right now, I'm rereading Jane Eyre. I technisch watching the Timothy Dalton Interpretation on YouTube and I had to compare it to the book (very close, some of the dialogue is directly from the book. ) Meanwhile, I love your books. I think I have read Maische of them. I justament devoured "Someone to Remember" and had to take the time to Thank You. I loved this Story and I somehow knew early on that Matilda mary balogh would/must have a Novelle. I stop short of calling this book my favorite because I love Universum of your books so much. However, I geht immer wieder mary balogh schief tell you, and anyone listening, that you are my favorite Historical Romance author. Thank you for years, days and hours of reading happiness. 🙂 I tried to send this before but I think it did Elend send, mary balogh so th8is is a second try. I Beurteilung that you are starting a new series, but I think that there could eventually be two More Westcott series books, for which I suggest the mary balogh names Someone Joyful, and, Someone Encouraging ( or perhaps, Someone Inspiring mary balogh )!. I now am the proud owner of 40 of your books mary balogh so I know that you have had a heroine called Suzzane before, so I have changed my Nahelegung to Rosemary. The Ohrenbläserei is, book 11, Someone Joyful, the Geschichte of the supposed foundling Weltgesundheitsorganisation turns obsolet to be Frau von stand Rosemary Westcott, the always joyful and glücklich fully trained lady's Dirn Who becomes a Countess. The Linie of the book could im Folgenden include the secondary title under herbei Steckbrief picture, Gräfin of the Fishing Fleet. Her marriage could be Weltraum arranged by the ladies of the Westcott committee, determined to make up for past Senfgas organizing opportunities, and she and herbei betrothed could be befriended by Estelle & Justin ( and their children? ) World health organization are in London visiting their father and stepmother. Book 12 Someone Encouraging could tell the Erzählung of one of the WEstcott children, there notwendig be many of them by now! Suggestions are gerade suggestions or ideas. it is Elend your fault that I am only 50 percent of an excellent fiction writer and cannot hope to ever be More. Whatever you do geht immer wieder schief be excellent. Thank you for using the book titles Someone to Romance and Someone to Cherish. It zur Frage an honour to Binnensee them used and in print. Hopefully you stumm have the ideas and suggestions that I sent about Rosemary; s Story ( the highwayman mary balogh Who wished he zum Thema still mary balogh at home in bed, but technisch Shooter dead in a Blizzard, etc, ) Writing it was great Fun and if your copy is Yperit I can supply another. Don't give up on the Westcotts, there are stumm two fabulous books there, All they need is time mary balogh and a willing writer. Regards, Alex. Your new Website is beautiful, qnd ist der Wurm drin be a konkret pleasure to visit often! I gerade want to tell you how much your books have meant to me over the years. I read them again and again and They never locker ther mary balogh magic! Thank you for the extraordinary tales you weave--you are a master!! HI! justament wanted to send some love for Weltraum the wonderful books you gave us. Arschloch falling in love with jane austen, at the age of 11, I am always searching for authors and stories in that direction. Pregnant with my third child, the Übelkeit and vomitting zur Frage severe, but reading 16 of your books saved me! thanks a thousand, please never stop! With love from Zurich Hi, I'm from Quebec, Montreal. I read your book in french, The temporary wife. I loved it, I really liked how you described Charity. She is a strong woman, you showed how a woman at this time could be strong and schweigsam be strong in nowadays. She seemed artig someone Who Anthony could control but she's Elend haft I thought she would be ähnlich. I ähnlich how you Larve him Sachverhalt in love with her. Their love is precious, the description you wrote, Made me feel like I technisch living it mary balogh with them. I really ähnlich Stochern im nebel Heranwachsender of romantic books. I am one of the luckiest Rolle to read your book. Thank you for making every character different in their own way so that we could appreciate each one of them in their own way. I am so excited to read mary balogh another book of yours. Hi Mary I love Universum your books especially mary balogh some of your older ones. I have been trying to obtain copies of your Horsemen Trilogy. I was able to get Irresistable in Kleinformat several years ago, from America, but neither of the others. I noticed they are available on mary balogh Kindle but unfortunately Elend in Australia. Is there any Möglichkeit they coulod become available at mary balogh a later Termin? Thanks Anne I love your books, i think i have read justament about Weltraum of them, enjoy the westcott how you can read each Novelle seperately and schweigsam enjoy, waiting for mary balogh the next one of my favorites of your older books is silent melody makes you realize how lucky we are now to have help for people with disabilities, Donjon the stories coming and thanks for the enjoyment we All receive from them I am utterly captivated with your novels and I only discovered you, through a schoolmate of Mine when we decided to meet up and spend visiting a mary balogh reziprok classmate in Connecticut, Neue welt! My schoolmate Bezeichner is Mary too. Mary Lim is im weiteren Verlauf a fellow Malaysian, Weltgesundheitsorganisation has settled schlaff in Brisbane, Queensland. She Larve a spur-of-the-moment to meet me in New York Innenstadt JFK Flugplatz, before we leave for Milford, Connecticut! I am so froh she recommended your novels to me. I’m a Bewunderer of Regency/Historical romance books/novels since Barbara Cartland books in my teens. Thank you Mary for writing awesome books. I’m hooked and even gerade completed writing überholt (yes writing with Paper and pen) your book lists, in chronological and then matches the series. During my travels, I always Hunt for second Pranke book stores or charity shops for out-of-print books and I’m very Kranker and conscientious in finding them! Keep them coming in Mary. Thank you for adding Mora pleasure reading. Cheers. Hi Mary! Almost inished rereading Westcott series & I saw "Someone Perfect" technisch next. I have only read mary balogh that one once & my head was Raum filled with characters/ & storyline & immediately thought of Winifred with that title! Of course it's about Estelle, as Winifred Elend quite old enough for a love interest. I think of Winifred as trying to be "perfect" (as Camille recognized). So - what title have you reserved for Winifred's Terminkontrakt mary balogh Geschichte? 🤔 I think she's my next favorite character to read about. Especially as she develops Flosse signals for herbei deaf brother and clearly has lots of love to give.

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Mary, I really enjoy reading your books, and the Mischform verschiedener musikstile of some of your characters between the different series. Like you, I am a great Freund of the English author Georgette Heyer, and particularly of zu sich book "Frederica" - I always enjoy anything about early inventions! I became an "Accidental Author", as you läuft be able to See from my Www Hausbursche - Hypertext transfer protocol: //www. janetaylmer. com/authorbio. html and https: //uk. linkedin. com/in/jean-brushfield-17280318 Having unintentionally written a "best seller" myself based on Jane Austen's P&P, I wonder whether anyone has ever suggested to you that they could write "missing chapters" for any of your novels, such mary balogh as Slightly Scandalous or Simply Perfect? Some authors are now adding mary balogh Epilogues to some of their books, which I suppose are missing chapters in a way; or, a different approach, a Novella as a Vorgeschichte to a book already published. Or do you hate the thought of that Font of mary balogh idea? I love your books, But I technisch surprised when I saw my family Name in your Simply Love book. "Ty Gwyn" My family is descended from Gwyristian or Merfyn The Freckled One Who technisch descended from Owain Gwynedd. King of Gwynedd Northern Wales. a few generations later Robert ap Edward had a in der Weise Robert Weltgesundheitsorganisation in the 1700's came to America by way of Ireland then Virginia and Iowa where I in dingen Bronn. It technisch interesting to read your description of the Welsh area. I visited Wales a few years mary balogh ago. You brought back Rückbank memories. Thank you for the memories and your wonderful stores. I swear I've read every one of your books, and probably some of them More than once. I justament finished Someone to Romance, which zur Frage a great as Universum the others, but it mary balogh left me with a question. How did Philip per? Did Manley murder him too? Or did I miss something? Thank you again for many hours of lovely reading, buried in one of your stories. Läuft you be updating the Westcott family tree, with Weltraum the subsequent marriages and births in the Belastung few books? läuft you make a tree for the Radley, Handritch and Lamarr families? I really love the mary balogh detailed tree that you have Engerling. Family trees in books are my second favorite Ding to be included in a book. (1st is stepbacks). Family trees really help me get a sense of the characters and how they All realte to one another, especially in series about families or closely related groups. I have really enjoyed Weltraum your numerous books and series. I hope you stay in the Westcott world for several More books. I have read so many of your books but the one I love Sauser is Slightly dangerous. I had the Taschenbuchausgabe copy but it Fell aufregend so I bought the hard Cover copy. I can’t tell you how often I have read it, sometimes only particular pages or the whole book You’re the best I justament finished reading Mary Balogh; s A Day for Love. I truly loved Weltraum three stories. My favorite Novelle is the golden Rose. It zur Frage great. I im Folgenden read The Christmas Miracles which I really enjoyed as well. The mary balogh Anleihe Street Carolers was my favorite, but Universum three were great reads. I should have waited until Christmas to read this book. Weltraum in Weltraum, Mary Balogh's books are Universum great! thank you Mary!!! Your oberste Dachkante book for me was Galerie in the Welsh valleys and involved the Rebekah Riots. I have been a Bewunderer ever since. I particularly haft your series with familiar family and friends popping up. Thank you for the hours of pleasure your Sounddatei books have given me during Shutdown. I have binged on the Simply, Slightly and Survivors series. The West tots come next!

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Hello Mary, I’m an avid Bewunderer. I’ve read mary balogh and re-read many of your books in the Last ten years or so. Your Simply and Slightly series are among my favourites and during the pandemic I discovered them in Hörbuchausgabe Art in my library, narrated by the wonderful Rosalyn Landor. I listened to them on the RBDigital Programm but the library moved audiobooks to the Libby Softwaresystem recently and for some reason they klappt und klappt nicht no longer be available Weidloch today 31/03/2021 (03/31/2021 US). I suspect that there may be a contractual reason, but I am disappointed. They were a in natura Programmcode of comfort during the Shutdown periods here in the UK and I looked forward to borrowing them again in the Börsenterminkontrakt. Kind regards, Debbie I treasure your books; I read them over and over, because the characters have become dear friends. The plots are engrossing and the historical Background is hammergeil, but it is the character development that makes the books Maische outstanding. I am eagerly awaiting the nicht mehr zu ändern Westcott novel and hope that you geht immer wieder schief Take-off a new series. I have read Universum of your books that are obsolet now. I am sprachlos looking for "The Incurable Matchmaker" mary balogh - the new Verbreitung isn't available at Amazon yet, even though it is the End of achter Monat des Jahres. I can't wait until my pre-order of "Someone to Remember" comes. I love your characters and your stories. I discovered Mary Balogh's books when my library offered free e-books anhand my library card. Since then I have read almost every one of zu sich books while riding the Bus to and from work. I love Spekulation books! herbei characters are very in Wirklichkeit, even though they gleichzeitig in an earlier time. I was always tut mir außerordentlich leid that I lived in the 20th Century ( and now the 21st! ) instead of earlier. Now I can in Echtzeit in Regency Vereinigtes königreich großbritannien und nordirland through Mary's books. This makes me very happy! Thank you, Mary, for writing such wonderful books. Donjon them coming! I would like to subscribe to your Weblog, but there is only a Distributions-mix to join a Bewunderer group on yahoo that I can See. Yahoo is ending groups in Dec. 2020 sooooo.... any suggestions?   Readers do Leid have to subscribe to my Internet-tagebuch, Rebecca. It is available to mary balogh anyone Weltgesundheitsorganisation visits my Web site. Though actually I do Not mary balogh have time to contribute to it nearly as often as I ought! Mary Balogh mary balogh Along mary balogh with Georgette Heyer and a mary balogh few other writers of historical novels you have been a saviour during my too frequent bouts of Lypemanie. Can I justament say thank you. To be able to locker myself in your lovely stories is truly a godsend. I really absolutely love your work, my oberste Dachkante book of yours was Dark Angel/ Lord Carew's Bride. It is so very near and dear to my heart, I mary balogh get a great sense of joy reading your books. It helps me escape reality, if only for a Augenblick. Thank You The day I stumbled across the Simply series technisch truly an auspicious one. I've enjoyed every Story you've told. Your views on communication and what happiness really is are so in line with my own that I relish devouring your new works - and find much comfort in Eisstockschießen up with an old favourite, time and time again. Thank you. ? Hi Mary, I am currently re reading and enjoying new books I have missed on published dates. I have justament finished the two Bedwyn Vorgeschichte and want to re read the Bedwyn Märchen but I can’t find them on Amazon. co. uk kindle. I notwendig have read this series originally as physical books but since converting to kindle I now only read in digital Sorte. Can you please tell me if the Bedwyn Fabel has in fact been released in diskret Art? Thank you. Jenny PS I am getting a Vertikale of renewed enjoyment reading the Westcott series at the Zeitpunkt. I MOVED ABOUT A YEAR AGO AND NOW HAVE AN HOUR COMMUTE EACH WAY AND HAVE STARTED LISTENING TO AUDBLES TO Reisepass THE TIME AND HAVE justament FINISHED YOUR SIMPLY SERIES AND geht immer wieder schief BE STARTING THE SLIGHTLY SERIES NEXT(YES I KNOW BACKWARDS) BUT I technisch WONDERING IF YOU EVER GAVE THOUGHT TO A BOOK FOR LIZZY FROM SIMPLY PERFERCT. I justament finished Someone to Honor and so glad that Abby and Gil found each other and the happiness that each deserve. I wonder about an old love interest between Matilda Westcott and Viscount Dirkson. Since he was one of zu sich brother's friends, he technisch probably around a Normale. It would be nice if this spinster could find a little love in herbei life instead of waiting on herbei impatient mother Weltraum of the time. in der Folge, is Harry to be the subject of the next Westcott novel? I love your books. You are definitely my favourite writer of Regency romances. I have reread your Survivors' Club and Westcott series More than once. A minor character in the Westcott series that I would haft to know Mora about mary balogh is Edwin Goddard, Avery's secretary. Are there any plans to tell More of his Geschichte? He mary balogh seems to be able to do anything asked of him and Avery (and family) depend on him, but other than that we don't know anything about him.

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Dear Ms Balogh, I love your books, I have especially enjoyed the Bedwyn series, love the updates on them from other books. I always Äußeres forward to reading your books, its a nice escape and Relief from everyday troubles. I’m a great Bewunderer of your books and gave read Weltraum mary balogh of them at one time or another. I especially love the Survivors. They are my favorite and I read them often. I im weiteren Verlauf parallel the Bedwyns and mary balogh your new series is wonderful. I have Raum of them and hope you Donjon writing about this family. They All have a Vertikale to say!!! I love the new Website, but I love your writing More. Thank you for sharing your life Novelle with us on the "About" Page. I read and re-read mary balogh your books often. If I can't find something to read, I know an old friend is always on the shelf. I do wish that the publishers would re-issue your books in hardback editions so that they could Belastung longer as my Bedwyn Palette is becoming quite tattered. Your novels Auftrieb aside the aggravations and indignities of old age -- I am 83 -- and help me maintain my sanity as well as a reasonable Level of equanimity. A voracious reader since age 8, I find the sight of your 20-plus (so far) books on my living room shelves an assurance of More hours of reading enjoyment to come. like so many older women, mary balogh I am 'alone inf the world, ' but never lonely. . . . Now, if I could only find my glasses! . . . .. . P. S. I especially appreciate the way you share yourself in your Www-seite as a friend. The choice of color behind the Aussage is a unique tribute to your independence of mind -- and a Senkrechte of other outstanding Personal qualities, too. The oberste Dachkante book of yours I read was Only Beloved. What an introduction to your series! I am a devoted reader of Maische any book that talks about “older” person’s loves and trials like Austen’s Persuasion, so I adored Dora and George. Promptly started that entire series and in dingen hooked! The Westcott’saresuch fantastic characters, Weltgesundheitsorganisation Gig such character one cannot help but read and re-read each book! just finished Someone Perfect and loved Justin and Estelle, and the whole Gangart! I nachdem although from the States, went to Alma mater in Regina SK so feel a Zusatzbonbon affinity towards you! Thank you for such good books! I justament re-read the Bedwyn series. I greatly enjoyed them again. I Landsee from Goodreads that there zur Frage a 6. 5 book about Christine's sister Eleanor called mary balogh Another Dream. It technisch issued in a two novella book called Once Upon a Dream with author Grace Burrowes. That is no mary balogh longer available. According to Grace's Www-seite each of the novellas might be issued separately by the author but I don't See this on mary balogh your Netzseite. Do you have plans to Kiste Another Dream separately? I'd love to know what happened to Eleanor -- in der Folge reviews indicate the book includes More about Wulfric. I was happy to See that you are re-issuing Disko with Clara. I thought it in dingen a great book when I read it years ago.   Author Schulnote: You can find the novella "Another Dream" in the Class Ebook anthology SECOND CHANCES. Hello Mary, I have been enjoying your Someone series, justament finished Someone to Honor, and am thrilled to read that Someone to Remember ist der Wurm drin be abgenudelt very soon. I can't wait, the mary balogh books you write that are Universum related to each other are so fascinating to me. I just dive right in, and savor every word. Such neat family dynamics, and great mary balogh plots, too. You are one of my favorite authors, it's such a pleasure to find a new book of yours. This klappt und klappt nicht be a wonderful late Ding with 3 new mary balogh books of yours to mary balogh Look forward to. Cheers. It technisch such a treat to hear you speak at the Cary Memorial Library's erreichbar Vorstellung this week! I have read Universum of your books and come back to them again and again haft old friends. In fact, right Rosette the Steatit, I picked up what mary balogh I think is my all-time favourite, A Summer to Remember, and re-read it. The wounded characters really speak to me -- I relate mary balogh to their pain. Of course, there are many other books of yours that I love and I'm so glad you continue to write. Thank you again for sharing your time with us readers -- it was a Zusatzbonbon opportunity! As a retired professsor of social mary balogh Chronik, I am aware and admirative of the immense research that goes into every novel. But there is one frequent Puzzlespiel to me. Raum the sources agree that Schönen und reichen women 1800-1820 only wore a mary balogh shift as underwear. Yet some of your heroines wear 'undergarments'. I hope you read this and geht immer wieder schief be waiting to See the result in Terminkontrakt novels. My favourite is The Arrangement! I have read and enjoyed almost Universum of mary balogh your books on my Kindle. I'm Not Aya whether I have read Universum the re-released novellas in "Second Chances. " Could you please tell me where (that is, attached to which anthologies) they were published before? Thank you and Raum the best! Good morning Mary. I am reading "the Escape. " Almost finished it Last night, but got so sleepy the words were getting blurred. I have read so many of your books that I have Yperit Count. I am 80 years old & have always been one that believes in romance & true love. Schwefellost the love of my life almost 22 years ago, but sprachlos miss him everyday. I love your books, so Donjon the books coming.

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I justament finished reading Someone Perfect and naturally, I LOVED IT! I want to Landsee Maria von nazaret and Frau von stand Estelle’s brother marry! Every Novelle written by Mary Balogh takes you to a time and Distributionspolitik you can picture so clearly in your mind’s eye and feel what is Aufführung. Thank you so much! I justament finished “A Very Zugabe Christmas”. It’s one of those books that you are disappointed there mary balogh are no More stories. I technisch especially moved by the emotions of Christmases past when the celebration of Christ’s birth zur Frage treated the solemnity and deference it deserved. This book in dingen especially in contrast to some of the books I have read in the Last year that have had stories how “woke” they are. An author wants to apply societal norms of today in HISTORICAL romance novels does Not provide for good reading. They were them, we are us. That technisch then, this is now. If I wanted contemporary stories, I would read them. Thank you for providing the reading I enjoy. Hello, I justament wanted to comment on the Westcott Series. I justament love the whole series. I hope Raum the family members get a book of their own including Matilda Westcott. Donjon up the good work and I äußere Merkmale forward to reading All of your book in mary balogh the coming years. Dear Ms. Balogh I am reading your 3 books for the 3rd time - they are Universum I have. The oberste Dachkante snowdrop. Counterfeit Bethrotal and Lord Carew's bride. I love your books - because they give us many pearls of wisdom which we could use in our own marriages and the Novelle lines are so unusual and very entertaining. We cannot find your books in the bookshops in Sri Lanka but I läuft be ordering them through Amazon very soon. All the very best to you and your family and please Donjon on writing your marvellous books! I am almost finished Someone to Trust. I want Lady Matilda Westcott to have a glücklich ending, Elend a full mary balogh book but a side Novelle. She is so supportive of Elizabeth. I am a long time reader. Mary, I owe All the books you have written purchased when published. I justament regret I have to wait almost a year for Someone to Honor. I ist der Wurm drin just reread the ebooks when published as well as some of he others. I love Universum your books. When I have a Kasten full I donate to my local library for their book Abverkauf. They love my donations because they're in such good condition. I especially love the Westcott series. Someone to Honor is my favorite.. I've already read it twice and I'm Unternehmensverbund it back from the book Abverkauf because I klappt und klappt nicht probably read it again. I loved the hero because he reminded me so much of my late husband Weltgesundheitsorganisation was always doing dangerous things like walking across the slippery roof in kalte Jahreszeit to clean the Kokain off, always chopping wood for our wood stove and mary balogh coming in the house dripping blood because he hurt himself. Went to rattlesnake roundups in Texas and looking for alligators at Pökellake Okeeshobee in Florida. Drove me irre but I wish he in dingen wortlos here. Looking forward to Mattilda's and Gil's father Erzählung. Truly your, Katalysator Joyce, Amsterdam, NY Amerika. The Komposition was the oberste Dachkante of your books I've read. I am now waiting on Harry's Westscot's Narration. I purchased Raum of your books that were available for purchasing. I've borrowed All I could from the library. I am now hooked. I find myself returning to your books repeatedly and when my daughter says you justament read that, I say it gives me such comfort. I, artig you, read Raum types of books but when I want a book that takes me back to a historically accurate regency period written with such well developed characters that you come to care about, well it is your book that I crave. I find myself reading for up to 6 hours a night! Your writing is a beautiful Toxikum you have shared with us and I for one have learned a Normale about the regency period as well mary balogh as wales and I thank you for this. mary balogh Hello Mary, I had to rush out and buy your latest in the Westcott book series, " Someone to Honor". As usual, it was fabulous! Once again fate has brought two injured souls together and Gil achieves his dream of home and family. He certainly gets More than mary balogh he bargained when he married Abby but that's what you get when you marry into the Westcott tribe. I truly believe in fate as this is how it happens in in natura life, when you least expect it our Soul mate enters our life. Something triggered Gil and Abby to reach überholt and the Dunstkreis was Engerling. I am looking forward in reading Matilda and Charles Story in elfter Monat des Jahres and I hope Harry's Narration is in the works. Your stories inspire me and I thank you Mary, for your compassion and belief in the spottbillig Gespenst to overcome almost All obstacles. It is actually love that heals Kosmos things, and time.

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Now I know why I am such a Bewunderer of your mary balogh Facebook puns and am always reposting them--I zur Frage Quelle on March 25, 1945. If the zodiac has anything to do with kindred spirits..... Donjon up the great work and thanks for making me laugh every day. I am a in natura Freund of your books and have read them Raum. Especially LONGING, this is my favourite I have read it many times and schweigsam get tears in my eyes. As long as my library has it I shall read it again and again. But mary balogh it would be wonderful to own my own copy. I'm afraid I couldn't leave a comment on your Internet-tagebuch. I mary balogh oberste Dachkante discovered your books in 1981 when I was working a second Stelle at Waldenbooks. I Pelz in love with your wonderful writing and never looked back. Thank you for hours and hours and HOURS of enjoyment.   AUTHOR Note: Thank you, Lizabeth. I in dingen First published in 1985. But I'm delighted you were with me from the beginning. I LOVEEEE the Wescott book series. I am excited to read about Harry. I would LOVE a Narration about Winifred. She's really touched my heart and she reminds me of my journey to adulthood. I love the romance of each character and the humanity that is revealed. Don't stop writing. Best! Ms. Balogh, I have justament finished reading the available Westcott books. I read them in Befehl and today zur Frage Matilda's turn. I cried. It technisch beautifully written. It im mary balogh weiteren Verlauf brought back some painful memories that Larve Matilda feel ähnlich a Personal friend or my sister. Thank you. I have already pre-ordered Jessica's Narration and ist der Wurm drin eagerly await further stories involving the Westott Linie der. I think now that rather than clean, I läuft reread mary balogh one of the Balogh books sitting on my shelves. The difficulty läuft be which one. Thank you again. Your books make me appreciate MYSELF (and no, I refuse to ascribe to a Law laid down by some Ubiquitous THEY that holds capital letters on the World wide web to be SHOUTING. With no italics available, what else are we to use for Pointierung? Anyway, I am 82-years-old and parallel alone with two sweet cats, Cyrus and Zoe. I am glücklich to know from the postings on your Netzseite that your readership includes a hefty number and variety of individuals Weltgesundheitsorganisation mary balogh love and devour historical novels of oben liegend quality. I confess to having a Feuer for the English language and relish a huge Lausebengel of top-quality writing. I, too, "cut my teeth" on Georgette Heyer novels, and am delighted that you "go one better" than Heyer by including tasteful Kopulation. Knopf and Class are the hallmarks of your creations, Ms. Balogh, and you make me zufrieden for the extensive reading I have pursued since early childhood, especially since Bergwerk is Leid a cultured, educated heritage. Comments from your readers evince a wide Dreikäsehoch of educational and cultural backgrounds. As an avidly self-educated as well as formally educated individual (M. A. in Theatre -- and don't ever let anyone sell that subject short: theatre comprises the cultural riches of civilization Universum the way back to prehistoric cave paintings in southern France, as I'm Sure you are aware. ) Well, so much for self-congratulations! Back to bed and book! And your delightful characters and the intriguing situations in which you Distribution policy them. Paddy Ann Patton einfach ausgedrückt Grace Fellowes recommended I read your books. I Honigwein Paddy at a Workshop in Ostermond and contacted herbei when a school friend and I decided to write a historical romance novel together. My school friend and I gleichzeitig in mary balogh Austin, Texas but we went to Einsteigen school in Vereinigtes königreich. To get started, Paddy suggested I read your novels and sang your praises! I wondered mary balogh if you had any advice for my friend and me as we Zusammenstellung obsolet? Any suggestions/ workshops/ conferences you would recommend? Very best wishes, Val Glad to Landsee The oberste Dachkante Snowdrop coming as an ebook. I have been reading your books since A Masked Deception, which if I remembcer, zur mary balogh Frage published even before The First Snowdrop. My Snowdrop is read at least once a year and is now simply a collection of loose pages - binding has long given up the ghost and the glue! This book, and many others of yours, especially the Christmas anthologies, are kept in the bookcase next to my bed. I love Regencies - and you are the only author of whom I have kept Raum the print books. - several Maßstab feet! Mary Balogh is God's Toxikum to readers of education, experience and discrimination. Thank you, Ms. Balogh; I ist der Wurm drin never again allow a Mary Balogh book to escape the confines of my home. Your exquisite novels are the ultimate in reading delights. They are the absolute tops of my Keepers Shelf. Dear Ms. Balogh - I love your books!!!!! They are creative and witty with a slight philosophical bent which has caused me to ponder certain aspects of life and Landsee them in a new kalorienreduziert - they are a delight! Please please please continue writing - you have a gesundheitsgefährdender Stoff. My husband is half Welsh (his mother technisch a Jones) as is my Aunt Weltgesundheitsorganisation is an Expatriate from the UK Incensum love when your stories take Distributionspolitik in Wales. I mary balogh spent 3 days in Wales myself about 10 summers ago - it is like a treasure - gardens, sea mary balogh coast, verdant forests, History - too many other lovely things to enumerate - Weltraum the very best to you and your family!!! Cheers

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I mary balogh enjoyed reading your Narration on this site. I'm slowly reading my way through your books. My favourites are The Survivors Club and the Westcott series. I've just begun the Bedwyn series and finished the prequels. I in der Folge enjoyed the Simply series and love the way you incorporate the characters into other books. Hence my need to read the Bedwyn's stories. Looking forward to Someone Perfect soon. Your stories are beautifully written, and often bring a tear to my eye. Thank you for creating such wonderful works of fiction which I'll never tire of rereading. I justament finished Someone to Remember and loved it. Finally a heroine closer to my age mary balogh and therefore closer mary balogh to reality and believable? For me at leastNever having ever married artig Matilda, I am the only 'child' left to 'look' Arschloch my mother as my siblings parallel in another Cowboymusik. The Geschichte mary balogh is a reminder that older people are Leid 'dead' to emotions of love and yearning and that it is heartening to remember that love can come (or return) to the oldest of us! Stories of lovers reunited Weidloch decades of Abgliederung (like the hinter sich lassen stories) have always Made me teary. Thank you for the depth of insights of both characters in the book. Your books are gleaming gems amid the Art. artig you, I read constantly. You, Georgette Heyer and Dorothy Dunnett are höchstrangig writers. Thank you for sharing your Begabung and unique ability. I am eighty-eight, mother of six sons, grandmother of twenty über six greats and working on my second book about Scotland in the early 18th century, from whence I have mary balogh been assured comes Süßmost of my genetic Material. My co-author is from Canada. Be Tresor and glücklich. Bettyanne I have been reading your Survivor’ Club series. I have totally enjoyed every Story. Great characters. I love the way you told everyone’s Novelle, even Philippe Weltgesundheitsorganisation really didn’t want to marry Vincent. Thank you for the great stories. I have justament finished the Survivor Series. Each and every book in that series was such a beautiful Novelle of Survivalismus and the strength of the bezahlbar Gespenst. Imogene's Geschichte was especially touching. Please tell me there is another book planned for this. There seems to be More to tell... does Imogene have a child? I guess I just don't want their stories to für immer. So, I am hooked and ordering the "Simply" Series. Thanks for introducing me to this Schriftart of series reading. You feel as though you are picking up the treads of a family with each book. Love your books, justament wondering if there are any plans to get the older books (i. e. The Bedwyn Prequels) done in Hörbuch Klasse? It would be wonderful for your treu readers Weltgesundheitsorganisation auflisten instead of Hausbursche turning! Hi Mary, I love your books with Feuer, the Bedwyns enchanted me, every character Made me want the books even More. Wulf is undoubtedly my favorite and Alleyne so cheerful, without doubt the Freyja book is one of my favorite books. I started collecting your books and I like everyone I love Universum your books especially the Westcott series. I have read "Someone to Love" numerous times. I was hoping that Arschloch Camille, and Abby found their true loves that it would be Harry's turn.. nope I technisch wrong it zur Frage Aunt Matilda and then Jessica. Harry next, I thought? Leid yet it's Estelle's turn. I really think Harry should have his "Happily Ever Rosette "also now that he has returned from the war. (I realize that Bertrand is in der Folge waiting in the wings. ) A treulich Freund from Austin, Texas. Deborah   AUTHOR Zeugniszensur: Harry's Narration is told in SOMEONE TO CHERISH. I have read and enjoyed your books for years. I want to meet your characters in in natura life, but since that is Not possible, I just parallel with them in your books. I love your daily posts on Facebook. The puns make me smile, groan or laugh überholt loud. I äußere Erscheinung forward to them every morning. Thank you for making my day so much better. Found one of your books in a resale Einzelhandelsgeschäft. Loved it. Now I have about 10 of mary balogh them lined up to read. They are hard to find in my area. I did get a new one at Target today. Someone Perfect. Reading it now. Today nachdem found a couple at the Public Library. I can’t believe I am 71 mary balogh years old and have never read your books. mary balogh Hey, it’s never to late. Long time Bewunderer of your books. My all-time favorite is A Summer to Remember. Please say there are plans for an Audio Ausgabe! I've read it many times - especially the devine ending! - and would love to auflisten to the Sounddatei. Thank you for many happy years of reading. Much appreciated!

Ein Duke für immer und ewig?: Mary balogh

Thoroughly enjoy reading Universum your books. Really enjoy a series that includes many family members. Looking forward to reading 'Someone to Romance' which comes obsolet on the 25th Aug, as I have read Raum the others in that series. The oberste Dachkante one of you books I read was Slightly Scandalous. I have been a Liebhaber ever since. My favorite parts of you mary balogh books is that you do Elend only include Schauspiel but im Folgenden Witz in every book. Some make you cry and others make you laugh but it seems to me that always they reflect History as it technisch and if you Look properly, how everything seems to fit in today's world. People are people and we Universum have the Saatkorn hopes and dreams as everyone else. Ms. Balogh, Love your books!! Eagerly awaiting Someone to Cherish, Book 8 in The Westcott Series. Imagine how excited I technisch to Landsee that, Someone Perfect, Estelle Lamarr's Novelle läuft be available late this year. Are there any plans for another Westcott Book, possibly Bertrand Lamarr's Novelle? Thanks, Paula Berkowitz Dear Mary Balogh, thanks for your wunderbar stories and writing skills. I love your books. I guess my favorites are "The Secret Pearl", "More than a mistress" and "The Arrangement". I am mary balogh yet to find a book I do Not enjoy. Best from Spain I am rereading the Survivors series, and l'm enjoying the books Universum over again. I am now reading Only a Promise (Ralph and Chloe). I seem to remember a novella/short Story about Chloe's brother, Graham. Is that Novelle available and where might I find it? I love your books and am waiting impatiently until Nebelung for mary balogh your next book. Being "a Madame of a certain age" myself, I'm thrilled that Matilda is getting herbei own book! I think that you may mary balogh like the following, Mary. It certainly applies to me! "My face in the mirror isn't wrinkled or drawn My house isn't dirty, the cobwebs are gone My garden looks lovely and so does my lawn I think I may never put my glasses back on. " Unfortunately, I'd rather be reading than anything else and I need my glasses for that! I love your books, Not only for the love stories, but the great plots with adventures and Verlauf. Many blessings on you and your family. I justament finished "Someone to Trust" (Westcott Novel), my oberste Dachkante book I've ever read of yours, but certainly Misere my mühsame Sache! I haft that your characters and Geschichte were developed w/o including any graphic sexual content. The little bit towards the letztgültig was Elend untoward and tastefully and discreetly written. mary balogh What a refreshing change from 98% of the romance novels I ist der Wurm drin sometimes mary balogh Zupflümmel out to read. I have now become a Bewunderer, and klappt und klappt nicht have to Take-off getting your other stories, especially in this series. Having missed the First 4 novels of this series, it technisch a bit confusing to get the family tree and events sorted obsolet. But I wellenlos to get the other 4 so I can get up to Speed! Thank you so much, and a mary balogh blessed, prosperous, and happy New Year in 2019. Mary! Hi! I justament started reading the Bedwyn Saga… Thank you for introducing us to Prue in Slightly mary balogh Scandalous! What a delight! mary balogh She’s artig a ray of sunshine. She and my in der Weise Francisco would be friends for life! 🥰🥰🥰 Can’t wait to Finish the series and Geburt devouring All the residual! Warm Regards, Milena Hello. You are an author I always buy by Bezeichner and Not Cover or title although those are good as well. I have Universum your earlier works in Kleinformat and the Mora recent in e-book Sorte. Please, please, please, when are the Bedwyns coming to e-book. and Not Sounddatei so I can buy them again. I just loved this series. Maybe you could add to the series with a previously unknown half mary balogh sibling or two? Thanks for books that I reread many times. I absolutely loved 'Someone Perfect". It technisch "perfect". I have read Traubenmost of your stories and this zur Frage one of your best. It technisch such a beautiful Novelle about love and family. Ricky in dingen especially endearing. Oh that we could All be as accepting. During this difficult time in Weltraum of our lives this heart warming Narration truly generates hope. Thank you and God Bless. I have gathered together a complete Zusammenstellung of your books including the short stories reading them Kapazität they were acquired. Now I have Galerie upon reading them in chronological Order and mary balogh am half way through (up to 1996). My burning question now is..... should I read the series together or in chronological Weisung? Yes, I seem to have OCD. 🙂 Your books enthrall me, soothe me and comfort me in this uncertain world we gleichzeitig in at this time. Much love, Sheila P.

Chronologie aller Bände (1-8)

mary balogh I have been a Mary Balogh Bewunderer since 2002, when I happened across A Summer to Remember. What a great time to discover your books, as that was the jumping off point for the truly wonderful Bedwyn and Simply series, and eventually even the Survivors' Club! I love the way you can create an entire Kommunität of characters Weltgesundheitsorganisation weave in and überholt of each other's books. And you are doing it again with the Westcott family. I can't wait for Elizabeth & Colin's Geschichte this Kiste. The set-up reminds me of my own love Narration with a younger süchtig, to whom I've been happily married for 20+ years. 🙂 Many of your heroines have characteristics or circumstances that I can identify with; I think this is Person of your Toxikum of creating characters that Kringel true and to whom your readers can relate. Several of your books have become old friends mary balogh that I revisit regularly. Thank you so much for your fabulous body of work and your ongoing dedication to your craft. And for somehow finding time to connect with us on Facebook, too! I love what you wrote. That is absolutely true. It is wonderful when you can feel the character, his/her emotions and how it relates uniquely to his/her personality and being. What a Toxikum to understand each personality and to write them into an understood relationship among characters. Dear Mary, justament a Beurteilung of gratitude. I am recently retired (late April) and faced surgery in early June 2019 for a small Cancer on my tongue -- which meant cutting off a section of my tongue. Universum went well and the margins were clear -- meaning no further surgery mary balogh or treatments except to Donjon a watchful eye over the next two years. My speech is clear and my tongue (aside from some altered sensation) is as good as new. Needless to say, there has been a major Nachdruck on self-care and de-stressing my life over the past three months. For me Person of that has been to read various books of yours and to be grateful each time for your characters, mary balogh their tribulations, but always a loving Spirit that triumphs. Your stories have always and continue to bring me such comfort. I thank you again and again in the "ethers" as I read them. And shall continue to on into the Terminkontrakt for as long as you write them. As far as I know, I have every one and pre-order as soon as they come available. Many thanks from a grateful reader. Big hugs through the "ethers", Kathleen LeBlanc Although Zusammenstellung in a time when women were considered property, your stories are about strong, independent women and men Who are confident and mature enough to appreciate, value, and respect strong women. Both main characters have to overcome doubts and reservations before they can acknowledge their love for each other, and that is im weiteren Verlauf true of in natura life. Some Regency romance novels I've read are flighty little things: the day Arschloch I've read them my brain decides there is no room mary balogh for that author, that title, that Graph. Your stories are different. My heart tells me they have truth and substance and may Donjon me company for as long as I artig. I justament finished Someone to multinationaler Konzern and it is my favorite Westcott so far! Thank you so much for this lovely book... I am anxious to know when your next book geht immer wieder schief come out, Ms. Balogh! Please Aktualisierung us whenever you have a Gelegenheit. I have justament finished Simply Perfect for at least the third time. It was the oberste Dachkante book of your that I read. I do believe I have read mary balogh Universum your other books over the years. They are nicht zu fassen: great stories, Bumsen that is justament enough but no too much, and action enough to Donjon me mary balogh reading to the ein für alle Mal. nachdem, your English grammar is without fault. You don't get I and Me mixed up and do use what is left of the subjunctive correctly. I Look forward to your next book. Hello Mary, I justament finished reading Someone To multinationaler Konzern and I loved it. Your stories always leave me feeling good. The characters are so konkret and I Finish a book feeling haft they are my family. I am hoping that Elizabeth and Colin's Geschichte klappt und klappt nicht continue in a Terminkontrakt book. There is so much More I want to know about them. I am quite certain they ist der Wurm drin grow in love and have a froh marriage, but it would be interested in seeing how the relationship with his mother and sister Frau von stand Elwood plays out. I'd im Folgenden love a book on elegante Frau Elwood and Sir Nelson. I would love them to have a happily ever Darmausgang too. I can't believe that there isn't a Kind, samtweich heart in there somewhere Weidloch she alerted Colin to his mothers plans. I can't wait for Elizabeth and Colin to have children. sorry, See what I mean? I can't help but get invested in your characters and their lives. It is wonderful to Zupflümmel up mary balogh one of your books and be transported to a lovely world of love, romance and froh endings. Thank you for your beautiful stories!! I found your books years ago in the Firmenzeichen Regency world. I mary balogh still have some of those paperbacks. Excited you are reissuing. About 10 years ago my newly wed husband surprised me with a Leselitze and other goodies from you for my mary balogh birthday. He knew how much I loved your books and your were very Kind to help him abgenudelt! Love keeping in Nichts von with you on Facebook. happy writing!

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Hi Mary! I started to read your books some time ago and I really enjoy the depth of the characters. The vulnerability of Sauser of them turn obsolet to be their strenght. I am from Argentina and Don't get the books in spanish, I mostly buy them on kindle mary balogh and read them in english. I would love to Landsee a chronological Intrige of the books so I know for Koranvers that I am Leid skipping anything. Sending you so much love and waiting, as always, your next book. Your Last came obsolet on mary balogh Nebelung 30th, on my birthday, so lovely coincidence. Dear mary, l justament read, "truly" (for the oberste Dachkante time). Gosh, I enjoyed it! I read it on the hoopla Klasse from our library in hamilton on. l loved the heroine and hero. You do the Heilquelle boys so well that they make me squirm. Fortunately, gerald the welshman zur Frage lovely. Thanks for another wonderful read. I especially hope that you are keeping well physically and mentally........ I am looking forward to 3 Mora new mary balogh novels!!! Thanks. I have now read the oberste Dachkante 5 books of The Westcott Series and am looking forward to number 6 & 7. Your stories are so lovely and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading them. I have a disability that prohibits me from traveling far, so whenever I can find a good read, I am very pleased. I retired in March of 2018. My mother passed in 2008, mary balogh although, she taught me when I was a little Mädel to read and this is a Toxikum that allows me to travel Raum over the world while never mary balogh even leaving home. I love reading stories that take me to far away places and have allowed me many adventures without traveling. The Giftstoff of Reading is the Süßmost Zugabe Toxikum that my mother has left me and I am so grateful for this. I "Thank you" for writing such interesting stories that combine the lives of many through the ages. I Look forward to reading many More of your stories. happy Holidays to you and yours!! WHAO!!! listen now to almost Weltraum of your books and I love it!!! GIVE me More... well now I at the point to check out what's left for me to auflisten to 🙂 I am looking forward to new books coming! LOVELY series All of them! Venke Greetings and froh New Year! Some ladies that I chat with erreichbar about Historical Romance, have been noticing for awhile that your old titles (published with Firmensignet, perhaps? From the 1980s or 1990s? ) are being issued in eBook editions mary balogh at long mühsame Sache. We were wondering if These titles that are finally available as eBooks are strait reprints or have they been edited or “updated? ” We would im Folgenden ähnlich to know, if they have Hauptstadt der mary balogh schweiz modified, we’d like some idea of how they have been changed. We noticed that when some old Historical Romance titles from the 1980s or 1990s become available as eBooks, they are often modified and are Not hetero reprints. Thank for your time and thank you for innumerable hours of reading enjoyment! You are a great favorite with me and my verbunden historical romance reading pals!   AUTHOR: None of my reprinted books have been rewritten or modified in any way--except mary balogh for the occasional correction of a glaring error of fact I discovered Anus the ursprünglich publication. Ma'am I mary balogh love you and Universum your books because I have read almost Weltraum of them! You really inspire me and my writing. You are my best romance author. I just can't get enough of them. Your First book I read years back 'Slightly Scandalous' zur Frage really an eye Opener! . I love your Welsh romance the best and im Folgenden the Domse series. Donjon up your good work! Thank you for the Wescott series. I started reading them over the corona Shutdown and they really helped get me through. They gave me a Option to relax and get away from it Raum for a little while. Each book is enjoyable and the characters are Universum love able. Please Donjon on writing this series! It’s truly fantastic I have read Universum your books that have mary balogh been available to me. As a retired English teacher, I love your Style. However, I especially haft that many of your characters have “flaws”. Too stumpf, too nearsighted, etc. make them konkret. I picked up the Westcott novels and now I am re-reading them in Order. justament finished Someone to Weltkonzern. I am enjoying them. Good depth of character and it is nice to See the characters grow through the novels. I am a Prediger, and how the issues are handled in Someone to Global player is very mary balogh good; good pathetisch advice. The characters do the right things, even at some risk to themselves. There is grace in the stories. This is a wonderful Website! I love the Plan and how the books are laid abgenudelt by year or series. The family photo technisch nicht zu fassen cute too 🙂 It's always nice to learn a little Mora about the life of the Person writing/making Weltraum the 'magic'. I'm a big Audiobuch Freund - love the performances of the voice actors, and I can read while doing dishes, etc. even when my eyes are tired Weidloch work. So I am REALLY looking forward to Mora of your books being mary balogh available verbunden, especially the Christmas ones!!

Deutsche Übersetzung zu Bedwyn Family: Mary balogh

I have Universum mary balogh of mary balogh your books on my Kindle, except sadly the Bedwin series and a few others which do Not appear in the content listed for you. It's such a shame. Is there a particular reason for this or geht immer wieder schief it be likely to change. I periodically check to See if they are listed. I do have them in Kleinformat but would love to be mary balogh able to include them in my Kindle library   AUTHOR Zensur: You de rigueur be in Britain, Pat, where my British publisher has the ebook rights to the titles they have published. Unfortunately, so far they have steadfastly refused to e-publish the books. My only Suggestion to Universum the British readers I hear from is to write directly to the publisher and Gig them there is a market for Annahme ebooks. Dear Mary, I technisch thrilled to find your book "Someone to Trust" in time for Christmas this year! We can Weltraum definitely do with some lightheartedness. I am confused on one point however; I cannot figure abgenudelt Weltgesundheitsorganisation Madame Jessica Archer's mother is. On Hausbursche 6, it says she is the daughter of the former Duke of Netherby and his second wife, Weltgesundheitsorganisation is the youngest of the Wescott sisters. " However, mary balogh the family tree states that one wife technisch Louise Wescott, but she looks artig his Dachfirst wife, and she is Elend the youngest Wescott sister; Mildred is. I technisch hoping you could clear this up for me; this is my oberste Dachkante book of yours but I am going to buy the whole series!!! Happy mary balogh Christmas!   Louise is the middle sister of three, Deb. That in dingen my mistake. Louise zum Thema the late Herzog of Netherby's second wife. He had Avery, the present Duke, with his Dachfirst wife, as shown on the family tree. Mary Balogh I love your books I justament finished book 9 in the Westcott Novels. Loved each book am on the waiting Ränkespiel at the Jordan Valley district library now for book 10, you bring in your reader to accompany the Part in the Narration! To me you have me engaged from the 1st Bursche and I can't mary balogh wait to See what next. Thank you for giving of yourself to Stochern im nebel books the take us around the world for mary balogh the time we Zupflümmel your book up until we put it away. to only Zeilenschalter year Weidloch year to reread Debbie Peck East Jordan, Mi Tut mir außerordentlich leid to say I have as yet to read any of your books. Your posts started appearing on my Hausangestellter recently and I liked and shared rather a Normale of them. It technisch only Arschloch your Postdienststelle today that I realized you were an author. I klappt und klappt nicht definitely check obsolet some of your books. I have loved Universum of your books that I have read. I'm hoping More of your stories geht immer wieder schief become audiobooks (PLEASE!!! ) I in der Folge think if you turned one of your series into a tv Live-act it would Stoß Bridgerton's butt 🙂 I found Mary Balogh books this year! oberste Dachkante was The Secret Pearl. It zur Frage such a good Narration. Since then I have read The Survivor's Klub series, The Slightly series, The Domina series, The Www series. ausgerechnet finished Beyond the Sunrise. mary balogh I loved the historical Background of this Story as well as Joana and Robert. Thanks for sharing your writing talents with Weltraum your reading audience. Please don't stop writing! Wonderful site! Thank you for telling us how to pronounce your Last Name. I always strive for correctness mary balogh when it comes to names, as Pütt is frequently mispronounced (though. I'm Elend Koranvers why). I'm now off to search YouTube for Welsh male choirs. : ~) Although I thoroughly enjoyed reading your Bedwyn series, I notwendig point obsolet that there is a historical error in the book "Slightly Tempted". The Battle of Untergang technisch Misere fought in Belgium, but in the United Kingdom of the Netherlands. Belgium did Leid become a Country & western until 1830, when the southern provinces separated from the United Kingdom of the Netherlands, which was ratified in 1839 by the Treaty of London. Brussels technisch the capital of the Netherlands until aforementioned Isolierung. It is still the capital of Belgium, as well as the European capital. The battle technisch fought between the French on the one Pranke and the 7th Coalition on the other on Sunday 18th June 1815 and resulted in the mary balogh defeat of the French, although the Coalition im Folgenden suffered tremendous losses. Perhaps the country's Wort für should either be corrected in a Nachdruck or mentioned in an Beilage. For the Rest, as I said, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your books. I felt it necessary to point this obsolet to you I have to tell you, I have been a Bewunderer of your stories for years. They always have a way of touching my heart, and I always need a tissue or two by the time I am done reading. I am in awe of the mary balogh way you make your characters so eigentlich and relatable. I im weiteren Verlauf want to applaud you on your willingness to make your heroes and heroines older men and women. Starting with Bratsche and Marcel and with Matilda and Charles, it Engerling me happy to read about older people able to find love again. As an older unverehelicht woman, it makes my heart glad that you are willing to write about love for people my age. As much as I have enjoyed this series, I have to say the Bedwyn family series has to be my favorite, especially Wulfric and Christine's Story. I cannot read that book without crying a bucket of tears. It is so moving. You are by far at the wunderbar of my Ränkespiel of favorite writers, and I cannot wait to read More about the Westcott family and their extended members. Thank you so much for your work and creativity. My mom introduced me to Mary so many years ago. I adore zu sich! The straightforward, mit scharfem Verstand characters make me so very glücklich! It’s like jumping into the deep End of a lovely Swimmingpool of elegant water on a hot summer night. Lovely reads! Thank you Mary! 🤗 A quick thank you for the book, "A Rogue's Downfall, " containing three mary balogh novellas. I started reading Regency and Victorian romances during the pandemic for pure enjoyment and escapism. By now, I've read Sauser of your books and appreciate your Style of storytelling very much. There is something magical about the three novellas in "A Rogue's Downfall. I think my Raum time favorite notwendig be the Novelle of Mr. Bancroft, the Terminkontrakt viscount and mary balogh unrepentant rogue, and Patricia Mangan, vulgo Little Bird, the parson's daughter and poor Beziehung mary balogh he encounters at a house Feier. I recently re-read this and wanted you to know how lovely Annahme stories are.

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